Hollywood's Advice for Oscar Host Jimmy Kimmel: "Don’t F—k It Up"

12:33 PM 2/24/2017

by Kendal McAlpin

Ryan Gosling, Denzel Washington, Octavia Spencer and more nominees offer their advice to the first-timer with "maybe the greatest opportunity any comedian has ever had this year."

ABC/Jeff Lipsky

  • Denzel Washington

    Franco Origlia/Getty Images

    Just have fun. If he’s relaxed, we’ll relax and have fun.” — Denzel Washington, best actor nominee for and producer of best picture nominee Fences

  • Ryan Gosling

    Kevin Winter/Getty Images

    He’s a friend and I’m a fan and I think he’s going to do a wonderful job. I guess my advice would be, don’t f--k it up.” — Ryan Gosling, best actor nominee for La La Land

  • Matt Damon

    Getty Images

    “Well, evidently, what he said so far was that he doesn’t care at all who wins as long as I lose. I tried to get on his [post-]Oscar show last year. I mean, I was nominated; he still didn’t let me on. Somebody asked me, ‘Do I want him to do bad?’ and the reality is I don’t even have to hope for that. I just want him to live up to my extremely low expectations.” — Matt Damon, producer of best picture nominee Manchester by the Sea, upping the ante on his longtime faux feud with Kimmel

  • Octavia Spencer

    Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

    Oh my God, Jimmy Kimmel is one of the funniest people on the planet. He just needs to do what he does, and relax and enjoy the night.” — Octavia Spencer, best supporting actress nominee for Hidden Figures

  • Lucas Hedges

    Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic

    “He’s got maybe the greatest opportunity any comedian has ever had this year. Dave Chappelle’s opening monologue on Saturday Night Live — I thought it was a brilliant mix of tragic humor. It would be awesome to see Jimmy go in that direction, really have some deep-hitting jokes. That’s the most meaningful kind of humor, especially at times like these.” — Lucas Hedges, best supporting actor nominee for Manchester by the Sea

  • Michael Shannon

    Courtesy of Polk and Co.

    “No, I don’t have any advice at all. I don’t really know Jimmy Kimmel; I’ve never been on his show. But I don’t think Jimmy Kimmel needs much advice. He seems to be doing pretty well for himself.” — Michael Shannon, best supporting actor nominee for Nocturnal Animals

  • Todd Black

    Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

    “He’s f—ing brilliant. I love him. He’s gonna add a super light touch. If anything, just be fearless. Don’t censor yourself.” — Todd Black, producer of best picture nominee Fences

  • Shawn Levy

    Associated Press

    “That seems like such a hard job, I wouldn’t dare give advice. I’m a fan.” — Shawn Levy, producer of best picture nominee Arrival

  • Donna Gigliotti

    Jordan Strauss/Invision for Producers Guild of America/AP Images

    I have been going to the Oscars, or watching the show, since 1984. The thing I say to Jimmy Kimmel is, ‘Keep it moving, keep it moving.’ I’ve been talking a lot to [Oscars show producer Michael] DeLuca and I know that is forefront in his mind.” — Donna Gigliotti, producer of best picture nominee Hidden Figures

  • Bill Mechanic

    “You have to be prepared, because it’s a pin-cushion job: There’s nothing you can do that somebody’s not going to piss on. You just have to have a thick skin. Do what you believe in and be happy with what you do and don’t worry about what anybody says.” — Bill Mechanic, producer of best picture nominee Hacksaw Ridge

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