Late-Night Lately: Mocking Kanye's Trump Visit, John Oliver on Kavanaugh, Fallon's Field Trip

7:00 AM 10/13/2018

by THR Staff

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This week: Trevor Noah, Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon made jokes about Kanye West's bizarre visit to the White House this week as Noah and The Daily Show welcomed their latest correspondent Jaboukie Young-White. John Oliver's Sunday show continued to criticize the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, calling the process "borderline pathological." And finally, Jimmy Fallon was treated to his first-ever Olive Garden trip with superfan Post Malone, who celebrates every major milestone at the restaurant. 

— Compiled by Jennifer Konerman  

  • Hosts Dissect "Madman" Kanye West's White House Visit

    Late-night hosts joined the media frenzy over Kanye West’s meeting with President Trump in the Oval Office on Thursday as they dissected the filmed meeting.

    During the pair's meeting, West referred to himself as a "motherfucker" and went on a long rant that ended with him coming around Trump's desk and hugging him. West donned a "Make America Great Again" hat — which he says makes him feel like "Superman" — and informed Trump that he ignored the president's naysayers. 

    “There was a ranting lunatic in the Oval Office today and he had to sit there quietly as Kanye West did this,” The Daily Show host Trevor Noah was quick to quip, before showing a news clip of the rapper speaking throughout the meeting. Noah mentioned that he wasn’t buying Trump’s praise of West. “You know, Trump’s mouth said, ‘That was impressive,’ but you can see he was thinking, ‘Is it racist if I call the cops?” Noah joked.

    Though Noah said he was “not a fan of this new Kanye West,” he was amused that the rapper had the ability to “make Trump feel the way Trump makes us feel every day.”

    Jimmy Kimmel said the meeting was proof that jokes can "write themselves" sometimes. "You know, I kinda feel like every day I say it was a crazy day — today was the craziest day," Kimmel said during his opening monologue. 

    Kimmel also mocked the conversation as being something typically "held between people wearing hospital bracelets." Kimmel also compared their exchange as reminiscent of Tom Hanks talking to Wilson the Volleyball in Cast Away. "That's the President of the United States sitting quietly while an irrational madman rants and rave at him. Now he knows how we feel. Every morning when we wake up to him."

    "If you told me 10 years ago that Trump and Kanye would be meeting at the White House, I would've said, 'Oh my god. Kanye becomes president?" said Jimmy Fallon on his show.

    Fallon said that a video from the meeting shows West typing in his phone passcode, which is all zeros. "Then Trump said, 'Hey, that's the same passcode I use for the nuclear codes,'" he joked with his Trump impression. "When Putin saw that he's like, 'It's too easy.'"

  • John Oliver Calls Kavanaugh Confirmation Vote "Borderline Pathological"

    John Oliver shared his take on Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation and the dramatic week leading up to it on Sunday's Last Week Tonight.

    Oliver commented on President Trump's mocking of Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford and his comment that "this is a very difficult time" for young men in America. "Is it though?" asked the host. "This seems like a way less scary time in for young men in America than for old men in America." 

    "What became painfully clear this week, no step in this process had a chance of altering Republicans vote," Oliver continued. "Not Blasey Ford's testimony, not the wildly inaccurate FBI investigation, not a letter signed by 2,400 law professors saying they oppose his appointment. Not even retired Justice [John Paul] Stevens arguing that after watching Kavanaugh's testimony, he no longer felt that he was fit to serve on the court." 

    Oliver criticized the entire process as "an utterly shameless commitment to bad-faith arguments." 

    The host also said that Collins' vote in favor of Kavanaugh should not be a surprise to anyone. "She disappoints at a rate normally associated with dinners cooked by divorced dads," said Oliver. "Collins engaged in some spectacular bad-faith bullshit because in announcing her 'yes' vote, she waxed indignant about the dark money that she felt had corrupted this process."

    "This entire process wasn't about principle. It was just about getting what you want no matter how you have to do it or what damage it does to Dr. Ford, to other survivors or to our fundamental trust in the Supreme Court," said Oliver. "It was borderline pathological, which naturally brings us back to the president."

  • Connoisseur Post Malone Takes Fallon to Olive Garden

    Jimmy Fallon has finally tasted an Olive Garden breadstick.

    The Tonight Show host explained that during Post Malone's appearance on the NBC show last week, Fallon admitted that he had never been to an Olive Garden. Malone, who goes there for every life milestone moment, told Fallon that the news "saddened" him — and so, naturally, the pair ended up at the Times Square Olive Garden after the show in a segment aired Thursday. 

    Once there, Fallon was shocked to learn that he could not only get a free wine sample, but also free breadsticks and unlimited salad. "How do you guys make money?" he asked the waitress.

    The two ordered "extra crispy chicken parm," per the rapper's suggestion, and after the meal Fallon told the waitress it was his dining companion's birthday so they could also get a complimentary slice of cake delivered to their table.

    When they wrapped at 10 p.m., Fallon was ready to go home and go to sleep but Malone wanted to go out so they ended up going to an Irish pub where Post Malone participated in jam night. Fallon said his voice was "still rough" days later.

  • American Music Awards Stars Read Mean Tweets

    Jimmy Kimmel released a special American Music Awards edition of his series "Mean Tweets" on Tuesday night, featuring Miley Cyrus, Gwen Stefani, Nickelback and others.

    The latest installment aired early on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, which on Tuesday featured musical guest Dua Lipa, who also performed at the show and was nominated for new artist of the year but lost to Camila Cabello. Stefani kicked off the latest edition of the series: "Gwen Stefani really is the worst thing to ever happen. period. Full stop. #UghBar," she read.

    The Chainsmokers got a good laugh out of their tweet, which read, "One of my employees was talking about how the chainsmokers are actually pretty good and don't deserve all the hate. So I fired him."

    Cyrus read, "MIley Cyrus is a smelly pirate hooker," and in response extended her middle finger at the camera.

    Luke Bryan, Jason Mraz, Halsey, Imagine Dragons, Pink!, Korn and The Strokes were among the other artists who participated. Watch the full segment above.

  • John Goodman Talks Roseanne Absence on 'The Conners'

    John Goodman joined Jimmy Kimmel on Monday to discuss his new ABC series, The Conners, and his former costar Roseanne Barr.

    After Barr posted a racist tweet earlier this year, ABC canceled Roseanne and announced a new series centered on Goodman's character and the rest of the family. Given his long working history with Barr, Goodman was asked how it felt to do the spinoff series without her. "She is missed, definitely. After that many years, it’s like a family. Last year was so miraculous and so unreal that when it went away it was almost like a dream," Goodman said.

    Goodman also thanked Barr. "She gave up a lot so that people could work," the actor said.

    Kimmel then asked if Barr's character's exit is explored on the new show, to which Goodman promised it would be. "Same family, minus mom," he said.

    He also promised the exodus would be addressed on the show, though he couldn’t go into specifics. “They don’t like me talking about it," Goodman said, referring to his network bosses.

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