How to Get Red-Carpet Ready in Eight Weeks

9:30 AM 2/23/2016

by Merle Ginsberg

A handy reference guide for the next time duty calls.

Camera-Ready to 48 Hours Illo - H 2016
Illustration by: Meen Choi

Camera-Ready to 48 Hours Illo - H 2016

Whether you've been deploying incremental procedures all along, A-lister style, or just want a boost the day of, this compilation of recommendations from top L.A. docs and beauty pros can be a handy reference for right now — or the next time red-carpet duty calls.


    New York derm Dr. David Colbert recommends a jump-start to body contouring: Vanquish ($1,000 per session), Coolsculpting, Trusculpting or a combo for faster results ($1,500 per session).

    For actresses north of 40 years old who want a mild mini face-lift, Dr. Jason Diamond has done the four-hour surgery in as few as 10 days before an event, "but then they need to be strategic about hair and makeup for the bruising. Safest is to do this a few months to six weeks before" (starting at $25,000).


    If a face-lift is not for you, a Superficial Pearl laser peel will keep you indoors for two to three days, but "the results are remarkable," says Dr. Peter Kopelson. "The reduction of fine lines is marked, brown spots are removed, collagen stimulated" ($3,800). For less downtime, try an IPL laser treatment ($475).


    If you missed your surgical face-lift window, this could be the time to try Kopelson's Liquid Face-lift (from $650 to $1,250 per syringe; the number of syringes per face-lift can vary). "Filling the areas around the temple produces a remarkable result. A little swelling or bruising is possible."

    Or a combo of devices from Lancer's menu can be deployed — radio frequency, ultratherapy, ultrasound and PRP, or placement-rich plasma, also known as the vampire face-lift (a mixture of blood and fat is injected to plump facial areas; $1,500).

    For jawline and neck tightening — remember those all-angle photos — Colbert uses ultrasound treatment Ulthera ($3,800), sometimes with the fat-melting injectable Kybella ($1,700), to impart definition.

    If you want results without the invasiveness, this also is a good time for an acid peel, like esthetician Tricia Dikes' signature peel ($200).


    Non-face-lifters: "This is your perfect point for toxins," says Kopelson. "Botox takes one to two weeks to produce an optimal result. ($20 per unit; the forehead alone requires 30.)


    Says Diamond: "Facial sculpting is like a mid-face-lift. It requires zero downtime and improves the quality of your photos by a huge percentage" ($1,000 per syringe, with each treatment requiring six syringes).


    Many red-carpet strutters, including the men, opt for Kopelson's oxygen facial to volumize the skin ($225). Dikes does a popular glow treatment that plumps and hydrates ($125).

  • DAY OF

    Colbert recommends at-home products to mimic the glow of his famous Triad facial (which can be done the day before an event): his Tone Control Facial Discs, Stimulate Serum, followed by Illumino Face and Body Oils ($74-$160). Kopelson likes using the Titan laser to produce an immediate lift that lasts 24 to 48 hours ($1,200).