Celebrity Hairstylist Ashley Streicher Shares Her Top Products

9:12 AM 4/17/2018

by Elycia Rubin

How to get shiny red carpet-worthy hair from the pro who works with Emily Blunt and Alicia Vikander.

Margot Robbie - Oscars - Getty - H 2018
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Tantalizing tresses like those of Jennifer Lopez, Margot Robbie, Kerry Washington, and Jennifer Lawrence are on the year-round most wanted lists. “I admire Hollywood’s leading ladies for being open to experimenting with so many different styles,” says celebrity hair stylist, Ashley Streicher, whose clients include Emily Blunt and Alicia Vikander. “It’s great to see these women embracing their color, type and texture.”

Whether going for sleek and shiny, big and beachy or wild and wavy, the most frequent request is for products that promote gloss and shine. “Regardless of texture, everyone’s goal is eliminating frizz,” adds Streicher. Here, five lavish goodies designed to deliver the most luscious of locks.   

  • Cuvee Premiere Treatment

    A good bit of the bubbly has been used in skin care for years, and it’s the star ingredient in this collection loved by Ciara. Healthy hair begins at the scalp and this nourishing potion, applied between shampoo and conditioner, touts the proprietary Cuvee Complex (champagne, white truffle, platinum and other natural plant extracts). Polyphenols (a.k.a. micronutrients containing antioxidants beneficial to both hair and skin) extracted from the champagne grape reportedly help deep clean follicles and guard against sun damage. The company refers to it as “A Champagne Toast For The Hair,” and strands do feel softer and more alive after a treatment. Cheers to that!


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  • Sisley Paris Hair Rituel Revitalizing Fortifying Hair Serum For The Scalp

    Industry favorite, Sisley Paris, has always been at the forefront of ultra elevated, plant-based skin care. The company’s latest entry is a luxurious range of hair treatments (Haley Bennett is a fan), and like all of their launches, was years in the making.

    Continuing with the importance of a healthy scalp, the Hair Rituel Revitalizing Fortifying Hair Serum for the Scalp ($195) also contains vitamins and proteins, and contributes to more resilient, hardy hair. “When used consistently, I find that the Hair Rituel line works as a preventative measure against frizz and dryness,” says Streicher. While hair is damp or dry apply the juice-filled pipette directly onto the scalp and massage into sensitive areas for a quick absorbing, energizing sensation. Modern Family hairstylist, Jessica Elbaum agrees, “I have noticed a big difference after using it every other day for a month.” C’est magnifique! 


  • Aquis Lisse Luxe Towel and Turban Duo

    Just like conditioners, serums, and leave-ins, it’s time to consider your hair towel as a treatment as well. Fortunately, the technology-driven creations by AQUIS ($50), used by celebrity hair stylists Adir Abergel and Ryan Richman, are made from ultra water wicking Aquitex fabric for faster, gentler drying.

    Through extensive research, the company has discovered that water is “hair’s natural enemy,” and promises a reduction in frizz by “minimizing water absorption.” How can water be bad for hair? As Founder and Co-CEO, Britta Cox explains, “Waterlogged hair weakens it by swelling the strands and opening the protective layers (cuticles), resulting in damage and dullness.” These towels (and turbans) are five times more absorbent than cotton towels and cut down on drying time by 50%, paving the way for smooth, more vibrant hair.


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  • Balmain Leave In Conditioning Spray

    Leave-in sprays reach the pinnacle of posh with this conditioning concoction from the design house that dresses half of Hollywood, Balmain ($40). The clean, intoxicating scent alone is worth the splurge, yet this effective number is quite the power player – leaves hair feeling smooth and infused with shine. Added bonus: UV-filters help provide protection from the sun. 


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  • Shu Uemura Art of Hair Essence Absolue Overnight Serum

    Waking up to a more manageable mane is always desirable, and this lightweight serum ($69) helps the cause. Made with Red Camelia Oil sourced from Japan, it helps restore hair overnight. Work in the fast absorbing, “pillow-proof” formula before bed and locks feel softer with fewer tangles the following day. Promising 24 hours of frizz resistance, this is what dreams are made of.