'Indiana Jones': 7 Memorable Cameos and Appearances

7:00 AM 3/19/2016

by Andy Lewis

From the Arab swordsman to the Grail Knight, meet the actors behind some of the series' most memorable bit parts.

Raiders of the Lost Ark - 1981-Harrison Ford- Terry Richards - Photofest-H 2016
Paramount Pictures/Photofest

Some of the most memorable scenes in the Indiana Jones movies involve characters who make just a fleeting appearance. Think the Arab swordsman who gets shot in Raiders, the German mechanic who gets diced by a plane propeller, or the famous actor whose 18-second cameo involves him escorting Indy from a car to a plane in Temple of Doom.

With the news that Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg are re-teaming for Indiana Jones 5THR looked into seven of those memorable cameos and appearances to put a name and a career to the face.

  • Major Arnold Toht in 'Raiders' (Ronald Lacey)

    Indy claim to fame: He has the headpiece of the Staff of Ra burned into his hand during the fight in Nepal. 

    Notable other work: Toht may have had his face melted at the end of Raiders but that didn’t stop Lacey — who died in 1991 — from appearing as an unnamed Gestapo agent in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (which takes place two years after Raiders).

  • Dr. Rene Belloq in 'Raiders' (Paul Freeman)

    Indy claim to fame: Jones’ arch-rival outfoxes him for the Golden Idol in the film’s opening sequence.

    Notable other work: He showed up in the Young Indiana Jones TV series and played the evil wine baron, Gustav Reibmann, on season four of '80s soap hit Falcon Crest.

  • Arab Swordsman in 'Raiders' (Terry Richards)

    Indy claim to fame: Its the scene everyone knows. During a chase through Cairo, Indy encounters an swordsman with a huge menacing scimitar blocking his way. Jones pauses, pulls out his gun and shoots him.

    Notable other work: He played a Wampa in The Empire Strikes Back, continuing his Lucasfilm career. Richards died in 2014. 

  • German Mechanic in 'Raiders' (Pat Roach)

    Indy claim to fame: He’s the brawny German who tries to stop Jones from a stealing a plane but gets chopped up by the propeller.

    Notable other work: Roach appeared in the Temple of Doom and the Last Crusade, but Brits knew him best as the pro wrestler “Bomber” Roach. He passed away in 2004.

  • Satipo in 'Raiders' (Alfred Molina)

    Indy claim to fame: He's the loyal assistant in the opening of Raiders who ends up skewered in the South American cave as he and Jones try to escape with the idol.

    Notable other work: This was one of Molina’s first roles but he’s gone on to bigger things, including Doc Ock in Spider-Man 2.

  • Short Round in 'Temple of Doom' (Jonathan Ke Quan)

    Indy claim to fame: The young sidekick helps our hero escape in his yellow taxicab with blocks on the pedals so he can drive it.

    Notable other work: He was also Data in The Goonies. Now he’s a stunt coordinator who worked on the X-Men, among other movies.

  • Grail Knight in 'The Last Crusade' (Robert Eddison)

    Indy claim to fame: He’s the knight who has been guarding the Grail for about 500 years. Pick the wrong Grail and the knight deadpans, "He chose poorly."

    Notable other work: Over a 53-year career Eddison appeared in some 50 movies and TV shows. Sadly, he died in 1991.

  • Weber in 'Temple of Doom' (Dan Aykroyd)

    Indy claim to fame: Appearing for just 18 seconds, this might be the former SNL stars shortest screen appearance ever. He escorts Jones, Short Round and Willie from car to plane (filled with poultry).

    Notable other work: With over 100 acting and writing credits, Aykroyd is a genuine star, but he’ll be making another cameo this summer when he appears in the Ghostbusters reboot.