Industry Picks: Helen Mirren, Chuck Lorre, More Reveal Favorite Film and TV Performances of the Year

7:00 AM 12/21/2016

by THR staff

Mirren lauds Naomie Harris' "brilliant" turn in Barry Jenkins' 'Moonlight,' while 'UnREAL' star Constance Zimmer chooses 'Full Frontal With Samantha Bee' ("She's the female Jon Stewart").

Mirren Lorre_Getty - H Split 2016.jpg

Mirren Lorre_Getty - H Split 2016.jpg

  • J.A. Bayona

    "A Bigger SplashI was so into the story and the characters that there was a moment I thought that absolutely anything could happen, and I would believe it. That’s so difficult to achieve.”

  • Anthony Bregman

    Veep. I can’t get enough of it. It’s funny and, as it turns out, the most cynical, outrageous things on that show came true!”

  • Greta Gerwig

    Moonlight. It’s a motherfing masterpiece. I was weeping by the end. I couldn’t get out of my seat. It made me feel that movies are important and we need to keep making them.”

  • Aja Naomi King

    "Moonlight just touched my heart so deeply, and watching those three gentlemen play the same character at different phases of his life was just so uniquely interesting and quite captivating."

  • Jack Lacy

    "Hell or High Water. It’s the best thing Ben Foster and Chris Pine have done. There’s one shot across the prairie at dusk, and they’re standing next to each other drinking beers. I was crying in the theater. I thought it was so perfectly done.”

  • Chuck Lorre

    Claire Foy in The Crown. What a stunning performance. It’s a great miniseries.”

  • Jane Lynch

    “Robin Wright in House of Cards. Talk about restraint and beauty. She’s like a walking piece of art.”

  • Theodore Melfi

    “HBO’s The Night Of. John Turturro is staggering, and the filmmaking is just so on-point and captivating. I binged it on a plane from L.A. to London.”

  • Chrissy Metz

    "Manchester by the Sea. I felt like I was in these people's lives. It didn't feel like a movie. Casey Affleck and Lucas Hedges — holy moly. They're both incredible."

  • Helen Mirren

    "Moonlight. It was done with such incredible understanding. It was so human. And my girl Naomie [Harris] was so brilliant in it."

  • Chazz Palminteri

    "Hacksaw Ridge. It was so realistic and heartfelt. When you look at that movie, you realize how proud you gotta be to be an American. Mel Gibson did a great job directing it."

  • Josh Radnor

    "Lonny Price’s documentary The Best Worst Thing That Could’ve Happened. I was so moved by it. You don’t have to be Sondheim-obsessed to get a lot out of it. It completed the story of Merrily, We Roll Along — these kids who thought they were in something like Rent and then the show closes after 16 performances. It’s about aging, regret and nostalgia."

  • Tracee Ellis Ross

    "Fleabag is really an extraordinary six episodes. Atlanta is top of the line and so is Moonlight. Those are some of my standouts for this year."

  • Ashton Sanders

    Atlanta, which is super funny. Insecure Issa Rae is hilarious. And American Honey. Shia LaBeouf and Sasha Lane are very real and authentic in that movie. Seeing that onscreen was extraordinary.”

  • Susan Sarandon

    “I loved Moonlight. I loved all the performances in that. And Mr. Robot was a huge favorite of mine. I tend to kind of binge, and I loved, loved, loved Mr. Robot."

  • Sam Waterston

    "Manchester by the Sea. It felt very true, very real, including the way it was shot. It was hard to see that it was performed at all, it just seemed to be.”

  • Constance Zimmer

    Full Frontal With Samantha Bee. [She makes] politics entertaining in a way we can all understand — I mean, she’s the female Jon Stewart.”