Late-Night Lately: James Corden Skydives, Hosts React to Trump-Cohen Tapes, Amy Poehler Revives "Really?"

8:00 AM 7/28/2018

by THR Staff

THR's Late-Night Lately rounds up the best sketches and guests with a look at what's to come next week.

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So fill up your coffee, set your DVR for the week and sit back. Below are a few of the week's best, funniest and strangest late-night moments you can't afford to miss.

This week: A truly terrified James Corden goes along for the ride with stuntman extraordinaire Tom Cruise for a skydiving experience inspired by Mission: Impossible — Fallout. Ahead of her NBC show Making It with Nick Offerman, Amy Poehler visited some old SNL friends, including Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers. She and former "Weekend Update" co-anchor Meyers revived the fan-favorite bit "Really?" and several hosts had a lot to say about the newly released Trump-Cohen tapes. 

— Compiled by Jennifer Konerman  

  • Tom Cruise Takes James Corden Skydiving


    After James Corden called Tom Cruise's HALO jump stunt in the upcoming Mission: Impossible — Fallout "no big deal" on Tuesday's Late Late Show, the A-list actor made the host put his money where his mouth is on Thursday, taking the terrified host along for a jump. 

    Cruise and Corden headed out to Perris Valley, Calif. where they jumped from a plane soaring 15,000 feet above the ground. Before the fateful leap, however, Cruise just seemed impressed that Corden actually showed up for the stunt. "I'm just amazed you're here," Cruise said. 

    "I've actually been trying to get a hold of Tom and cancel, but apparently I had his number saved wrong in his phone, so I'd also like to take this time to apologize to Tom Hiddleston for all the texts I sent about me having food poisoning," Corden said. 

    Cruise made sure to keep a tight hold on Corden to avoid the host making a run for it, and finally, the two stars suited up. Once onboard, they sang the Mission: Impossible theme song together and took flight. At least the truly terrified host appeared to have fun in the end. 

  • Amy Poehler, Seth Meyers Revive "Really?" Bit

    Lloyd Bishop/NBC

    Amy Poehler has a new NBC show debuting next week, but in a Late Night guest appearance on Wednesday, she and her former "Weekend Update" co-anchor revived an old fan-favorite segment: "Really?"

    The bit took on James Comey's recent tweet urging Democrats not to move too far to the left. "Really, James Comey? You want to weigh in on things when there's an election coming up?" Meyers sarcastically asked. "You feel like that's gone well for you in the past?"

    Poehler added: "I don't know if you remember, but we were just about to have a nice, boring, moderate Democrat for a president until you decided to open your mouth the week before the election. You big dumb scarecrow!"

    Meyers later offered, "I'll take your political advice as soon as I'm done with my Jeffrey Dahmer cookbook and my Harvey Weinstein fitness tapes."

  • Hosts Weigh in on Michael Cohen's Secret Trump Tape

    Screengrab/The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

    After CNN aired a secret tape recording between then-presidential candidate Donald Trump and his personal attorney Michael Cohen regarding buying the rights to a Playboy model's story about an alleged affair, late-night hosts dissected the audio during their Wednesday shows. 

    Daily Show host Trevor Noah noted that it’s “weird that we know so much about where the president has put his dick.” He further reiterated that this situation is “not normal.” Noah then took a moment to mock Trump's current lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who stated that “no payment ever occurred.” “I love that the secret Playboy affair hush money tape is the evidence to help Trump. I mean it can, but it will probably make an awkward dinner with Melania," Noah joked. 

    The Late Show's Stephen Colbert celebrated the release of the audio recording, which he exuberantly broke down in a segment dubbed “Stormy Watch: The Karen McDougal Edition.” After pointing out that McDougal sold the rights to her story for $150,000, which is $20,000 more than Daniels did, Colbert joked, “Karen must have spanked him with two magazines.” 

    Colbert pointed out that the video provided evidence that Trump was aware of the payments during the presidential campaign. “Donald Trump lied. So now they have to reset the sign on the White House lawn,” he said, proceeding to show a mock picture of a sign hung on the lawn’s surrounding gate that reads: “It’s been 0 minutes since our last lie.” 

    Late Night host Seth Meyers took a “Closer Look” at the release of the recordings, slamming Cohen for failing at having smart techniques. "You can’t be a lawyer in charge of shady business dealings and also record everything. He’s like a hitman that decides to wear fingerless gloves." 

    After the release of the recordings, Trump tweeted, asking "What kind of a lawyer would tape a client?" Later, he added, "Why was the tape so abruptly terminated (cut) while I was presumably saying positive things? I hear there are other clients and many reporters that are taped - can this be so? Too bad," a response Meyers found comical. “And what kind of lawyer would tape a client? The kind of lawyer you would hire," Meyers joked. 

    After Giuliani encouraged everyone to play the tape “three times” to clearly understand what’s being said, Meyers mocked the lawyer saying, “This is a criminal investigation and they’re treating it like it’s Laurel versus Yanny.” 

    In his opening monologue, Jimmy Kimmel also addressed the tape, saying that if this news had happened to any other American president, "there would be an address to the nation tonight" but because it's President Trump "there’s no statement; for him, it’s just Wednesday."

  • Backstreet Boys, James Corden Perform "Late Late-r Than Life"

    Justin Segura/CBS

    The Backstreet Boys might have found a new member in James Corden — or so he hopes — as the late-night host performed alongside the boy band for a revamped version of their hit single during Tuesday's Late Late Show

    Jokingly promoting their new boy band, dubbed “James Street,” Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, AJ McLean, Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell performed an mock version of their 1999 single, “Larger Than Life,” changing it to “Late Late-r Than Life” to reflect Corden’s 12:37 p.m. broadcast. 

    Corden traveled to Las Vegas with the intention of taking over for one of the band members for a day. "How hard is it? What is being a Backstreet Boy? It's wearing a fedora and dancing on some tarmac. I think I got it."

    Corden eventually took on the role of choreographer and incorporated a number of new dance moves, including the band lifting him up during "Larger Than Life." When they perfected the lift, Corden instructed, "And then you guys disappear 'til the end of the song."

    The sketch then cut to the performance, which kicked off with "Larger Than Life" with Corden in tow. During the song, Corden ran to the front of the stage and showed off his best dance moves, including the running man and the worm. After the first song, the band warned Corden that they had 22 songs still to perform. "Well then I quit the band," Corden responded before walking offstage. "I can hardly breathe."

  • Samantha Bee Parodies Car-Based Talk Show Segments


    Samantha Bee incorporated some car-based comedy into her episode of Full Frontal.

    The segment began as a Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee parody with journalist Masha Gessen, titled "Comedians in Cars with Dissidents Getting Coffee," starting off with a familiar close-up of the car they'll be driving, as well a narration explaining the vehicle. "This is a 1984 Russian Lada. It's tiny, ugly and a relic of the Soviet era," said Bee. "It's the Vladimir Putin of obvious car metaphors."

    "I did everything that you said, Masha. I stayed the hysterical woman in the room. No one invites me to parties anymore. So what's next?" asked Bee after they started driving. She asked, "Am I going to jail?" Gessen responded that she's probably safe because she's blonde. While Bee isn't naturally blonde, she said that she'll keep her hair color because she can't go back to Canada. "I quit my job at Tim Hortons in such a f—cked up way," she said.

    After Bee poured alcohol into her coffee, it was revealed that the car was hooked to a tow truck all along. The camera then cut to show that the driver of the tow truck is actor Jason Alexander. "Hi. I'm Jason Alexander and this is Actors in Trucks Towing Comedians with Dissidents in Cars Getting Coffee," he said. "This is a 2006 tow truck. It tows stuff all over the place." After detailing the vehicle, he said, "Let's see Seinfeld top that with a god damn tow truck."

    The clip then cut back to Bee asking Gessen how journalists are supposed to cover the Trump administration. "The problem is journalism isn't suited for talking about things that pretend to be real, but aren't but maybe are and we have to have a different way of writing about it." When Bee asked how to do that, Gessen responded, "I don't know."

    The segment then cut to "Public Domain Carpool Karaoke" before transitioning to "Full Frontal Cash Cab." When the riders asked what they win, Gessen responded, "The truth."

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