Late-Night Lately: John Oliver on Public Shaming, 'Queer Eye' Makeover, Jim Jefferies in Australia

8:00 AM 3/23/2019

by THR Staff

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This week: First, John Oliver interviewed Monica Lewinsky about public shaming, in the context of Tucker Carlson's latest comments and social media bullying. Queer Eye's Fab Five visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! and made over Kimmel's sidekick of sorts, Guillermo Rodriguez. Jim Jefferies centered his Tuesday show on the shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand, noting that the shooter was "radicalized" in Jefferies' native Australia. Meanwhile, Amy Schumer and Jordan Peele stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers with jokes about pregnancy and amusement park rides (respectively). 

— Compiled by Jennifer Konerman

  • John Oliver Interviews Monica Lewinsky About Public Shaming

    Courtesy of HBO; Getty Images

    John Oliver interviewed Monica Lewinsky about public shaming on Last Week Tonight, kicking off the conversation by asking Lewinsky if bullying has worsened over the years. 

    "I think that with the advent of the Internet, and of course social media, we now have situations where it's exasperated beyond what anybody could have imagined," said Lewinsky, reflecting on the "shit storm" she went through in the '90s. "It was an avalanche of pain and humiliation," she said, touching on the "bizarre" character that the media portrayed her as during the scandal. "Not only just the slut-shaming, not only just having had an intimate relationship with someone who was now describing me in a way that no young woman would want to be described," she said. 

    "My identity was stolen in a different way. Not to say that I wasn't flawed and that I didn't make terrible mistakes or do stupid things or say stupid things because of course I did," she continued. "I watched this sort of deconstruction of me and rebuilding of me." 

    Earlier in the segment, Oliver addressed Jay Leno's interview on Today in which Leno said that late-night television lost its "civility" due to the current political climate. Oliver shared a number of jokes Leno had made at the time targeting Lewinsky, including one about the humidity making people's clothes "stickier than Monica Lewinsky," and one about a headline that read "Lewinsky Gets Back on Her Feet." 

    Oliver shared that Leno created a Dr. Seuss-inspired bit that featured a book titled The Slut in the Hat. “If that’s what he means by civility, may I offer my new book: Oh the Places You Can Go Fuck Yourself, Jay Leno," Oliver responded. 

  • 'Queer Eye' Stars Make Over 'Kimmel' Sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez

    ABC/Randy Holmes

    The men of Netflix's Queer Eye gave a makeover to Jimmy Kimmel Live!'s Guillermo Rodriguez. 

    Kimmel had asked if the Fab Five could help him with "a little project," briefing the group (Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Karamo Brown and Jonathan Van Ness) about Guillermo. 

    "We can definitely change Guillermo by the end of this," Brown confidently said before Rodriguez entered the room in an Ed Hardy shirt. France first took Rodriguez aside to discuss his fashion choices. He noted that the Ed Hardy shirt was little much. "The jeans are terrifying and the shoes, the shoes need to go so badly," France said in a private interview. After Porowski encouraged Rodriguez to eat fruits and vegetables, Rodriguez revealed that he takes a shot of tequila before every taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, so Porowski shared a "more elegant" way for Rodriguez to enjoy the tequila: a Tequila Sunrise. 

    Van Ness gave Rodriguez some hair-care tips. "Guillermo's hair is giving me a story of a football helmet, but we are not playing football." 

    Rodriguez entered the stage on a red carpet to reveal his new look. "I feel great. I look fantastic," Rodriguez said about his makeover.

  • Jim Jefferies Compares Australia's Fear of Immigrants to Trump's "Pointless Wall"

    Ali Goldstein

    In response to the shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand, in which an Australian man was responsible for 50 deaths, comedian Jim Jefferies focused his Tuesday night show on the tragedy, looking particularly at the racism and intolerance that has been building in his homeland. 

    "Immigration is far more complicated than building a $5 billion wall," Jefferies said, adding that he learned that Australia is home to the largest migration fence in the world — he promptly went to investigate. "The fence is 500,000 kilometers long, that's way longer than America's Southern border," Jefferies pointed out. He interviewed the man who maintains the fence, referred to simply as Carl. When asked what immigrants are being kept out from the existence of this fence, Carl replied, "None mate, just dingoes." A dingo expert clarified that the dingo barrier fence is needed because they attack sheep. 

    At the top of The Jim Jefferies Show, the host expressed his shock that the shooter was a white supremacist who was "radicalized" in Australia. He then looked at the anti-immigration perspectives of some Australians and found a specific hatred of Muslims. In an attempt to understand the ideology, Jefferies interviewed a Jewish activist who wants to "cut" Islamic immigration as well as black South Africans. The comedian said in response, "[But] you can't live in a society where we go, 'this race can't be in our country.'" The activist quickly said, "Absolutely we can." 

    Again referencing the New Zealand massacre, Jefferies said, "50 people were killed because a deranged asshole became convinced that Muslim lives are worth less." He went on to say, "Words matter. So think about that instead of focusing on some pointless wall." 

  • Amy Schumer Jokes About Her "Bummer" of a Pregnancy

    Courtesy of Lloyd Bishop/NBC

    Amid the recent release of her new Netflix stand-up special Growing, Amy Schumer visited Late Night With Seth Meyers to discuss her pregnancy and latest comedic venture. 

    First up, the comedian arrived in a flowing dress that showed a comically large baby bump. "I have found pregnancy very easy, myself," Schumer joked. Later, the bump was revealed to be the work of NBC's wardrobe department. 

    Striking a serious note, Schumer shared with Meyers the real experience that she's had with pregnancy, "It's been pretty tough, I didn't know that pregnancies were such a bummer." She revealed that she's still suffering from hyperemesis, a pregnancy complication characterized by extreme nausea, and "threw up a few times on the way here." 

    When Meyers asked whether she knows the sex of the baby, Schumer replied that she's fine with "whatever the baby identifies, as long as they don't identify as a DJ." Schumer said she had been in touch with Meyers' wife to talk about what to expect during pregnancy, and Schumer was quick to dive in for a story. "Your wife told me that prenatal yoga really helps with the birth, so I immediately signed up for a C-section." 

  • Jordan Peele Pitches 'Get Out' Ride

    Lloyd Bishop/NBC

    Jordan Peele spoke with Seth Meyers this week about Get Out, his experience at the Oscars this year and his newest horror film, Us

    But he was most excited about a new pitch: Get Out: The Ride.

    "Well you know, I work with Universal studios, so I have the fast track. I've been pitching the ride," he joked with Meyers. "And they haven't bit yet...I'm still waiting for their response. But the pitch is, 'you have to be this color or darker to enter.'"

    After boos and laughs from the audience, Peele added, while turning to the camera: "It turns out there's already a Get Out ride in existence, it's called America." 

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