From 'Joker's' Steps to Chris Evans' Sweater: 4 Memorable Memes of Awards Season

1:30 PM 2/2/2020

by Tara Bitran

A recap of the movie moments that went viral.

Memes of the Season - Split -Publicity -H 2020
Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures; MRC II Distribution Company; Netflix (2)

  • 'Joker' Steps

    The 132-step Bronx staircase upon which Joaquin Phoenix dances quickly became a tourist attraction, with visitors re-creating the iconic scene. Twitter users also have remixed the clip with new music like George Michael’s "Careless Whisper" and Taylor Swift’s "I Did Something Bad."

  • 'Marriage Story' Fight

    Twitter users manipulated Scarlett Johansson’s and Adam Driver’s angry faces during their blowout fight to illustrate existential frustration. Examples included anything from longing for more episodes of Succession to not wanting to receive any more work emails.

  • Chris Evans’ Sweater

    So many people wanted to emulate the actor’s sweater style in Knives Out that retailers like L.L. Bean sold out of look-alikes. Someone on the internet even photoshopped a sweater on Baby Yoda. Evans also took a picture of his own pup, Dodger, wearing a white cable-knit sweater.

  • Robert De Niro’s Lifetime

    The Irishman Twitter account showed off De Niro’s range of aging over several decades with four images from the film. Then users created their own "A lot can happen in a lifetime" memes featuring stills of other characters throughout his career, as well as sequences for Ethan Hawke and Yoda.

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