Late Night Lately: Jon Stewart Fights Back, James Corden vs. Michelle Obama, Seth Meyers Goes Day Drinking

8:00 AM 6/22/2019

by THR staff

The Hollywood Reporter's Late Night Lately rounds up the best sketches and guests with a look at what's to come next week.

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So pour your coffee, set your DVR for the week and sit back. Below are a few of the week's best, funniest and strangest late-night moments that you can't afford to miss.

This week: Jon Stewart headed back to The Late Show to fire back at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who said Stewart was getting "bent out of shape" about the delay of the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund extension. Meanwhile, James Corden set up shop in London for the week, where he took on Michelle Obama's Team USA in a game of dodgeball. Seth Meyers went day drinking with Rihanna and made cocktails inspired by her songs, and John Oliver outlined a case for and against Trump's impeachment. 

— Compiled by Jennifer Konerman 

  • Jon Stewart Heads to 'Late Show' to Fire Back at Mitch McConnell

    In an appearance on Monday's Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart stepped up his criticism of Mitch McConnell over the legislative delay of the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund extension. 

    In recent weeks, Stewart has focused his anger on McConnell for slow walking the extension of an act that provides healthcare and services for 9/11 first responders. Stewart made an impassioned plea to the Senate and has repeatedly called out lawmakers for delaying the extension, describing McConnell as the "white whale" of this issue since 2010.  

    McConnell responded, saying he didn't know why Stewart was "bent out of shape," and denied he was slow walking the issue and that the extension would pass when it came up for renewal. "I'm bent out of shape for them. These are the first heroes and veterans and victims of the great trillions-of-dollars War on Terror. And they are currently dying, suffering and in terrible need. You know, you would think that would be enough for Congress to pay attention, but apparently, it's not," Stewart said on the Late Show

    Stewart proceeded to challenge McConnell for his "we'll get to it when we get to it" argument by mocking the senator's physical likeness to a turtle. "Listen, Senator. I know that your species isn't known for moving quickly," he said, before pausing to explain that his comment was "a little red meat for the base." 

    He continued: "But damn, Senator. You're not good at this argument thing. Basically, we're saying you love the 9/11 community when they serve your political purposes. But when they're in urgent need, you slow walk. You use it as a political pawn to get other things you want." 

  • Michelle Obama's Team USA Takes On James Corden’s Team U.K. in Dodgeball

    It was team U.S.A. versus Team U.K. on Monday's Late Late Show, where host James Corden challenged Melissa McCarthy, Allison Janney, Mila Kunis, Kate Hudson and Lena Waithe with coach Michelle Obama in a game of dodgeball. 

    Corden's team included Brits Harry Styles, Benedict Cumberbatch, John Bradley and Reggie Watts.  

    "You would not believe how easy it was to get people to do this," Obama told the camera. "All I had to say was, 'you're going to throw a ball at James Corden.'" 

    Styles described a different method by Corden: "When James Corden calls you, you initially ignore the call but then he keeps calling you and then starts texting...then he shows up at your house, your work, your hairdresser, your Pilates class and your shower."

    During the first round, Styles became the final player from Team U.K. to take on Team USA ("Harry Styles going solo all over again," the narrator quipped). To regroup from their loss, Corden and his teammates had a tea party. "It's a smashing game," Corden said. For round two, McCarthy and Obama were immediately taken out, and Corden's team declared the win. Despite the competition heating up, Cumberbatch approached Obama during their break to ask her to sign his copy of her book Becoming. In round three, Cumberbatch was the sole U.K. player left standing against Kunis and Hudson. After the actresses beat Cumberbatch, Team USA was declared the overall winner. 

    Corden awarded them the trophy and tried to brush aside the loss. "At the end of the day, we showed kids that exercise can be fun. I can't even remember who won or lost," he says. "Oh, you lost. We won," Obama pointed out. 

    Also during Corden's London week, he battled Chris Hemsworth for title of "best waiter," staged a Les Miserables Crosswalk Musical, and Jake Gyllenhaal joined him for a Whitney Houston-inspired tribute

  • Seth Meyers and Rihanna Go Day Drinking

    Rihanna and Seth Meyers spent the day drinking in New York City this week, where Meyers created cocktails based on Rihanna's songs and allowed her to give him a "summer eye" using her makeup. 

    To show Rihanna that he is a true fan, Meyers created drinks inspired by her songs, including "Under My Rumbrella," "Diamonds in the Rye," "We Found Veuve in a Hostess Place" and "Bitch Better Have My Bunny," which involved an entire chocolate Easter bunny. 

    After a brief drinking game, Meyers took on the role of bartender and told Rihanna to ask him for advice. "If I quit music, then what should I do?" she asked. "You should be a pilot," he answered. She added that she used to want to be a pilot when she realized that her "grades sucked."

    Rihanna later gave Meyers "a summer eye" makeover with her Fenty Beauty products. "How's it going so far?" Meyers asked as soon as she started to apply makeup under his eye. "Is it coming alive?"

    He stopped Rihanna mid-makeover to admire her work, which included blue eyeliner. "My eye is burning, but this is amazing."

  • John Oliver Argues for Trump Impeachment

    John Oliver outlined the case for and against impeachment of President Trump on Sunday's Last Week Tonight.

    He pointed out that the Democrat-based argument in favor of moving forward with the process includes the fact that it would "shine a light on the contents of the Mueller Report, potentially lead to new revelations about Trump's content and force his Republican allies to choose publicly and on the record whether or not to hold him to account." Meanwhile, the vote needed to actually kick Trump out of office is not guaranteed, and that it could have the risky effect of putting more Republicans into Congressional seats and giving Trump a boost heading into the 2020 election.

    Oliver outlined the case that could be used against Trump, noting that "one area where we already have considerable evidence against Trump is obstruction of justice," one of same articles of impeachment used against both Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon.

    But most of all, he argued that Trump is not untouchable. "Every asshole succeeds until they finally don't," he argued, noting that "18 months before he resigned, Nixon had sky-high rating approval of 67 percent. Harvey Weinstein was winning oscars until one day he definitely wasn't. [Jeopardy! champion] James Holzhauer was stealing all of Alex Trebek's money until one day someone finally put a stop to it."

    He said that impeachment would not likely result in Trump leaving office, but still argued for it.

    "I can't guarantee it work out the way you want it to because it probably won't," he said. "But that doesn't mean that it's not worth doing, because if nothing else, we'd be standing by the basic fundamental principle that nobody is above the law."

  • Hosts Unpack Trump's 2020 Campaign Announcement

    Late-night hosts had the opportunity to unpack the 2020 campaign when Trump announced his re-election campaign on Tuesday

    Stephen Colbert noted that Trump's rhetoric while president remained the same as when he was on the 2016 campaign trail. Of Trump's announcement-night claim during his announcement that "Democrats want to splinter us into factions and tribes, they want us divided," Colbert joked, "Yes. Democrats want to divide Americans into tribes who can't stand each other, says the man speaking to an angry mob all wearing the same hats."

    Trevor Noah argued the 2020 announcement speech rehashed the format of Trump's 2016 campaign speeches. "In fact, when we put his speeches from 2016 with the one from last night, well, you tell me if you can spot anything new." The clip compilation then compared Trump's mentions of "drain the swamp," "crooked Hillary," the superlative "of all time" and "I will never, ever let you down."

    Faced with this compilation of clips, Noah joked, "Trump 2020, now in stereo."

    Jimmy Kimmel addressed the campaign announcement at the top of the show. "President Trump kicked off his 2020 comedy tour last night in Orlando," he said. "There were more red hats and dirty beards than an unsanctioned Santa convention at this thing." Kimmel went on to compare the atmosphere to a music festival, "specifically, the Fyre Festival," he quipped, adding "Trump was on fire, or at least his pants were. He jumped around from lie to lie, from hot topic to hot topic like Joy Behar on Adderall."

    Jimmy Fallon told his viewers that Trump spent most of the event "bashing" immigrants, Hillary Clinton and journalists. "Everyone watching at home was like, 'Is this a summer rerun? I've seen this before,'" he said.

    The host added that The White House announced that Trump planned to keep his slogan from the 2016 election, as well as the red MAGA hat merchandise. "It's like when your kid only wants to wear that one superhero outfit to school and you're like, 'Whatever gets you on the bus. Come on, let's go,'" he said.

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