Late Night Lately: Jonas Brothers Go Day Drinking, Leslie Jones' 'GOT' Surprise, Tackling the Impeachment Trial

8:00 AM 1/25/2020

by THR staff

The Hollywood Reporter's Late Night Lately rounds up the best sketches and guests with a look at what's to come next week.

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So pour your coffee, set your DVR for the week and sit back. Below are a few of the week's best, funniest and strangest late night moments that you can't afford to miss.

This week: The Jonas Brothers continued the Late Night day drinking tradition, this time with Seth Meyers, brother Josh Meyers and his "brother in case of an emergency," Jack McBrayer. Leslie Jones told Jimmy Fallon how she recruited the Game of Thrones team for her stand-up special, hosts tackled the impeachment trial as it got underway and Kumail Nanjiani ate off of rotating plates of treats as he celebrated his viral Instagram photo and toned physique.

— Compiled by Jennifer Konerman 

  • Jonas Brothers Go Day Drinking With Seth Meyers

    Jonas Brothers are the latest musicians to go day drinking with Late Night host Seth Meyers, this time joining the host at the Royal Palm Shuffle Board Club in Brooklyn. The NBC host recruited his brother, Josh Meyers, and his "brother in case of an emergency," actor Jack McBrayer, to make sure the groups were even.

    Seth first made drinks "in order of our brotherhood and birth order." They imbibed a beverage out of baby bottles in honor of the youngest brothers — Nick and Josh — followed by a drink for the middle children ("No one's put any thought into you for years, so we're putting no thought into this drink at all"). 

    For one game, the brothers had to match old hairstyles to the right brother. In honor of Jonas Brothers' new song "What a Man Gotta Do?," the group played a game of shuffleboard in which each player chose a biscuit with one of the players' faces on it and performed the drinking act that their biscuit landed on. 

    For the final game, each team had to write and perform a song with the title given to them. While Nick and Kevin used guitars to write their tune, the Meyers brothers focused more on their lyrics. "The sun is zenith/ Things are good with my penis," a tipsy Seth mumbled as an idea.

    "They're gonna put this in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame," Joe said when his team finished their song.

    Seth, Josh and Jack took the stage to perform their song first, which was titled "Drunk at Noon": "I'm drinking Coors Light to mask my sadness/ Still no darkness, but I'm ready to drink," the group sang. "I'll see you soon/ I got nothing to do this afternoon/ Because I'm drunk at noon."

    Jonas Brothers next took the stage to perform "In Bed by 9": "Baby I, I'm feeling fine/ Baby, let me in/ I want to feel your skin/ Do you want to 69?" they sang. "Let me lick your toes/ I want to blow your nose/ Baby, I'll have you back by 9."

  • Leslie Jones Got the 'Game of Thrones' Writers to Direct Her Netflix Special

    Following the release of her Netflix stand-up special Time Machine, Leslie Jones spoke with Jimmy Fallon about one especially interesting aspect of her latest project. 

    First up, the host asked Jones about her Twitter commentary on her favorite shows [such as Bravo's Below Deck]. The comedian explained that "you don't want to watch TV" with her, but she's always fitting in three hours of activities into one hour of television. 

    Jones also explained she recruited the Game of Thrones writers, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, to direct the show, to which Jones responded, "I had a list of directors I wanted." She said that she asked Lorne Michaels about the possibility of Steven Spielberg, but Michaels said no. Then she asked about J.J. Abrams, but he was busy doing Star Wars. "Then I was like, who else could catch action, but somebody who shoots a dragon?" laughed Jones. "What am I? A dragon!"

  • Hosts Tackle Senate Impeachment Trial: A "Mockery of Our Democracy"

    Late night hosts returned to the topic of removing President Trump from office after the Senate impeachment trial got underway. 

    After House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sent articles of impeachment over to the Senate last week, the Senate trial began Tuesday afternoon with debate over Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's rules for the proceeding. Trump was in Davos, Switzerland, on the first day of the World Economic Forum.

    Trevor Noah produced a fake instructional video for the Senate "jury" called to prevail over Trump's impeachment trial. Given that a juror should be impartial, Noah said in the video, "The following remarks by the defendant should not be considered when rendering your verdict." Noah then played video clips of Trump calling Sen. Ted Cruz "Lyin' Ted," perpetuating the Obama birther conspiracy and lending credence to a National Enquirer story claiming Cruz's father was "linked to [the] JFK assassination," among other moments.

    "Jurors are instructed to disregard these insults. Thank you for doing your civic duty," Noah ended the spot.

    Stephen Colbert tackled the first day of the impeachment trial with the latest installment of his recurring segment, "Don and the Giant Impeach." "Today is just day one of the impeachment trial of Donald John Trump," he began. "It is a pivotal day in the history of the republic. Soon, we will find out if breaking the law is illegal. Gotta say, so far, I don’t like the odds."

    "No evidence, no witnesses, just a hundred old people stuck in a room together. This isn’t a trial, it’s the four o’clock dinner rush at Denny’s. Or a matinee in Branson, Missouri."

    Jimmy Kimmel, meanwhile, took a swipe at McConnell over the initial rules he proposed for the impeachment trial. "[McConnell] and his fellow Republicans keep saying that they’re following the template established in the Clinton impeachment trial, even though this trial is very different: Bill Clinton had sex with one person. Donald Trump screwed a whole country."

    The ABC host ultimately argued that Republican senators would do their utmost to withhold evidence from entering the trial and so urged viewers to "use this mockery of our democracy to motivate yourself and others to register to vote." He added as a kicker: "And in the meantime, these senators are gonna be locked in that room for quite a while. They are not allowed to leave the chamber during the trial, attendance is mandatory and they are not allowed to bring phones or electronic devices in, with one exception. Ted Cruz will be provided with an iPad so he can quietly watch porn. But that’s it; nobody else."

    Jimmy Fallon joked that Republicans are calling the impeachment trials "the biggest waste of time since they saw a double feature of Cats and Dolittle." Fallon touched on the strict rules that Senators cannot use their phones and must remain silent during the trials. "Meanwhile, Trump will be screaming at the TV while tweeting from the toilet," he said.

    Fallon added that Trump is currently at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. "Apparently when he asked his lawyers, 'How can I help?,' they handed him a plane ticket," he said.  

    Seth Meyers also discussed McConnell's rules for the trial on Late Night. "To keep things simple, he revealed the rules by emoji," Meyers said before the monkey emojis covering their eyes, ears and mouths appeared onscreen.

    James Corden also poked fun at McConnell's rules on The Late Late Show. "The debate over the rules got off to a pretty bad start when Trump's legal team opened with, 'No take backs, finders keepers and the president is adamant about this: Whoever smelt it, dealt it,'" said Corden.

  • Kumail Nanjiani Reflects on Viral Shirtless Photo

    Kumail Nanjiani is aware that he sparked a frenzy with that photo he posted on Instagram. On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Nanjiani addressed the viral photo and the hard work that went into achieving the physique.

    Nanjiani explained that he took the photos before Christmas while shooting Marvel's The Eternals so he could have proof that his body looked the way it did. "Who knows what I'm going to look like after Christmas?" he recalled thinking at the time. 

    After the photo "exploded," Nanjiani calls the reception "super weird." "It was a weird couple of days.... It really got out of control," he said. 

    Nervous of the reaction, Nanjiani admitted he called his family to get their input, only to be even more surprised. "My brother said, 'Dad already sent your naked pics to both family's WhatsApp groups.' And then it goes in newspapers in Pakistan. So I had all my aunts texting me pictures of myself, like 'so proud of you.' It's weird to have your aunts sending you naked pictures of yourself." 

    To reward the actor for his hard work, Kimmel surprised Nanjiani with a selection of indulgent treats, including a box of pizza. "I'm literally going to cry right now. I'm not joking. I'm shaking. Pizza's really good," Nanjiani said. He then proceeded to continue the interview by eating the different treats. 

  • Michael Moore Says Democrats Should "Double Down" With All-Female Presidential Ticket

    Though Michael Moore has endorsed Bernie Sanders in the 2020 presidential race, the documentarian agrees with the New York Times that doubling down with an all-female ticket would be a smart move for Democrats.

    Breaking with convention, the Times' editorial board has endorsed two Democrat candidates, Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren. Moore spoke about the news with Seth Meyers. "I said after the '16 election, I kept saying, 'Hillary got the most votes. We need to keep this in mind; do not despair. The majority of the country thinks like we do — by 3 million votes. And what we should do, actually, in 2020, we shouldn't run one woman; we should run two women. The vice president and president on the ticket will be two women. Let's just double down on this. Let's just double down,'" recalls Moore, who had at that point presciently predicted Trump's presidential victory months ahead of the 2016 election upset.

    He continued, "And all the pundits will go, 'Oh no, no. You can't do that. They'll never get elected now.' Oh, yeah? I'll tell you right now: Every woman is going to vote and every young person is going to vote, and anybody who's part of any group that has had the boot on their neck for most of their lives because they belong to a particular ethnic group, a particular gender, a particular age group — everybody who knows that feeling will come out and be for that."

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