Justin Bieber And Other Celebs Who Have Quit Social Media

2:57 PM 8/16/2016

by Stephanie Chan

Rihanna and Demi Lovato have called it quits in the past, too.

Justin Bieber takes a selfie with fans during the 2015 American Music Awards-Getty-H 2016
Tommaso Boddi/AMA2015/Getty Images for dcp

It was the warning heard 'round the world (wide web).

"I'm gonna make my Instagram private if you guys don’t stop the hate this is getting out of hand. If you guys are really fans you wouldn’t be so mean to people that I like," Justin Bieber captioned on Instagram following negative comments about his new girlfriend, Sofia Richie. 

On Tuesday evening the pop star decided to shut down his Instagram altogether, which was likely caused by his public back-and-forth with ex Selena Gomez. The "Hands to Myself" singer has since seemingly apologized for her comments on Snapchat.

"Sorry, this page is unavailable" was the message fans were met with shortly after he deactivated his account. His Facebook and Twitter pages are still active though.

This isn't the first time Bieber has quit social media; he announced on Twitter in 2013: "My beloved beliebers I'm officially retiring."

Bieber follows a long line of celebrities who have quit social media after dealing with online bullies. Here, a look back at the famous faces — Rihanna and Demi Lovato included — who signed off (before going back online again).

  • Demi Lovato

    The "Body Say" singer said goodbye to Twitter and Instagram for a hot second in June before returning to the social media channels in less than 24 hours after quitting.

    "Damn I gotta quit sayin s--t. Bye Twitter," she wrote. "And Insta." Lovato added: "I like snapchat cause I don't have to see what some of y'all say. Follow me if you want: theddlovato," Though Lovato never specified why she quit, her decision likely stemmed from the backlash she received after throwing shade at Mariah Carey on Instagram.

    Upon her return, Lovato said: "I'm back bitches. And I'm coming back more honest than ever."

  • Rihanna

    Rihanna quit Instagram in May 2014 after her account was temporarily disabled when she posted topless photos from her Liu magazine photo shoot. After going on a six-month hiatus, RiRi graced us with her Insta presence again that November and posted an upside-down selfie with the caption, "Hellurrr #badgalback." 


    Hellurrr #badgalback

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  • Lena Dunham

    Last September the Girls co-creator and star revealed she had quit Twitter. "I don't look at Twitter anymore. I tweet, but I do it through someone else," she told tech columnist Kara Swisher on the Re/code Decode podcast. "I really appreciate that anybody follows me at all, and so I didn't want to cut off my relationship to it completely, but it really, truly wasn't a safe space for me." Dunham signed off after receiving "verbal abuse" and body-shaming comments when she posted an Instagram that saw her wearing a sports bra and her boyfriend's boxers.

  • Leslie Jones

    Jones was attacked with a slew of racist and misogynistic messages on Twitter shortly after the release of the Ghostbusters reboot, in which she starred alongside Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon. It ended with the Saturday Night Live star calling it quits on the social media platform. "I leave Twitter tonight with tears and a very sad heart," she wrote on July 18.

    But after three days of silence, the actress logged back on. "Welp...a bitch thought she could stay away. But who else is gonna live tweet Game of Thrones!!" she tweeted. Jones also thanked those that showed her support via the #LoveforLeslieJ hashtag that was first started by director Paul Feig.

    Luckily she did. Otherwise who else would provide such detailed Rio Olympics coverage?

  • Iggy Azalea

    The "Fancy" singer quit Instagram last March with a post announcing, "Until further notice Iggy's Instagram will be run by management. Iggy is taking a break from social media. She loves all her Azaleans!!" A month prior to ditching Instagram, the rapper wrote she was also leaving Twitter after receiving a ton of online hate.

  • Miley Cyrus

    Cyrus quit Twitter for boyfriend Liam Hemsworth in 2009. "FYI Liam doesn't have a twitter and he wants ME to delete mine with good reason," read her tweet.

    After more than a yearlong break, the performer rejoined the social media channel in 2011. "Do not fear...the Sheenius is here!' I'm not gonna lie. I came back to twitter for 2 reasons. My fans and to follow @charliesheen #winning," she wrote via the then @gypsyhearttour account, which was used to promote her Gypsy Heart Tour in support of her Can't Be Tamed album.

  • Kanye West

    In 2012 the rapper deleted all his tweets, but not without leaving a message that read "BE BACK SOON." Indeed West has since returned on Twitter, analyzing the current state of fashion and wanting to "steal Demna [Gvasalia] from Balenciaga."