Kids' Choice Awards: Watch the Top Celebrity Slimes

7:10 PM 3/12/2016

by Meena Jang

Host Blake Shelton and John Stamos are among those who got doused in green goo during the Nickelodeon awards show on Saturday evening.

Getty Images
  • John Stamos

    Fuller House star John Stamos returned to his seat after presenting one of the night's awards and got a bucket of slime tossed at him from behind by Jace Norman.

  • Fifth Harmony

    Fifth Harmony took home the award for favorite music group and were surprised with streams of green goo as they accepted the orange blimp at the podium. The members ducked as they tried to avoid the gallons of slime. 

  • Jason Sudeikis and Josh Gad

    Jason Sudeikis and Josh Gad, who voice characters for the upcoming Angry Birds Movie, attempted to use an oversized slingshot to help Sudeikis fly across the auditorium, but were stopped mid-action when puddles of slime shot up from cannons on stage.

  • Blake Shelton

    Host Blake Shelton couldn't avoid being doused with green slime at the Saturday night show. At the very end of the ceremony, the audience chanted a countdown before a large bucket of goo, hanging from the auditorium's ceiling, was dumped on the country singer.

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