Late-Night Lately: Corden's 4D 'Wrinkle in Time,' Conan's 'Rampage' Audition, Hosts Applaud Student Activists

8:00 AM 3/17/2018

by THR Staff

THR's Late-Night Lately rounds up the best sketches and guests with a look at what's to come next week.

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— Compiled by Jennifer Konerman

  • James Corden Acts Out 'A Wrinkle in Time' With the Cast

    Courtesy of CBS

    James Corden, after his success with Thor: Rgnarok, again introduced his new evolution of filmmaking: Four dimensions. During Monday’s Late Late Show, Corden explored “real people acting out the movie live in front of a movie audience,” enlisting the help from the star-studded cast of A Wrinkle in Time.

    While moviegoers watched an advanced screening of the film, Corden’s image appeared onscreen as a surprise. “You are probably wondering what happened to the movie you’re watching… but what you don’t know is that tonight you have purchased a ticket to the future,” Corden explained, before later introducing himself “live,” along with the film’s stars Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling, Oprah Winfrey and Storm Reid. 

    Throughout the performance, Corden acted as the film's narrator. In one scene, Corden asks the stars to spin as if they are journeying into a wrinkle in time, something Winfrey didn’t find amusing: “You know what I had to do on Colbert? Nothing. Just sit there, talk about the movie. You know what I had to do here?” 

    After concluding their live performance, Winfrey revealed that the act was her “proudest" moment. “Really?” Corden excitedly asks, only for Winfrey to bluntly respond, "No."

  • Conan O'Brien Auditions to be Dwayne Johnson's Stunt Double

    Anticipating the release of his new film Rampage, Dwayne Johnson joined Conan O'Brien on Thursday to debate whether O’Brien could act as the actor’s stunt double.

    “I look at this and it’s like I’m looking in a mirror,” the TBS late-night host quips to Johnson, as the two began to banter over their qualifications to the “action star” look. “I just want to show you I can do it, because I know you question my physicality."

    To further explore the new career, O’Brien requested that Johnson train him to be an appropriate stunt double. Donning a bald cap to resemble the Rampage star, O’Brien struggled to recite signature one-liners and endures sporadic punches from an extra wearing a gorilla costume, causing his bald cap to fall off. Supporting the intense training, Johnson offered the gorilla various props to hit the host with.

  • Hosts Stand With Students Who Staged Walkouts to Protest Gun Violence

    Screengrab/The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

    Late-night hosts stood in solidarity with students across America who staged walkouts on Wednesday to protest gun violence in the wake of the deadly Parkland, Fla. shooting last month that left 17 dead.

    The Daily Show's Trevor Noah said on his show of the protests, "For once, the students evacuated on their own terms." 

    He expressed incredulity that people seem to be surprised that kids across the nation have become outspoken on gun control. "Some of the biggest political movements were led by young people. Kids fought for Civil Rights, kids fought against Apartheid in South Africa and to stop the Vietnam War," he said, calling the walkouts a perfect example of "how a youth movement can turn into an everyone movement."

    And to those who don't think the students should be allowed to demonstrate with walkouts, Noah said, "Wait, you don't want kids outside because it's not safe? The schools are not safe, that's literally why they're marching." 

    On The Late Late Show, James Corden praised the students for their “really amazing” activism and said they shouldn’t face punishment for protesting during school. Corden also took a moment to emphasize how telling it was that some cable networks, including the Viacom channels, made the executive decision to suspend their regular programming for 17 minutes, to stand in solidarity with the protesting students and pay honor to the lives lost. “Comedy Central is tougher on gun violence than the United States government. But it was great work kids!”

    On Full Frontal, host Samantha Bee applauded the students for their dedication. “These kids have been filling me with hope and I’m sure they’ve also been filling the GOP establishment with fear,” Bee said, later explaining that their generation will be the first the prior generation “won’t be able to call lazy.”

    Having covered tragic mass shootings before on her show, Bee explained that the specific coverage always becomes the hardest part of her job, and took a moment to thank the protesting students for giving her the hope she never knew she could feel. “But I should’ve known better. I should’ve known that a generation would come that wouldn’t repeat our mistakes. … You guys were what I was praying for.” 

  • Corden, Shaggy Spoof Trump, Mueller Probe With "It Wasn't Me" Music Video


    James Corden and Jamaican-American reggae artist Shaggy teamed up Wednesday to parody Robert Mueller's Russia probe and President Trump on The Late Late Show.

    Changing the words to Shaggy's hit "It Wasn't Me," the duo, with Corden playing Mueller and Shaggy portraying Trump, croon about the former's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

    "To be a true dealer, know the art of the deal. If Mueller’s pressin’ charges, then I’m going to appeal, delete my work emails before they reveal I paid off Stormy Daniels so she’d spank me till I squealed," Shaggy sang.

    The infamous pee tape, cable news shows, and Donald Trump Jr. ("a son I can lose")  all get mentions as well.

  • Hosts Tee Off on Trump's Twitter Firing of Rex Tillerson

    Screengrab/Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late-night hosts wasted no time in poking fun at former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's firing Tuesday by President Trump over Twitter. Tillerson was ousted barely four hours after he returned from an Africa mission, and with no face-to-face conversation with the president.

    On Late Night With Seth Meyers, the host took issue with how Trump let Tillerson go. "Even when you get fired from Domino's, the manager takes you into that crappy little office and tells you to your face," the host said. "Tweets are for finding out which band is in town or which airline was mean to Chrissy Teigen.”

    Offering an explanation as to why Tillerson was dismissed, Meyers compared the move to 1980s college comedies. “If the White House is a fraternity house in an '80s movie, Tillerson was the dean, and the dean never wins in an '80s movie,” the host quipped.

    On The Daily Show, Trevor Noah noted it was lucky that Tillerson was tipped off about the news of his firing before the information got out while he was in Africa. "Imagine if this happened and he wasn't warned. He could have been in the middle of negotiations in Africa and African leadership could have found out before him," said Noah. "He could've been like, 'I'm here to tell you what America requires,' and they could've been like, 'I'm here to tell you to suck my dick.' "

    Conan O'Brien, meanwhile, poked fun at Trump's nomination process. "President Trump fired his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Twitter. It makes sense when you consider that Trump hired Tillerson on Tinder," O'Brien said.

    He added: "Rex Tillerson reportedly doesn’t know why he was fired. At least, that's according to Tillerson's roommates, Sean Spicer and Omarosa."

    On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert joked about the way Trump phrased Tillerson's dismissal (and former CIA head Mike Pompeo's subsequent hiring) on Twitter, saying, "Congratulations to all!"

    "Wait, congratulations to all? 'Congratulations Rex, you've won an all-expenses paid trip to beautiful Get the Fuck Out of Here,' " Colbert said. " 'As a parting gift we got you this beautiful door, which we hope does not hit you on the ass.' "

    Later, Colbert’s Hunger Games-inspired Julius Flickerman character made his return to further discuss the “dramatic” departure of Tillerson. Chronicling Tillerson’s life story, Flickerman jabbed that the former Secretary of State introduced the “merit badge in moron identification” to Trump while serving as an adult boy scout. Though Tillerson pondered quitting seven months prior, Colbert advised that Tillerson should have referred to Twitter. “Remember the old saying: If at first you don’t succeed, check your Twitter. You’ve just been fired.”

    Jimmy Kimmel reminded viewers of Live! that the tweeted firing was especially odd given that Trump has a lot of experience firing people in person from his days on The Apprentice. "Donald Trump spent more time firing Lil Jon than he did firing the Secretary of State," Kimmel joked. He added: "I’m starting to think he fires people — just so he can get a piece of going-away cake at the party."

    Over at The Late Late Show, James Corden also shared his take on the Trump’s firing. “This surprised me mostly because I thought Tillerson got fired months ago,“ he said, joking that Tillerson was just an “old rich white guy that worked for Trump.”

    About Tillerson learning he was fired via Twitter, Corden quipped that it was simply due to the social media network being more "presidential" than others. Following Tillerson’s firing, Trump also let go of Tillerson’s Undersecretary of State, something Corden found difficult to keep up with: “Trump is firing staffers over the firing of staffers. This is like that movie Inception, except with uglier people.”

    Meanwhile, on The Opposition, Jordan Klepper called Tillerson’s firing process “classy.” “Twitter is the best way to fire people. Everyone deserves to be fired between a sad Keanu [Reeves] meme and a thread on why Bruno Mars is problematic,” Klepper said, adding that he’s “glad” the president decided to fire the “oil drum wearing a neck tie.”

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