Late-Night Lately: Fallon's Olympics Pep Talk, Trump's Military Parade Idea, Super Bowl Reactions

8:00 AM 2/10/2018

by THR Staff

THR's Late-Night Lately rounds up the best sketches and guests with a look at what's to come next week.

Screegrab/The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon; Lloyd Bishop/NBC; Brad Barket/Comedy Central

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— Compiled by Jennifer Konerman

  • Jimmy Fallon Delivers Shia LaBeouf-Inspired Pep Talk to the U.S. Olympic Team

    Courtesy of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

    The Olympic athletes received a special message from Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon on Thursday after Lindsey Vonn reminded him he that he owed her a little pump-up before the Games. So, during his #WhyImSingle hashtags segment, Fallon read out a tweet from the skier. “I’m single because I only have eyes for the Olympics,” Fallon read her tweet out. “Also, where’s my pep talk, coach?” 

    As promised, the host delivered an intense pep talk to the entire U.S. Olympic teamm, taking a cue from Shia LaBeouf. As an ode to the actor's 2015 speech ("Just Do It"), Fallon donned an Olympic onesie and matched LaBeouf’s video – with a few added pantomimes of skiing, curling and figure skating. 

    “So, do it! Be the gold,” Fallon yelled. “Ski down the hill, speed skate, triple lutz, sweep the ice, curl! You’re the best, so be the best!” Vonn hasn't yet responded to the speech, but she might be a little busy prepping for her last Olympics. 

  • Hosts Slam Trump's Military Parade Idea: "You're Just Going Full Dictator Now?"

    Screengrab/Late Night with Seth Meyers

    President Trump wants the Pentagon to put on a military parade, and late night has a lot to say about that on Wednesday. 

    "We kid the president, but you've got to admit he's one of a kind," The Late Show's Stephen Colbert said Wednesday night in explaining the news to the audience. "No one comes up with dumber ideas — at this point he's really his own competition. He's the Usain Bolt of stupid."

    Calling it "Trump's record-setting dumb," Colbert made a joke about Trump's wish completing "dictator Bingo," and explained that military parades are not something that the U.S. has typically put on.

    Over on Late Night, host Seth Meyers put it bluntly. "That's right, Trump wants a military parade. So you're just going full dictator now? Just dick wasn't enough?" he joked.

    Meyers also poked fun at the president's lack of a military record. "Man, you had a chance to be in the military and you dodged it. If you wanted to hold a parade for something you yourself actively avoided, why don't you throw an IRS parade or a parade of personal trainers?"

    The Daily Show's Trevor Noah said the reason people have issue with Trump's idea is because "military parades have come to be associated with authoritarian regimes like North Korea, the Soviet Union and China." He pointed out that the news does not necessarily make Trump a dictator, but "it's when you look at everything else that your Spidey senses start to tingle." 

    After pointing out that Trump has praised dictators in the past, such as North Korea's Kim Jong-un, "Trump is so thirsty. I wouldn't be shocked if he's on all of these dictators' Instagrams commenting on every pic, 'Great photo, follow back! Nice abs, like for like! Come on, sexy missile, follow back!'"

    Jordan Klepper poked fun at the military parade idea on The Opposition by "dismissing" comparisons that one news commentator made between Trump and Napoleon. "Napoleon was a narcissistic misogynist with weird hair and multiple wives who lived in an extravagant, ornate tower. He's nothing like Trump. The only thing he has in common with Trump is his famously large hands," Klepper joked.

  • Hosts Tackle Philadelphia Fans' Super Bowl Victory Reaction

    Courtesy of Late Night with Seth Meyers

    On Monday, just hours after the Eagles' big Super Bowl win, late-night hosts were quick to pile on Philadelphia natives for their reactions to the victory. 

    On The Late Show, host Stephen Colbert showed off footage of Philadelphia fans celebrating their team’s victory by taking to the streets, lighting fires and turning over cars. “There was so much fire and crying, for a second I thought I was watching This is Us,” said Colbert.

    “The people of Philadelphia weren’t just happy taking down the New England Patriots, but also their longtime nemesis: the city of Philadelphia,” Colbert noted.

    Over on Late Night With Seth Meyers, the NBC host made a similar quip, saying, “After defeating the New England Patriots, Philadelphia then went on to defeat Philadelphia.”

    The Daily Show host Trevor Noah, meanwhile, noted the lack of arrests: “It got so crazy that the police were left powerless? Poor police. They were like, ‘We couldn’t do anything. They were white.’"

    Conan O'Brien focused on an Eagles fan who reportedly ate horse droppings from off the street. "In his defense, he thought it was dog poop," the host said. Speaking on the destruction in the city, O'Brien said, "In Philadelphia, there were fires and people punching each other in the face — and then they sat down to watch the game."

    On ABC, host Jimmy Kimmel welcomed Jay Ajayi and Corey Clement from the Eagles to the show. The two players walked onstage with a tub of Gatorade, which they immediately poured over Kimmel's sidekick, Guillermo. When asked by Kimmel what they thought of Philly's fans, Clement said, "I'm from Philly, so I know what people say of our fans. They greased the light poles in our town!"

    During his monologue, Kimmel showed footage of fans flipping cars and jumping off of traffic lights. "In football, even the fans get concussions," the host quipped. 

    Over on The Late Late Show, James Corden quipped that President Trump broke tradition by calling the Patriots after the game to “mock them for being losers.”

    After the Patriots loss, Corden attempted to find sympathy for quarterback Tom Brady but realized Brady might be all right. “I don’t know how Brady is going to live with himself, I don’t…his five Super Bowl rings, his supermodel wife Gisele.... Actually I think he’s going to be fine,” Corden joked. 

  • Jimmy Fallon Takes On Trump With Bob Dylan Impersonation

    Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

    Jimmy Fallon took on President Trump on Sunday night in his post-Super Bowl episode of NBC's The Tonight Show. Fallon, who has been criticized for not being as political in his show as some of his late-night peers, did an impersonation of Bob Dylan during his show, which was taped at Minneapolis' Orpheum Theatre, which was once owned by Dylan, a native of the state.

    Playing the guitar and harmonica, Fallon sang Dylan's 1964 song "The Times They Are a-Changin' " and tweaked the lyrics to criticize Trump and his frequent accusations of "fake news" and comments about NFL players who take a knee during the national anthem.

    Some sample lyrics:

    "Come athletes with platforms throughout the land / Who by taking a knee are taking a stand / And before you shout out, 'They should be banned' / Listen to what they are saying / Perhaps they'd stand up if you reached out your hand / Well, the times they are a-changin'."

    "Come journalists, writers who report the facts / And brandish your pen and fend off his attacks / Look past what he says and look how he acts / The 'fire and fury' is raging / For his words can hurt, but your words can fight back / The New York Times, they aren't a-failin'."

  • James Corden Shows Jamie Dornan His 'Fifty Shades'-Style "Playroom"


    Before Fifty Shades fans get reacquainted with Christian Grey's BDSM "playroom" when the third movie in the trilogy, Fifty Shades Freed, is released, James Corden is introducing viewers to his own playroom — which contains toy trains. 

    In a spoof of the movie franchise, Corden welcomed series star Jamie Dornan (who plays Grey) to his own "playroom" on Tuesday night's Late Late Show. Dornan, not seduced by the idea, asked Corden what's in the playroom. "Your Xbox and stuff?" he asked.

    Corden opened the door, revealing a massive set of train tracks and model trains on bureaus and counters. Dornan, uttering a "My god," touches the trains and picks them up.

    Corden explained, "That's an original Hornby Railroad 462, as he put a red bandana over Dornan's eyes. "Call me signal master." 

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