Late-Night Lately: Gwyneth's Dance Number, Tom Hanks' Acting Lesson, Prince Tributes

8:00 AM 4/23/2016

by THR staff

THR's Late-Night Lately rounds up the best sketches and guests with a look at what's to come next week.

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So fill up your coffee, set your DVR for the week and sit back. Below are a few of the week's best, funniest and strangest late-night moments you can't afford to miss.

— Compiled by Jennifer Konerman

  • Gwyneth Paltrow Dances to Toddler-Led Choreography With James Corden

    Gwyneth Paltrow and James Corden take their dance moves very seriously.

    The two took on "Toddlerography" — dance classes taught by toddlers in which the two must mimic their instructors' steps with dramatic flair — on Tuesday night's Late Late Show. "I heard they make Beyonce cry," said Corden of the instructors.

    They soon found themselves rolling around and running into walls without question, as Irene Cara's Flashdance track "What A Feelin'" played over the montage.

    "That was intense — I need to hydrate," Corden said afterward, as they cooled down with juice boxes. Corden also recently staged the bit with Jenna Dewan Tatum.

  • Tom Hanks and Stephen Colbert Share Valuable Acting Tips

    On Thursday's Late Show, the Hologram for the King star passed on some advice from his years in the acting business in a segment called On Your Mark, Get Set, Act with Tom Hanks and Stephen Colbert.

    "I'm an actor in my own way," Colbert told Hanks, adding that he wanted to help kids "get up to our level." In Thursday's segment, they both shared tips, which included how to "flail your arms" to show sadness and how to properly film a love scene.

    "All the best actors know that emotions live the arms," Colbert said. "If you are scared, flail your arms around in terror. If you are sad, flail your arms around sadly."

    "If you're doing a love scene, make sure the director and the cameras ... are there," Hanks advised. "Otherwise, you're just having sex."

  • Late-Night Remembers Prince: Colbert, Corden and Kimmel Pay Tribute

    Late-night hosts each took a moment to honor Prince as the world mourned the iconic artist on Thursday.

    Conan O'Brien, Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers were on hiatus, but the remaining hosts had nothing but fond memories of the musician. On CBS' Late Show, Stephen Colbert took a moment at his desk to say a few words before unveiling a custom purple logo for the night in honor of Prince's signature color.

    “Not many people are as influential enough to be known by one name, let alone by one color," said Colbert, "but he was, so in a small gesture of respect tonight, we’d like to change the set in his honor."

    Over on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the host rolled his Prince tribute into his monologue while his band played Prince's music throughout the show. "Even the cable news channels gave Donald Trump a rest for a minute and paid attention to Prince all day," Kimmel said. "While there were a number of moving and emotional tributes, none of them were more heartfelt I think then this one from Wolf Blitzer," he added, playing a clip of the CNN anchor incorrectly naming Prince's hit song "Purple Haze."

    The Late Late Show's James Corden had already filmed Thursday's show by the time he heard the news, but he aired a special introduction for the night. "I don’t even know where to start when I talk about Prince as an artist, because to be unique in this world is impossible. Almost all art is taken or borrowed from somewhere else, and yet an artist like Prince stands alone – he is completely original.”

    “What a thing to be have been alive when Prince was making music, we are all incredibly lucky," he concluded.

  • Stephen Colbert Shows Hillary Clinton How to Eat in Front of Press

    Just hours before Tuesday's New York primaries, Stephen Colbert's Late Show had a sit-down with Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton at the famed Carnegie Deli. 

    Colbert even tried out an impromptu impression of the candidate's husband and former president, which she approved of, before Colbert brought up her memorable moment at Junior's when she declined to eat any cheesecake after photographers caught her eyeing the dessert. 

    She said she didn't want to eat in front of the press for fear they'd get an unflattering photo. "They could get a funny shot. Something could drop out of your mouth, you could smear your face. Anything that makes you look silly," Clinton said. 

    Colbert then offered to teach her how to "eat cheesecake without looking silly." But after he politely shaved off a bit of the dessert with a fork, he picked up the cake in his hand and took a huge bite, trying to talk with food in his mouth. Clinton laughed as Colbert insisted, "This is humanizing! People love this!"

  • Emilia Clarke Wants More Male Nudity on 'Game of Thrones'

    Emilia Clarke has some thoughts about all that nudity on Game of Thrones

    "I feel like there's a little bit of inequality between the amount of nudity that happens with women — this woman in particular — and that happens with the other guys," she said on Monday's Late Late Show, pointing to herself. "I just think that should be even." 

    However, she acknowledged that a number of characters on the show have actually had their genitalia cut off. ("What an upsetting storyline," said Broad City's Abbi Jacobson.) 

    Still, Clarke and Corden chose to spread the word, coining "#FreeTheP." 

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