Late-Night Lately: James Corden Stages 'Revenant' Musical, BB-8 Gets Serenaded, Colbert Gets Kissed

8:00 AM 3/12/2016

by THR Staff

THR's Late-Night Lately rounds up the best sketches and guests with a look at what's to come next week.

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— Compiled by Jennifer Konerman

  • James Corden Stages 'Revenant,' 'Gladiator' Musicals With Martin Short and Will Arnett


    It's fair to guess that The Revenant would make for a pretty bad stage musical.

    James Corden imagined the possibility on Tuesday's episode of The Late Late Show — with Martin Short as Leonardo DiCaprio's Hugh Glass and the late-night host (and upcoming Tony Awards emcee) as the bear, complete with a duet about forbidden love between the film's two characters.

    Also among Corden's latest collection of inappropriate musicals was Gladiator, centering on Russell Crowe's Maximus with his now-iconic post-fight monologue featuring Will Arnett as Joaquin Phoenix's Commodus. Corden previously staged "inappropriate musical" adaptations of Se7en, The Exorcist and Terminator, with the help of Nathan Lane.

  • John Legend Debuts Truthful Lyrics for 'Downton Abbey' Theme Song


    PBS aired the Downton Abbey series finale stateside Sunday night, and though it tied up loose ends regarding the future of its characters, it left one area forever unattended — its theme song.

    Thankfully, Jimmy Kimmel recruited Oscar-winner John Legend to pen a few lyrics for the haunting tune, which he debuted on Tuesday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live! episode. While some of the lines are purely narrative — such as "Mary and Edith love to fight / we dress in formal wear for dinner almost every night" — some go one step further to comment on the period drama. For example, "Everyone we know is very white / we don't have one black friend," sang Legend.

    Plus, right next to a giant picture of Maggie Smith, Legend sang of her beloved character, the Dowager Countess, "Grandmamma is always such a witch / she needs to get laid." 

  • 'Star Wars' Droid BB-8 "Performs" With Reggie Watts on 'Late Late Show'

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    Who knew BB-8 could jam with the best of them?

    The beloved droid of Star Wars: The Force Awakens appeared on The Late Late Show With James Corden on Tuesday and stuck closely to Reggie Watts, the late-night show's bandleader — and the character's stand-in translator.

    After a bit of small talk, Watts and the band began to improvise a tune around BB-8's sound effects. The "performance" even included a "solo" of sorts from the droid.

  • Sally Field, Helen Mirren Join in on Stephen Colbert's Kissing Booth

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    Helen Mirren surprised Stephen Colbert (and his audience) on The Late Show on Tuesday night when she stole a kiss as she walked onstage. Not to be outdone, Sally Field followed suit, kissing Colbert right on the lips before her interview on the show Wednesday.

    "If I didn't do it then, I'd never get to do it," Mirren told Colbert as she sat down on Tuesday's episode. "I've been dreaming of doing that for 15 years, so I just grabbed my chance."

    "I suddenly can't remember any questions," Colbert said. "That is one of the nicest greetings any guest has ever given me."

    Field joined in on the fun on Wednesday, beckoning for Colbert from her seat and kissing him on the lips. Colbert, so stunned by the kiss, had to lie down behind his desk for a moment. 

  • Mitt Romney Reads Donald Trump's Mean Tweets on 'Jimmy Kimmel'

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    Mitt Romney appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday night to speak about — what else? — Donald Trump.

    The 2012 GOP nominee read aloud tweets about himself as a mini version of the "Mean Tweets" segment, including tweets that Trump himself posted after Romney called him a "con man" and a "fraud" in a televised speech.

    "Mitt Romney had his chance and blew it. Lindsey Graham ran for president, got ZERO, and quit! Why are they now spokesmen against me? Sad!" was Trump's tweet that Romney started off with.

    "@mittromney = loser," said one tweet, quite simply. "That's true, actually. I lost," joked Romney.

    Romney added that he has no top choice among the GOP candidates, but will back anyone who can beat Trump in the election. Trump responded to the segment on Wednesday morning, saying "He shouldn't have done what he did last night. He demeaned himself by doing that."

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