Late-Night Lately: Jimmy Kimmel Mansplains, John Stamos Talks to His Younger Self, Ben Affleck Cuddles With Puppies

8:00 AM 3/26/2016

by THR Staff

THR's Late-Night Lately rounds up the best sketches and guests with a look at what's to come next week.

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So fill up your coffee, set your DVR for the week and sit back. Below are a few of the week's best, funniest and strangest late-night moments you can't afford to miss.

— Compiled by Jennifer Konerman

  • Hillary Clinton and Jimmy Kimmel Talk Mansplaining, Catchy Campaign Slogans

    Randy Holmes/ABC

    Hillary Clinton returned to Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday night to discuss the latest Donald Trump news and hear some catchy new campaign slogans. Kimmel pitched some of his ideas to compete with Sanders' "Feel the Bern," including "Take a Hill Pill," "Netflix and Hill," "You Be Hillin'" and "Hillin' Like a Villain." 

    He also offered to help Clinton with her debate rhetoric through "mansplaining," in which he would condescendingly "correct you whenever I feel the need." 

    "You want to be stylish without looking like you're trying to be stylish, and also presidential," Kimmel suggested, mocking political pundits who have recently told Clinton to "smile more" and criticized her outfits. "Don't smile like that because it's too forced, it looks like you're faking it." 

    "You know Jimmy, your comments are kind of contradictory," Clinton responded, "it's like nothing I do is right." 

  • Keri Russell, John Stamos, Henry Cavill Speak to Their Younger Selves on 'Late Night'

    Lloyd Bishop/NBC

    Stars offered advice to their former selves in a Late Night With Seth Meyers compilation that aired Wednesday night. 

    "Your life is gonna be so exciting," said Keri Russell, "but whatever you do, don't cut your hair short during the second season of Felicity. No, I'm serious. People will freak the hell out. You'll get hate mail. You'll even get death threats." 

    Likewise, John Stamos warned his younger self, "On your 18th birthday, the prince of darkness, Satan, will offer you eternal youth in exchange for your soul. Little John, I'm telling you right now: You take that deal."

    John Goodman recalled a horrific incident after which he is now haunted by a one-eyed duck, and Cavill reassured his kid self, "Your biggest dream will come true: You finally get to be in a Batman movie. … As for your part in the film, I think it's best we wait until you're older to handle it." 

  • Ben Affleck Teases 'Batman v. Superman,' Cuddles With Puppies on 'Tonight Show'


    Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice star Ben Affleck appeared on The Tonight Show on Thursday to talk about the overwhelming hype of his new film. Jimmy Fallon started to read reviews of Affleck's take as Batman in the highly anticipated film, but Affleck interrupted Fallon to say that the reviews don't define "the big exciting, fun, explosive movie."

    "Don’t scare people into thinking this is a critical film," said Affleck. "It’s an audience movie. People actually like this movie."

    Affleck later played the game segment Pup Quiz with Fallon, where they played for golden retriever puppies dressed in Batman and Superman costumes. In the end, Fallon and Affleck were both winners as they each sat in lounge chairs while holding multiple puppies in honor of National Puppy Day on Wednesday.

  • Late-Night Remembers Garry Shandling

    Courtesy of CBS

    Late-night TV hosts, including Conan O'Brien, took time to pay tribute to comedian Garry Shandling, who passed away Thursday at the age of 66. "I've had, I think, about three hours to process that Garry is gone and this just doesn't seem real," O'Brien said.

    "He was a masterful writer, a performer who went on to create incredibly groundbreaking comedy shows that inspired an entire generation of comedians, myself included." But he added that he wants people to remember not only Shandling the comedian, but Shandling the person. "He was obviously hysterically funny, pretty much all the time, but he was also extremely sensitive. He was complicated and he had a ton of empathy for other people."

    O'Brien also shared a story when "Garry just magically appeared" and helped him through his struggle after his Tonight Show ended at NBC. "I was at a real low point. He counseled me, he cheered me up, he told me jokes, he talked to me about philosophy."

  • 'Daily Show' Slams CBS Chief Leslie Moonves for Trump Comments

    Comedy Central Screengrab

    The Daily Show host Trevor Noah excoriated the media, including CBS Corp. chairman and CEO Leslie Moonves, for creating and feeding Donald Trump's controversial run for the presidency. 

    In a new segment titled "How the F— We Got Here," Noah slammed the media for creating Trump, targeting CBS chief Moonves for comments he made last month when he said, "The money is rolling in, and this is fun." Added Moonves: "They're not even talking about issues; they're throwing bombs at each other, and I think the advertising reflects that. This is going to be a very good year for us. Sorry, it's a terrible thing to say, but bring it on, Donald." 

    Clearly unimpressed, Noah wondered why people prefaced things by saying "Sorry, it's a terrible thing to say" when they should stay silent. "Just stop talking, you can end it there," he joked. 

    Noah's remarks were pointed, as both CBS and Comedy Central owner Viacom are controlled by Sumner Redstone's National Amusements. 

  • Late-Night Lineup: March 27-April 2

    Tuesday, March 29
    The Late Show With Stephen Colbert: See if Colbert gets musical with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star Rachel Bloom. 

    Wednesday, March 30
    The Late Late Show With James Corden: That '70s Show stars Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson reunite to discuss Netflix's The Ranch

    Thursday, March 31
    Conan: The cast of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice joins Conan O'Brien on TBS, hopefully spilling some more secrets about the superhero film.