Late-Night Lately: Jimmy Kimmel's Birthday, Samantha Bee's Message to Female Comics, Jon Stewart's Surprises

8:00 AM 11/18/2017

by THR staff

THR's Late-Night Lately rounds up the best sketches and guests with a look at what's to come next week.

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Courtesy of ABC; Full Frontal with Samantha Bee; Late Night with Seth Meyers

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So fill up your coffee, set your DVR for the week and sit back. Below are a few of the week's best, funniest and strangest late-night moments you can't afford to miss.

— Compiled by Jennifer Konerman

  • Jimmy Kimmel's Childhood Comic Comes to Life for His Birthday

    Monday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! was a star-studded affair, with big-name celebs (Ben Affleck, Adam Sandler, George Clooney and more) showing up to celebrate birthday boy Jimmy Kimmel

    “My co-workers have been planning this for months. They keep giggling and whispering behind my back,” Kimmel told the audience. “This must be what it’s like to be President Trump at the White House.”

    Affleck surprised Kimmel with a visit from J.J. Abrams as the director showcased a comic book Kimmel drew, dubbed The Terrific Ten. “The characters, they really spoke to me. And they demanded to be brought to life,” Abrams told Kimmel before introducing a trailer he created of the quirky comic book.

    Kimmel’s words narrated the reel as stars dressed as the superheroes he created, including Muscle Man (Affleck), Super Duck (Zach Galifianakis), Color Kid (Billy Crudup), Spire: God of Weapons (Shaquille O’Neal), Mirgiv (Ty Burrell), Meinstrom (Will Arnett), Bendolite (Jason Bateman), Lucky Lad (Jon Hamm), Super Sal (Cousin Sal) and Laser Lass (Jennifer Aniston).

    The villain, Mr. Bolt, was of course none other than Kimmel’s infamous nemesis — Matt Damon.  

    The Mean Tweet tables were turned on Kimmel later as stars including Kim Kardashian West, David Letterman and Amy Schumer read harsh tweets about the late-night host. Larry David had difficulty reading through his laughter as he read, “This is going to sound fantastic, but I forgot Jimmy Kimmel’s name so I googled ‘Ugly late-night talk show host’ and I got him top link.”

    Clooney joined in on the fun by narrating a montage that provided a retrospective of Kimmel’s life, titled 50, Fierce & Fabulous. “Jimmy’s infatuation with David Letterman was boundless and borderline psychotic,” Clooney said as he attempted to detail the host's road to stardom.

    “Jimmy Kimmel. Man, mensch, meatball enthusiast. Here’s to looking at the next 50 years, Jimmy. From the home-shopping network, I’m George Clooney,” the actor said as he carried a cardboard cutout of the late-night host.

  • Samantha Bee Encourages Women to Rally Against "Gatekeepers of Comedy"

    As she closed her final show before Thanksgiving on Wednesday, Samantha Bee spoke about her experience in comedy in light of the recent sexual misconduct allegations against Louis C.K., which shed a light on some of what women go through in comedy.

    "People ask me all the time, what it's like to be a woman in comedy?" Bee began. "Even if no one exposes his penis to you, you're still dealing with a parade of total dicks, like lady-blind pieces of crap who interrupt you in every meeting. And when you do get to talk, [they] forget to write your jokes down."

    The Full Frontal host proceeded to call out the "sentient hoodies" who disregard female comedians, then referenced a scrolling list that featured mock names such as "Wannabe Tosh," "Beanie Stand," "Self-Declared Genius" and "Fatter, Older Will Ferrell."

    Showing her annoyance over the "gatekeepers of comedy," Bee argued, "If you don't understand why all the women are so pissed off, that's why. And if you still don't get it, I invite you to go away."

    Bee directed her next statements to women in comedy: Bee said: "Ladies, your jokes about Gilmore Girls and yeast infections and what it feels like to be angry all the fucking time are great. The meteor has already hit, so don't worry about what the dinosaurs think. The future of comedy is yours. Because somewhere out there, there's a woman who works at a bank who got a dick flashed at her in a meeting she wasn't allowed to talk in. And when she gets off work tonight, she wants you to make her laugh about it. So burn it down, my witches."

  • Jon Stewart Makes the Late-Night Rounds

    Jon Stewart made the late-night rounds this week, stopping by Late Night With Seth Meyers, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and The Opposition with Jordan Klepper to promote this weekend's Night of Too Many Stars on HBO, a special that will raise funds for those with autism and their families.

    He attempted to blend in on Late Night as an eccentric drummer for the show’s band, but Stewart’s identity was soon revealed to the cheering audience.

    The former Daily Show host explained that all of late night is participating in the cause, with each show offering its own special prize. For his part, Meyers is offering a chance to join the Late Night writing staff for a day and an opportunity to join him and his team for drinks at the top of 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

    In a Tonight Show segment, Jon Stewart and Jimmy Fallon talked about offering his pants as an auction prize for the special in tribute to his favorite film The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (parts I and II).  

    Stewart considered Fallon's prize a terrible idea and wasn't persuaded even after the two late-night legends swapped pants. (The real prize was two tickets and all an-expenses-paid trip to the Super Bowl). 

    On Thursday's Opposition with Jordan KlepperKlepper explained that he placed an ad in a mock-magazine aimed at the elderly titled, Yelling at Cars That Go Too Fast, and successfully found an elderly contest winner to take part in his segment, “Learn from someone near the grave before it’s too late.”

    As he introduced the winner, “Jon S. from New Jersey,” Stewart appeared. 

    After Stewart noted on the lackluster audience reaction, Klepper argued that it wasn’t difficult to get a “woo” response from the audience, asking them to cheer. “I just want to say something. That is how Hitler started," Stewart interjected. "He had a talk show, he got people to ‘woo’ and the next thing you know, ‘Hey, why don’t we all go visit Poland?'”

    Getting defensive, Klepper said, “You come onto my show and you’re already connecting me to Hitler? I don’t need this. We’re just starting the show." 

    The host revealed that he will offer a prize to ride in a helicopter with him over New York City to raise funds for the special. Night of Too Many Stars airs Nov. 18.

  • Jimmy Fallon Returns to 'Tonight Show' With Tearful Tribute to Late Mother

    Jimmy Fallon made his return to The Tonight Show on Monday and opened with a tribute to his mother, Gloria Fallon, who died Nov. 4 at the age of 68.

    "She was the best audience. She was the one I was always trying to make laugh," Fallon said. "She was such a fan of the show and everything I did."

    Fallon, who couldn't hide his emotions, thanked the audience members and fans for their support as he recovered from the loss. "I feel so grateful to be able to do this every single night, and I'm very appreciative of all the support from all of you that my family received over the past week. We're gonna continue to work really hard to bring some light and some laughter into the world. Thank you for watching. Thank you for helping me and my family recover from this loss."

    Fallon ended his opening segment with a message for his late mother. "Mom, I'll never stop trying to make you laugh," he said. Squeezing his hand in the air three times, he added, "I love you."

  • John Oliver Takes on Louis C.K., Trump in 'Last Week Tonight' Season Finale

    During Sunday's season finale of Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver dedicated his monologue to ridiculing Donald Trump.

    Taking a trip down a Trump-filled memory lane, Oliver commented on various moments throughout the year that led to controversy for the president, before explaining that he wanted to "pull back from the daily Trump-included chaos and take a look at the norms that his presidency has violated." 

    The host proceeded to discuss the president’s inability to have a “functional use of language” during his speeches and his habit of performing “Whataboutism,” or “the practice of changing the subject to someone else’s perceived wrongdoing," as Oliver put it.

    Oliver said his show was going to be busy on its hiatus with its catheter cowboys, revealing that new cowboy ads, designed to educate Trump on various issues, would air over the next few months on Fox News.

    The host couldn’t help but take a moment to address the Louis C.K. sexual misconduct claims. "The New York Times reported Louis C.K.’s gross sexual misconduct, which is completely indefensible, and which inevitably resulted in the cancellation of his new film, Exhibit A: If This Ever Goes to Trial,” Oliver said. 

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