Late-Night Lately: Jon Stewart, Dan Rather and Hosts Respond to Trump's First Days in Office

8:00 AM 2/4/2017

by THR Staff

THR's Late-Night Lately rounds up the best sketches and guests with a look at what's to come next week.

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— Compiled by Jennifer Konerman

  • Jon Stewart Makes Presidential Entrance on 'The Late Show'

    Michele Crowe/CBS

    Daily Show colleagues and friends Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert reunited Tuesday night so Stewart could share his ideas for what President Trump's next executive orders could be. 

    Stewart appeared onstage dressed in a wig and comically long red tie. "I thought this is how men dress now," Stewart explained. "The president sets men's fashion. I saw the inauguration — super long tie, dead animal on head. Boom." 

    On Trump's next executive orders, Stewart revealed that "I've got his orders. Would you like me to read some of them to you?" Among the so-called orders? "The new official language of the United States is bullshit," is the second order Stewart reads. "I, Donald J. Trump, have instructed my staff to speak only in bullshit." 

    "It has been 11 days, Stephen. Eleven f—ing days. The presidency is supposed to age the president, not the public," he added, to loud applause from the crowd.

    In conclusion, Stewart's message to viewers was this: "No one action will be adequate. All actions will be necessary, and if we do not allow Donald Trump to exhaust our fight and somehow come through this presidency calamity-less and constitutionally partially intact, then I, Donald J. Trump, will have demonstrated the greatness of America, just not the way I thought I was gonna."

  • Dan Rather to the Media: "Be Relentless and Remain Aggressive" in Trump Era

    Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

    Dan Rather, who has been posting thoughtful essays on Facebook throughout the presidential campaign and now the Trump administration, sat down with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday's Tonight Show to discuss his thoughts on the new president.

    Fallon, thanking him for being "the voice of reason" on social media, asked the former news anchor about Trump's relationship with the press. "Have you seen anything like it?"

    "No, I haven't seen anything like it, and neither has anybody else," Rather responded. "We've never had anything approaching this." When asked to share his advice to the media covering Trump, Rather stressed: "Stay steady, stay respectful. But also, be relentless and remain aggressive. That's the proper role of the press." 

    Rather added that he thinks the public, including those that voted for Trump, "understand that's a vital role." His adviser "Steve Bannon recently said, almost directly, 'the press needs to shut up.' Well, our answer to that has to be, 'With respect, sir, no, we're not going to shut up. Now answer the damn question.'" 

  • Late-Night Hosts Respond to Immigration Ban: "Welcome to Trump's America"

    Lloyd Bishop/NBC; Gavin Bond/Comedy Central; Jeffrey R. Staab/CBS

    It wasn't until Monday that most late-night hosts could address the controversial immigrant ban signed by Trump, and many of them had harsh words for the president. 

    The Late Show's Stephen Colbert had just come back from a week's hiatus. "You ever regret going on vacation? 'Take the week off,' they said. 'America will still be here when you get back,' they said.'"

    "You've got to give the guy credit. He can really get a lot of stuff undone," Colbert continued. "From Obamacare to climate change to torture, he's already moved the country back to 2004. If this keeps up, pretty soon I'm going to launch the Colbert Report."

    The Daily Show's Trevor Noah discussed the travel ban with Hasan Minhaj, a Muslim. "We're on day 11, man! That's it, where do you think this is going to go? It's like watching the first episode of Breaking Bad thinking, 'Oh, it's just a science teacher cooking meth. It can't get any crazier.' But it does!"

    Earlier, Noah spoke about the protests at airports across the country. "People in the airport were pissed, and it's not because they're at the airport. Welcome to Trump's America. That's how bad the Donald is. No matter how bad the situation you're in, Donald Trump can always make it worse." 

    The implementation of Trump's ban was "so sloppy and confusing," according to Late Night's Seth Meyers, that officials were "caught off guard" and a judge ordered a stop to all deportations, "saying in a statement we're likely to hear a lot of for the next for years: 'I think the government hasn't had a full chance to think about this.' " 

    "Trump should be the first president that legally has to count to 100 before taking action," said Meyers. 

    TBS' Conan O'Brien spoke about the issue during his monologue, specifically that Trump spent the weekend watching Finding Dory at the White House. "Apparently in this version, Dory couldn't be found because she was being detained at the airport," O'Brien joked.

    Jimmy Kimmel took time to address the recent airport protests and the story of a the five-year-old boy who was detained. "The White House press secretary had the unenviable job today of trying to explain how detaining a five-year-old helps to keep the country safe," Kimmel said, showing a clip of Sean Spicer, who stated that to assume someone isn't a threat just because of someone's age "would be misguided." 

    "Yeah -- unless he's five years old! What's he gonna do?"

    The Late Late Show host showed video of himself, entitled "James Corden's Post-Ban Trip Through LAX," heading to the airport to travel. After a quick walk-through of the airport, a message pops up to read: "Today, James flew out of Los Angeles. So all of our shows this week have been pre-taped. Freedom of movement should be this easy for all legal immigrants. Not just the white and Christian ones." 

    Jimmy Fallon dressed up as Trump and said he wanted to address the complaints that "two or three dozen people" had over the weekend about the immigration ban. He also unveiled Trump's "golden nomination cage," which he spins three times before selecting a ball. If it's white he nominates a Wall Street insider; if it's black he nominates Ben Carson. When he wants to make an executive decision, he spins his "Huge Wheel of Decisions" to dictate policy.

    On Wednesday, Samantha Bee used her weekly show to address the "not a Muslim ban," and after a lesson on the difference between immigrants and refugees, she outlined the executive order, or “the executive hairball that Trump’s team coughed up for him to sign” that bans refugees for 120 days or longer.

    “I won’t mention that this refugee ban is immoral, embarrassing and inhuman. I’ll just point out that it is the act of a giant pussy,” she concluded. “Here is a man who’s afraid of germs, stairs, books, unprocessed food, women, birds, Muslims, Russian pee tapes, inner cities and, of course, strong winds. But he can’t recognize the courage of people who survived literal war zones to come to a new country, start over with nothing and keep going each day despite the contempt with which we’re horrible enough to treat them."

    "You want a Muslim ban? We know you do, so say it already,” she said to Trump. “Own your pointless cruelty. That is why America voted for you … except for the majority of America that didn’t.”  

  • Aaron Paul Returns to 'The Price Is Right' With James Corden's Help

    YouTube/The Late Late Show with James Corden

    Before he became a star on Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul was a contestant on The Price Is Right in 2000.

    On Wednesday's Late Late Show, Paul relived his heartbreaking loss, and host James Corden helped him "break in" to the game show's studio to redeem himself.

    "When I did the show, I was struggling, had no money, and it was really a source of possible income," he explained. "When I lost that damn car, I was so depressed for so long."

    Unfortunately the actor's hopes of redemption were dashed when Corden guessed the right price and Paul overbid again. "No, no, not again," yelled Paul. "F— you, Price Is Right."

  • Hosts Mock Trump's Black History Month Remarks

    President Trump's comments about Black History Month created plenty of fodder for the late-night talk-show hosts.

    Stephen Colbert played clips of Trump talking about the media as the opposition party. "What better way to celebrate Black History Month than to have African-Americans listen to a rich white guy complain that the world is unfair to him?" asked Colbert.

    Colbert also jokingly revealed a different theory about the presidential Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. bust that Trump stressed was not removed from his office. "Trump didn't take the statue out of his office; it tried to escape," joked Colbert. 

    On Wednesday's Daily Show, Trevor Noah spent his "Orange and a Few Blacks" segment, discussing Trump's listening session with his black supporters. Noah said nobody thought Trump would even remember Black History Month, as this is the same person who left Jews out of the Holocaust Remembrance Day comments. "We're lucky Donald Trump didn't come out today like, 'I want to say all months matter,'" said Noah. 

    He also had jokes about the MLK Jr. bust, saying that sometimes Trump looks at it and says, "Obama, what are you still doing here?"

    Late Night writer Amber Ruffin read Trump's speech, adding her own commentary and joking that it "rivals the famous 'I have a dream speech.'"

    She read out his lines, and when Trump started to ramble about the media she said it was just a "quick break" from Black History Month and pointed out that "he gets a little sidetracked." "That's the way the press is, very unfortunate," she said, reading Trump's quotes and then adding her own sidebar, "Almost as unfortunate as the history of Black America."

    She also mocked his comments about abolitionist Frederick Douglass. "Here we learn that he likes Frederick Douglass so much that he thinks he's still alive."

  • Late-Night Lineup: February 5-11

    Monday, February 6
    Late Night With Seth Meyers: The Beast himself, Dan Stevens, sits down with Meyers to share some stories from the live-action Beauty and the Beast set, also before the premiere of FX's Legion

    Tuesday, February 7
    The Late Show With Stephen Colbert: Yet another one of Colbert's old Daily Show colleagues, John Oliver, shows up to promote the return of his Last Week Tonight, but more likely to discuss the beginning of the Trump administration. 

    Wednesday, February 8
    The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: It's a double-take day at NBC, with Late Night's Seth Meyers stopping by to chat with his network late-night counterpart. 

    Thursday, February 9
    The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Alec Baldwin chats with Fallon about what he has planned for his record-breaking 17th hosting gig on SNL (and how his Trump character will play into it). 

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