Late-Night Lately: Laura Benanti Returns as Melania, Meyers Rewrites Trump's Tweets, Fallon's New Mustache

8:00 AM 6/17/2017

by THR Staff

THR's Late-Night Lately rounds up the best sketches and guests with a look at what's to come next week.

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— Compiled by Jennifer Konerman

  • Laura Benanti's Melania Trump Tells Colbert About Life in the White House

    Courtesy of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

    Melania Trump has moved into the White House, and Stephen Colbert said Tuesday on the Late Show that it's like a second honeymoon for the First Lady and President Trump. 

    Colbert wanted to check in on how things were going so he did a satellite interview with "Melania," played once again by Laura Benanti. "I couldn't be happier, see?" said Benanti's Melania, keeping her face deadpan. "These are my happy eyes."

    She continued, saying she had been lonely in New York doing whatever she wanted whenever she wanted. "I called it my prison of freedom," said Benanti. She explained to Colbert that America took a vow to have Trump as president and they must honor it, "no matter how often America fantasizes about being with Justin Trudeau."

  • Seth Meyers Rewrites Trump's Tweets

    Courtesy of Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Seth Meyers had fun imagining what Donald Trump's legally vetted tweets would sound like on Monday's Late Night.

    Trump lashed out at fired former FBI Director James Comey's testimony last week by accusing him of perjury, but Meyers said that if anybody should be worried about legal jeopardy, it's Trump. 

    "Trump’s lawyers have become so concerned about the possibility that his tweets could hurt him in court that one option considered in the White House involved having a group of lawyers review and vet President Trump’s tweets in advance,” said Meyers. He read an imagined tweet fluctuating between a Trump impersonation and his regular voice, which spouted out legal caveats.

    “Haters and losers (stipulating that such terms are subjective, pursuant to relevant codes and libel laws) refuse to admit that Mexico (as well as its subsidiaries, LLCs and other related or independent entities) will pay (‘pay’ not being limited to actual disbursement of monetary funds) for the wall," said Meyers as Trump. 

  • Fallon Shaves Beard Into Mustache on 'The Tonight Show'

    Courtesy of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

    At the beginning of June, Jimmy Fallon explained that this would be his "summer of 'stache" and he's been growing out a beard to prepare for his mustache debut since Memorial Day.

    On Thursday, the host asked Brooklyn barber Russell Cordeiro to shave his beard into a mustache during a commercial break. Fallon chatted throughout the shave, asking what the "hot mustache" is now. 

    "How do you feel?" he asked Fallon when he was done. "Like a million bucks," said Fallon. "This is it, this is the new me."

  • Hosts Take Aim at Trump's Obstruction of Justice "Witch Hunt" Comments

    Screengrab/The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

    President Donald Trump is being personally investigated for obstruction of justice and TV's late-night hosts were armed with jokes about both the investigation and Trump's defensive response.

    Stephen Colbert remarked that it's a "historic moment " that the president is presently under criminal investigation. When the movie comes out, this will definitely be in it, Colbert said on Thursday's Late Show, adding that Colbert thinks he should be be played by Hugh Jackman.

    Colbert played a clip of Trump telling NBC's Lester Holt that he fired former FBI director James Comey because of how he dealt with Russia, a "made up story" according to Trump. Colbert said the investigation's special counsel Robert Mueller is not kidding around with his "all-star legal team," or, as Colbert refers to it, "The Obstruction of Justice League."

    Jimmy Kimmel focused on Trump's "witch hunt" comments, inviting a witch to Jimmy Kimmel Live!, played by Andy Samberg, to talk about the news. Kimmel asked Samberg if he, as a witch, thought that what Trump was experiencing was a witch hunt.

    "No, of course not, I've been hunted and it's nothing like this," said Samberg in character. 

    Seth Meyers was lighting the candles for a belated celebration of Trump's birthday on Late Night when he was "interrupted" by a compilation of breaking news clips announcing Mueller's obstruction of justice case. Meyers promptly put out the birthday candles with a fire extinguisher.

    Meyers didn't just target Trump in his criticism, he also pointed out the hypocrisy of Kellyanne Conway and Newt Gingrich attacking the FBI for not being fair. He played clips of Conway saying the FBI doesn't investigate unless there's a "there there."

    "The FBI is investigating Donald Trump for obstruction of justice," said James Corden on his Late Late Show. "Now, I don't know if Trump obstructed justice but I'll tell you what he has obstructed: my ability to talk about anything other than Trump every night on this show."

    "Let's be honest, that's the real crime isn't it?" he continued, exasperatedly, saying, "I don't want to be doing this. I want to be talking about whether or not Beyonce has had her twins yet!"

    Trevor Noah is also over Trump defending himself by bringing up Hillary Clinton, hundreds of days after the election has ended. "Oh come on, how long is Donald Trump going to be talking about Hillary Clinton?" asked the Daily Show host. He said the grim reaper will one day visit Trump in a hospital bed and Trump will bring up "Crooked Hillary."

    Conan O'Brien began his Conan monologue with a Father's Day joke, saying that Trump's children are giving him a tie: "It'll be the first time in a while that Trump has a tie that's not linked to Russia."

    "This is serious stuff," he continued. "President Trump is under investigation for obstruction of justice. That was confirmed today, when President Trump said he is not under investigation for obstruction of justice — that's how you know it's really happening."

    On The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon said the Trump investigation could end up costing him the presidency. In his Trump impression he added, "Okay, now give me the bad news."

  • Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert Commend Congress, Trump for Response to Alexandria Shooting

    Courtesy of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

    Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert praised Congress for the bipartisan response to the shooting at a Republican baseball practice in Alexandria on Wednesday.

    Noah was a guest on Colbert's Late Show, and the two spoke about being heartened by Republicans and Democrats coming together in the wake of the shooting. "It was great to see people from both sides seeing this and uniting under the banner of human and American before anything else," said Noah, adding that he feels like Americans are seeing less of that in society lately.

    "I think that's something that's lacking in American politics is politicians showing from both sides of the aisle that they are friends," said Noah. "It's almost become like wrestling where the fans don't realize that those people get along."

    Colbert first spoke about the incident when opening his show. "I just want to say thank you to the congressional leadership and to the president for responding to this act of terror in a way that gives us hope that whatever our differences, we will always be the United States of America," said Colbert. "Thank you for that."

    Noah reiterated his thoughts on his own show, talking about members of Congress being "united as human beings" and playing clips of multiple members speaking about unity. "For me, watching all of those Congress people speak like that, it really made me hopeful, and I'm glad that they found what felt like the right way to respond," Noah said. 

  • Late-Night Lineup: June 18-24

    Monday, June 19
    The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Will Ferrell, who has performed "Let It Go" in Fallon's Lip Sync Battle and sang the signature "Tight Pants" tune, returns to the show. 

    Wednesday, June 21
    Late Night With Seth Meyers: Meyers' former "Weekend Update" co-anchor Amy Poehler stops by to chat about her upcoming movie, The House

    The Late Late Show With James Corden: The CBS host has a comedy-filled couch on Wednesday with Seth Rogen, Will Arnett and Alison Brie joining him ahead of Brie's Netflix show, GLOW