Late-Night Lately: Matt Damon's Big Night, Samantha Bee's Anniversary, Dueling Trump Impressions

8:00 AM 2/11/2017

by THR Staff

THR's Late-Night Lately rounds up the best sketches and guests with a look at what's to come next week.

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So fill up your coffee, set your DVR for the week and sit back. Below are a few of the week's best, funniest and strangest late-night moments you can't afford to miss.

— Compiled by Jennifer Konerman

  • Matt Damon Sneaks on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' Dressed as Tom Brady

    Courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

    Matt Damon managed to sneak onto the Jimmy Kimmel Live! set yet again, this time by dressing up as Super Bowl champion Tom Brady. 

    Jimmy Kimmel introduced the five-time champion, congratulating him on his victory and beginning to get suspicious when the "quarterback" wouldn't take off his helmet. (Damon said it was his "lucky helmet.")

    "I did it!" Damon exclaimed after the big reveal, excited he'd finally made it onto the late-night show despite the pair's ongoing feud. But Kimmel informed him that unless he was sitting on the couch, he was not really on the show, and Damon was escorted out by security.

  • Samantha Bee Celebrates One-Year Anniversary for 'Full Frontal'


    Celebrating the anniversary of her show, Full Frontal's Samantha Bee took on the recent CNN health care debate between Senators Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz, referring to the senators as "the Socialist and the Slytherin."

    Despite her jokes aimed at the senators, Bee admitted, "I would give my left tit to have either one of you wonderful mansplaining pricks in the White House right now."

    She also pointed out that CNN presented the debate "as if the past year never happened," adding, "it's like Jeff Zucker looked at his election ratings and said, 'Hey, what if it was election all the time?'" 

    "We were watching CNN, and not just in an airport bar with the sound off," she said, almost praising the network. "We saw you serve the public interest for almost half a day." 

  • John Oliver, Stephen Colbert on Keeping Up With Trump: "It's Exhausting"

    Michele Crowe/CBS

    John Oliver stopped by The Late Show on Tuesday for a talk between late-night hosts about coping with day-to-day updates from the Trump administration and Oliver's hiatus, with Last Week Tonight returning Sunday for the first time since November. 

    “Until inauguration day, nothing was really happening. It was just being tied to a train track, watching the train coming," said Oliver, adding that he hasn't wished he was on air covering Trump thus far. "And then of course, inauguration day is the train hitting you, and you say, 'Yup, that felt pretty much how I thought it was going to feel.'"

    "It's exhausting," Oliver said of witnessing the Trump administration's decisions so far. "It feels like inauguration day was 114 years ago. We have a long way to go. It's going to be hard."

    But just in case he has to go back, they decided to take another look at what's happening in his hometown. Oliver described his hometown of Bedford as "a scrappy town. You back it into a corner, it'll chew your face off." Watch here

  • Jimmy Fallon and Alec Baldwin Do Dueling Donald Trump Impressions

    Alec Baldwin and Jimmy Fallon both broke out their Donald Trump impressions on Thursday during The Tonight Show's "Box of Lies" game.

    Describing the contents of his mystery box, Fallon was the first to impersonate the president, using a Trump voice to describe the olive-filled glove he was holding as "the grossest thing I've ever seen in my entire life."

    Baldwin went full Trump as he lied about his mystery item. "Jimmy it's a burrito," said Baldwin as Trump. "It's a big fat, juicy banana burrito from Honduras." Fallon laughed and then drew his lips into a Trump impersonation, asking Baldwin if he was sure the burrito was not from "China." 

    "I, myself, would never eat a burrito from China," said Baldwin. "The Honduran who delivered this burrito here to the studio, we had him deported."

  • Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers Reminisce About Working With Trump on 'SNL'

    Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

    Though they both mock him on TV now, Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers starred in a sketch on SNL with President Donald Trump. In 2004, they, with Horatio Sanz, starred in "Fathers and Sons," in which Meyers played Trump's son who can't stop fighting with his dad. 

    "I know you have this thing with Trump, I don't know when it started," said Fallon, joking about Meyers' continuing criticisms of the president on Late Night.

    "Yea, Trump and I ... he doesn't love me," Meyers explained, joking that "it was funny because in that sketch, me and Trump, even as father and son, we didn't get along." 

    Meyers, who also hosted the White House Correspondents' Dinner in 2011, said that might have been the night it all started. "He was not enjoying it," Meyers said. "He's not a guy who loves a good zinger at his expense." 

  • Late-Night Lineup: February 12-18

    Monday, February 13
    Late Night With Seth Meyers: Last Week Tonight's John Oliver continues to make the rounds of the shows hosted by late-night friends, this time stopping by NBC to talk with Meyers about (what else?) covering Trump. 

    Tuesday, February 14
    The Late Late Show With James Corden: Girls star Andrew Rannells joins The Late Late Show. Here's hoping that the Broadway vets celebrate Valentine's Day with a medley of musical numbers all about love. 

    Thursday, February 16
    The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: NBC welcomes none other than pop icon/superstar Madonna. 

    Friday, February 17
    The Late Show With Stephen Colbert: Capping off a musical week in late-night TV, CBS' Colbert welcomes living legend Julie Andrews.