Late-Night Lately: Samantha Bee Spoofs 'Riverdale,' John Oliver Slams WWE, Tracy Morgan Lays Into Jussie Smollett

8:00 AM 4/6/2019

by THR Staff

The Hollywood Reporter's Late-Night Lately rounds up the best sketches and guests, with a look at what's to come next week.

Samantha Bee, John Oliver and Tracy Morgan
Samantha Bee, John Oliver and Tracy Morgan
Courtesy of TBS; Courtesy of HBO; Courtesy of NBC

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So pour your coffee, set your DVR for the week and sit back. Below are a few of the week's best, funniest and strangest late-night moments that you can't afford to miss.

This week: Samantha Bee poked fun at vaccination in a Riverdale spoof during TBS' Full Frontal; John Oliver slammed the WWE and Vince McMahon; and Tracy Morgan addressed the Jussie Smollett scandal on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Also, Emilia Clarke revealed on The Late Show that she shared Game of Thrones spoilers with only one person; John Lithgow recited his Trump-inspired poetry to Colbert; and Bee mocked Joe Biden's apology video. 

— Compiled by Jennifer Konerman 

  • 'Full Frontal' Spoofs 'Riverdale' to Talk About Vaccination

    Courtesy of TBS

    Samantha Bee turned to Archie and Jughead for a Wednesday segment about teens getting shots behind their parents' backs. During an interview with a teen who self-educated on vaccinating without his parents' consent, Bee noted, "So in this case, teens rebelling against their parents is a good thing — like on Riverdale!" Despite her interview subject's protest, the show then launched into a Riverdale parody called "Full Fronterdale" that was set in a high school hallway. Clad in a cheerleader outfit, Bee was approached by Archie, one of the Netflix show's characters, and noticed he had a band-aid on his arm.

    "Oh my god, Archie, are you hurt?" she asked.

    "The opposite, actually; I got vaccinated," he responded.

    Bee's character then explained her parents don't "approve" of getting shots, but was soon convinced by her friend that it was "cool." "Maybe it is bad to get diseases from the Middle Ages," she said.

    Jughead also makes an appearance in the parody, typing away on a typewriter and narrating the segment, while Archie is surrounded by female friends who agree that vaccination is "hot" and "cool." 

  • John Oliver Slams WWE and Vince McMahon

    D Dipasupil/FilmMagic; Jim Spellman/WireImage

    A week before Wrestlemania, John Oliver took on the WWE in a lengthy rant against the organization for what he argued was a lack of concern about its athletes' health and long-term health care.

    Oliver presented data that shows that wrestlers die at a young age at a higher rate than NFL players, showing clips featuring wrestlers who have died at a relatively young age (Eddie Guerrero, Randy "Macho Man" Savage, Chyna and more). He talked about how WWE chairman and CEO Vince McMahon has a monopoly over professional wrestling.

    "While the character Vince is an asshole, it's important to know that the real Vince is also an asshole," Oliver said. "Many fans legitimately hate him because while the WWE has made him a billionaire, many wrestlers say he's treated him terribly."

    McMahon has "shielded himself from responsibility for his wrestlers' welfare," Oliver said, by keeping them as independent contractors — not full-time employees — while making them sign exclusive, long-term contracts that don't allow them to work for any other organization. They also don't qualify for annual paid leave, pensions or health insurance benefits.

    "Even the NFL, for all its massive faults, now offers players health reimbursement accounts and have established a legacy fund for older players who may be dealing with health issues," Oliver said. "And when you have lost the moral high ground to the fucking NFL, you are morally subterranean." (The WWE responded to Oliver on Monday; read the organization's statement here.)

  • Tracy Morgan Lays Into Jussie Smollett on 'Tonight Show'

    The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon / YouTube

    Tracy Morgan stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday, and while there, took a few shots at Empire actor Jussie Smollett. 

    The Last O.G. star joked that he had been recently hired to appear on the Fox hit Empire, with only a single caveat — don't "fake a hate crime."

    Fallon asked, "You don't buy that story?" And Morgan replied, "Nah man! First of all, racist people don't be jumping nobody in the polar vortex. It's too cold."

    Smollett claimed he was assaulted by two men in the early morning hours in January in Chicago. He claimed he was targeted for being a black, gay man and that his assailants were Donald Trump supporters. He was later arrested for allegedly lying to the police and faking a hate crime. However, all charges were dropped

    "Racists don't be watching Empire," Morgan told Fallon. He also joked that the security footage from the time of the crime made no sense and that he couldn't believe Smollett still carried around a sandwich after the alleged assault. "I think it was pepperoni and cheese, I don't know." 

  • Emilia Clarke Told One Person How 'Game of Thrones' Ends

    Scott Kowalchyk/CBS

    When Emilia Clarke stopped by The Late Show on Tuesday, she admitted that she had broken Game of Thrones rules and told someone else the end of the blockbuster series: her mom.

    When asked by Stephen Colbert whether she had told anyone the long-anticipated ending, the Daenerys Targaryen actress said, "I've got to be honest, I did ... I wasn't supposed to, I told my mum." Clarke added, "The good thing about telling my mom was that she's a vault. Because she's [already] forgotten it."

    Clarke learned her mother had already forgotten the details when she offhandedly mentioned to her mom that she already knew what happened — and her mom didn't recall. "I'm kind of jealous of your mom," Colbert replied; he said he wanted the ending told to him time and again. 

    "If she falls asleep on a plane, I'm quite worried she's going to say it [talking in her sleep] and not know it happened," Clarke joked.

    In all seriousness, the actress said that when she finished reading the script for the final season, she said she started crying. "I went for a very long walk ... I couldn't quite handle that. It should have been raining, it was that kind of a moment," she said. Clarke claimed she ended up walking around London for over two hours to process the script.

  • John Lithgow Reads His Poetry Inspired by Trump

    Scott Kowalchyk/CBS

    John Lithgow previewed his new book, Dumpty: The Age of Trump in Verse, when he visited The Late Show on Wednesday. The book, which was written as poems, was inspired by the Trump administration.

    In addition to writing the book, he also illustrated the cover. "I'm sort of a reckless rhymester," he said about his work as a poet. While the book will come out in October, he shared that he had just finished writing the poems the day before. "The poems kind of chronicle the last crazy two years," he explained. "They're comic, doggerel, satirical poems."

    After host Stephen Colbert asked if he would be willing to share some of his poetry, Lithgow pulled a piece of paper out of his suit, he read the first two stanzas from the last poem in the book, which were inspired from the past 10 days. He explained that "Dumpty" is his name for our president. 

    "The [Mueller] report was at hand and Dumpty was manic / Awash in a flood of distemper and panic / He braced for Bob Mueller, his ruthless Javert / His heart skipped a beat when from distant D.C. / Came a call from Bill Barr, his conniving A.G."

    He continued: "Dumpty lurched from his bed with a ponderous groan / And with trembling fingers he picked up the phone / 'Good news,' Barr exclaimed / 'We're home free. It's a wash' / 'The report's a big nothing. It's easy to quash."

  • Samantha Bee Mocks Joe Biden Apology Video


    Samantha Bee addressed Joe Biden's apology video over misconduct allegations in a hand gesture-heavy bit on Wednesday night. Earlier in the day, the former vice president posted a video on his Twitter account addressing claims that he acted inappropriately toward women. "In my career, I've always tried to make a human connection. That's my responsibility, I think. I shake hands, I hug people, I grab men and women by the shoulders and say, 'You can do this,'" he said. "It's the way I've always been. It's the way I've tried to show I care about them and I'm listening." He added that he planned to be "much more mindful" moving forward.

    On Full Frontal, Bee gave her opinion about the allegations. In his video, Biden used his hands to act out the actions he was describing, such as hugging and grabbing people by the shoulders.

    "I, for one, think he's being sincere, and we need to listen. If we're gonna move forward, we need to weigh the issues. We need to tweak the conversation," the Full Frontal host said as she mocked Biden's gestures. 

    Bee's exaggerated gestures continued. "If Democrats can come together, we can pound the opposition, we can nail this election, really get in there," she said. 

    The segment concluded with the host encouraging viewers to give each other the benefit of the doubt. "That is the path to victory. Let's do this together," she added as she made her fingers into interlocking scissors.

  • Late-Night Lineup: April 7-13

    Monday, April 8

    Jimmy Kimmel Live!: Kimmel kicks off Avengers: Endgame week on his show, with guests including Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Paul Rudd, Chris Hemsworth, Danai Gurira, Jeremy Renner and Don Cheadle.

    Tuesday, April 9

    The Late Late Show with James Corden: Zoe Saldana stops by to also celebrate the Avengers: Endgame without giving away any spoilers. 

    Wednesday, April 10

    The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Anderson Coopers stops by to possibly discuss the current political climate and all Trump happenings. 

    Late Night with Seth Meyers: Sam Rockwell makes an appearance to discuss his new film Best of Enemies

    Thursday, April 11

    The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Emma Stone joins the late-night host to chat about upcoming projects and maybe address her recent engagement rumors.