Late-Night Lately: Tom Cruise Reenacts His Films, Obama Plans For His Next Job, Hosts Mock the Final Debate

8:00 AM 10/22/2016

by THR staff

THR's Late-Night Lately rounds up the best sketches and guests with a look at what's to come next week.

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— Compiled by Jennifer Konerman

  • Tom Cruise Reenacts His Movie Roles on 'The Late Late Show'

    Tom Cruise re-created his film career with James Corden on Wednesday's Late Late Show, following in the footsteps of Tom Hanks, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Matt Damon.

    The duo donned aviators to start out the montage with Top Gun, moving into films like Days of Thunder and War of the Worlds. Cruise did his famous bald-headed dance for Tropic Thunder before describing Corden as a talk show host having "the physique of a snowman" for Minority Report.

    The Mission Impossible series was a coordinated string of stunts put together, including hanging off of a building. For Jerry Maguire, special guest Cuba Gooding Jr. walked in to take over Corden's re-creation of his "Show me the money!" line. "If you're going to do it, do it right," said Gooding, grabbing the phone.

  • President Obama Surprises, Bill O'Reilly Talks Trump and Third Debate on 'Late Show'

    Stephen Colbert opened the Late Show talking about his pants being too tight — something he claimed was "rigged" by the media and the Clintons.

    Bringing out an International Conspiracy Board, Colbert broke down Trump's sex scandal with a Venn diagram that, after two circles and a straight line, illustrated the culprit behind all of Trump's poor decisions: his penis. Colbert said the image was behind Trump's walking into Miss Universe dressing rooms, bragging on the bus with Billy Bush and deciding to run for president in the first place. "I can assure you, like a rearview mirror, objects on this chalkboard are smaller than they appear," he added.

    He then aired a surprise bit with President Barack Obama, where Colbert, in character as office manager Randy, helped prep Obama for future interviews, since he will soon be out of a job. 

    At the end of the mock interview, "Randy" said he couldn't ask Obama to endorse a candidate on network TV, so he instead asked the president which snack he preferred: an extra-fiber nutrient bar "which has traveled to more than 100 countires," or a shriveled tangerine (topped with a mini Trump wig) "filled with bile that I wouldn't leave alone with the woman I love." Obama chose the nutrient bar.

    Bill O'Reilly was Colbert's first guest, and the late-night host immediately asked the Fox News host if the election is, as Trump says, rigged. "It's not rigged, no," said The O'Reilly Factor host flatly. "But it's not a traditional election. If you look at the polling, everybody's angry in the country, everybody's mad." 

    Colbert added "disgusted" to the list of emotions and pressed O'Reilly about Trump's "whining" over the race being rigged. Talk then turned to Wednesday's third presidential debate, which will be hosted by Fox News' Chris Wallace. "If I'm Secretary Clinton, I ignore Donald Trump," he said, adding that she should look into the camera to say she isn't as bad as she has been portrayed. "I'm not a dragon lady." 

    As for Trump, he said the GOP nominee could benefit from a buzzer that would shock him every time he whines and that he should outline three specific things he plans to do as president.

  • Late-Night Hosts Take on the Final Presidential Debate: "So Many Moments of Crazy"

    The third and final presidential debate was held Wednesday night, and late-night hosts could not wait to respond.

    The debate, moderated by Fox News' Chris Wallace, focused on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's "fitness to be president," with Trump claiming that the election results (and the Emmys) are rigged, and Clinton calling out Trump's treatment of women and temperament. 

    The Daily Show's Trevor Noah went live and took on Trump's "bad hombres" immigration statement, his inviting President Barack Obama's half-brother to the event and Trump's comment that he may not accept the results of the election. "Clinton also brought the women who accused Trump," he said, showing a picture of crowds of women. "And those were just the ones who lined up early!" 

    On Trump's claim that he might not accept the election results: "Did Donald Trump just dismiss democracy like it was dressing on a salad?" 

    "This debate had so many moments of crazy," Noah said, but "that's it. That's the final time we'll see Donald Trump on the debate stage ... before we refer to him as Supreme Leader." 

    "I am tonight's moderator, Stephen Colbert," The Late Show host began his live episode. On Trump's claim that he'll wait and "keep you in suspense" to see if he would accept the results of the election, he stalled a bit. "That's — what's the word?" he asked, cutting to video of Clinton's "That's horrifying."  

    "I want to make sure I heard that correctly," he said. "Suspense! Democracy's going to end with a cliffhanger! I guess we're all going to have to wait until Nov. 9 to find out if we still have a country. If Donald Trump is in the mood for a peaceful transfer of power, or if he's just gonna wipe his fat ass with the Constitution!"

    Surprised that Trump agreed to debate in Las Vegas, because he "doesn't have a lot of luck with casinos or Vegas," Colbert offered his take on the night's fashion as well, calling Clinton "Star Trek: Deep Space Pope."

    On Trump's claim that he "should've gotten" an Emmy for The Apprentice, Colbert simply told him: "You really should get one, they're fantastic," as he began lifting his own Emmys as hand weights. "He lost to the Amazing Race. This year, it could go to the Amazing Racist."

    After tonight, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump never have to be in the same room again," Jimmy Kimmel said as his introduction. "It's like the last time we saw mom and dad fight after the divorce."

    "His eyes were closed most of the time — his voice was like a phone sex operator," said Kimmel of Trump's performance. "He did the worst Alec Baldwin impression of himself."

    On Trump's choice to invite President Obama's half-brother to the event, Kimmel said he thinks he "always has the most interesting plus ones. If I was Hillary Clinton — I would have invited Billy Bush to the debate."

    Welcoming special debate correspondent Ken Bone, Kimmel asked if he has decided who to vote for now. "You should listen to the internet," said Bone. "I am not trustworthy and even after I’ve decided I won't tell anybody."

  • Laura Benanti Returns to 'Late Show' as Melania Trump to Spoof CNN Interview

    On Tuesday's Late Show, Stephen Colbert had Laura Benanti reprised her hit impression of Melania Trump, who had told CNN's Anderson Cooper that her husband Donald Trump was “egged on” by Billy Bush “to say dirty and bad stuff” on a hot mic in 2005.

    “I said to my husband that those words are very inappropriate,” said the Broadway star as Melania, who appeared to be coached off-camera about what to tell Colbert via satellite. The worst part of the comments? “He said them on a bus. Disgusting. This is not the man I married.”

    After catching the eye of her adviser, Benanti’s Melania noted she “apparently” has forgiven her husband because Donald “explained it was locker room talk,” she said. “I did not know this, but when American men gather to sport, they always brag of grabbing women by the Billy Bush.”

    She continued to defend the GOP candidate against the numerous women who have complained of his advances. “Those are all lies, Stephen. Except the ones where there’s videotape. Then, it’s locker room talk,” she clarified. And of reports that he walked in on women at pageants as they were getting dressed, she noted, “It’s a woman locker room.”

  • Shaquille O'Neal and James Corden Fail at Their Fake Prank Show 'Shaq'd'

    On Monday's Late Late Show, James Corden and Shaquille O'Neal joked that they tried (and failed) to launch a prank show, but despite being fired up about Shaq'd (like Punk'd), the former NBA star and talk show host didn't realize there was a flaw in their plan — Shaq is quite recognizable.

    Shaq and Corden started out their fake prank show by gluing a $20 bill to the ground and hiding behind a potted plant to watch their first victim take the bait. But before the man could pick up the money, he spotted Shaq and got distracted.

    Their second attempt involved putting on disguises to "fire" an employee. Donning fake mustaches and glasses, Shaq and Corden sat down to break the news. However, when Corden told the man he was fired, he didn't even listen, asking to take a selfie with the basketball player.

    "This is not happening again!" said Corden, before wondering why the man didn't recognize him as a celebrity. 

  • Late-Night Lineup: October 23-29

    Monday, October 24
    Jimmy Kimmel Live!: President Obama continues his tour of late-night TV with ABC's show Monday. 

    Tuesday, October 25
    The Late Late Show With James Corden: Frozen and Wicked star Idina Menzel joins Corden for an episode with lots of musical potential (last time a Wicked star appeared, she sang a special Game of Thrones number). 

    Wednesday, October 26
    The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: "History of Rap" partner and real-life pal Justin Timberlake stops by to talk about Trolls