'Legends of Tomorrow': 8 Burning Questions for Season 2

11:00 AM 7/14/2016

by Sydney Bucksbaum

When The CW's superhero spinoff drama returns in the fall, these are the questions that need to be answered.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow S01E16 Still 1 - Publicity - H 2016
Dean Buscher/The CW

DC's Legends of Tomorrow S01E16 Still 1 - Publicity - H 2016

Legends of Tomorrow is going old school in season two.

After defeating the season one villain definitively in the show's first finale, The CW's newest DC Comics drama is moving forward by looking back at the long-storied history of one of the greatest superhero team-ups of all time: the Justice Society of America. The precursor to the Justice League of America was first introduced to Legends in the final moments of the season one finale, when JSA member Rex Tyler aka Hourman (Patrick J. Adams) arrived with an ominous warning to save the lives of the Legends team. The finale ended on that major game-changing moment, leaving comic books fans with one of the most exciting cliffhangers to date over the long summer months.

Clearly nothing will be the same when Legends of Tomorrow returns for season two, so The Hollywood Reporter rounded up eight burning questions that The CW's DC Comics series needs to answer when it comes back.

  • 8. Which Members of the Justice Society of America Will Be Introduced?

    After Rex Tyler aka Hourman crash-landed his Waverider to warn the Legends team that they will die if they get back onboard their Waverider, the question of which other JSA members will be introduced in season two has lingered. The CW series has already cast Nick Zano as a series regular for season two, playing Dr. Nate Heywood aka Citizen Steel. And JSA founder Jay Garrick (John Wesley Shipp) has been introduced on The Flash, leading to some potential crossovers between the two DC Comics shows. But what other members of the JSA will show up in season two?

  • 7. Who Is the New Big Bad?

    Thanks to some crazy time travel missions in the season one finale, the Legends team was able to defeat Vandal Savage (Casper Crump) once and for all. But with Savage dead, who is the new season-long villain that will challenge the Waverider crew? "The season two big bad is actually not going to be the [alien race of] Thanagarians," executive producer Marc Guggenheim has said. "It's going to be something else entirely. All I'll really say about the nemesis in season two is Vandal Savage looks like a walk in the park compared to what the Legends will be facing. This will be a much, much bigger threat. I'm going to leave it at that because when we do reveal it, it's going to be pretty big. People will be asking, 'Vandal who?' once they get the full picture of what our team is up against. It's going to be way bigger than what you can even imagine, I can guarantee it."

  • 6. Will Hawkman and Hawkgirl Return?

    Kendra (Ciara Renee) and Carter (Falk Hentschel) declined to join back up with Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) as he maintains the timeline as a new Time Master, instead choosing to live out their lives as normally as they can with thousands of years of memories of reincarnated lives. After finally defeating Vandal Savage, they want to give their relationship a chance. But will they be able to ignore their heroic instincts, or will they return to the Legends team at some point in season two, if only for a brief cameo?

  • 5. Will Love Blossom Aboard the Waverider Again?

    After his failed relationship with Kendra, Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) seemed to be at peace with her choice to go back to Carter. Does that mean he's ready to move on? If so, will he find love aboard the Waverider again or will he find it during a time travel trip to another era? And what about the rest of the Waverider crew?

  • 4. How Often Will Wentworth Miller Appear in Season 2?

    Fan-favorite Wentworth Miller was the first to sign a groundbreaking new deal with Warner Bros. TV, exiting Legends as a series regular to become a regular on all the Greg Berlanti-produced series. Going forward, he will split his time between Legends and The Flash, with the possibility to also show up on Arrow and Supergirl. But how much of his time will be spent on Legends if his character, Leonard Snart/Captain Cold, sacrificed his own life for his team back in the penultimate episode of season one? Mick Rory (Dominic Purcell) got to go back in time to say goodbye to his partner/brother in the finale, so will Snart show up in flashbacks?

  • 3. How Will Vixen Fit In With the Team?

    The Originals alum Maisie Richardson-Sellers has been cast in the series regular role of an earlier version of the DC Comics superhero Vixen (an ancestor of the live action Vixen played by Megalyn Echikunwoke on Arrow). Richardson-Sellers will be playing Amaya Jiwe, Mari McCabe's grandmother, which presents a unique opportunity for a cross-generational team up between the two Vixens thanks to the Waverider's time-travel capabilities. But how will Amaya fit in with the rest of the Legends team, especially given that she comes from a completely different era than the rest of the them? Will her old-fashioned ways help or hinder the team?

  • 2. Will Jonah Hex Return?

    The Legends version of Jonah Hex (Johnathon Schaech) elicited an overwhelmingly positive reaction from viewers, as well as the showrunners. In fact, Guggenheim has already revealed they are trying to figure out a way to bring Jonah back into the story for season two. Will the writers succeed, or will Jonah remain a one-episode-and-done character? And what other beloved DC Comics characters will be introduced in season two?

  • 1. Will Rip Hunter Still Be the Leader?

    Rip Hunter was objectively a horrible leader for the Legends team all throughout season one. As early as the season premiere, it was revealed that he had selfish reasons for uprooting everyone's lives: he wanted to save the world, yes, but he really just wanted to save the lives of his wife and child. Many of the Legends took issue with Rip's leadership skills over the course of the season, so will they still follow him in season two? Or will the Waverider become a democracy moving forward?

    Legends of Tomorrow season two premieres Thursday, October 13 at 8 p.m. on The CW.