Mark Wahlberg Made $90M Last Year — Here's How

7:00 AM 9/29/2017

by Tatiana Siegel and Borys Kit

Estimated as Hollywood's highest paid actor, the 46-year-old star maximizes his revenue from exec producing 'Entourage' and 'Ballers' as well as continued royalties from his 1991 hit "Good Vibrations."

Mark Wahlberg - Getty - H 2017
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  • Acting

    Wahlberg pulls in $15 million to $17 million up front for studio pictures — as he did on the upcoming Daddy's Home sequel, Deepwater Horizon and Transformers: The Last Knight — as well as millions more from lucrative backend deals (he took home up to $40 million on this year's Transformers movie alone).

  • TV Pitchman

    His deal with AT&T to peddle DirecTV, wireless and internet packages in TV commercials is said to have earned him a total of $12 million to $13 million.

  • Producing

    His fees for exec pro­ducing such HBO shows as Entourage, Boardwalk Empire and Ballers, along with USA's Shooter and A&E's Wahlburgers, a reality show about his family restaurant, are said to be between $50,000 and $75,000 an episode.

  • Flipping Burgers

    The Wahlburgers chain has spread to 14 locations, and there are plans to expand to a total of 118 during the next five to seven years. Each of those restaurants will bring Wahlberg a $40,000 franchise fee, plus 6 percent of the annual profits. And these places are profitable: The original location in Hingham, Massachusetts, rakes in $5 million a year.

  • Marky Mark Money

    It has been decades since anyone has dared to call him "Marky Mark," but he's still cashing in on his early music career. His 1991 hit "Good Vibrations" has been used in 18 TV shows and films, most recently in 2016's The Do-Over, earning him royalties with every beat.