The Stars of 'Mean Girls': Where Are They Now?

6:05 PM 4/8/2018

by Zoe Haylock

See what Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Lacey Chabert, Amanda Seyfried and more castmembers have been up to since the 2004 film hit theaters.


It's been 14 years since writer Tina Fey and director Mark Waters tried to make "fetch" happen with the comedy Mean Girls. Over the years, the castmembers have grown up and moved on to other projects.

After rocketing to stardom with Mean Girls and other projects, Lindsay Lohan faced a raft of legal troubles in the years following the film's release. Other castmembers, like Rachel McAdams and Amanda Seyfried, have been steadily working across film and TV as has Fey, who also appeared in front of the camera as math teacher Ms. Norbury.

With the Mean Girls musical now on Broadway, take a look at what the stars of the film that inspired the stage show are doing now.

  • Lindsay Lohan (Cady Heron)

    Lindsay Lohan starred as Cady Heron, a transfer student from Africa who quickly learns the rules of girl world during her first year of American high school. While attempting to take down the popular clique, her character falls for both the glamour of it all and football player Aaron Samuels. 

    A child and teen actress, Lohan rocketed to stardom with her roles in movies like Mean Girls, Freaky Friday and The Parent Trap. However, in the years following Mean Girls, Lohan, while continuing to pursue a film and music career, eventually became better known for her wild partying, which led to assorted legal troubles and stints in rehab.

    Last June, she signed on to the British comedy Sick Note for a role in the second season of the series starring Rupert Grint, Nick Frost and Don Johnson

    Most recently, she poked fun at her past court appearances by signing on as a spokesperson for

  • Rachel McAdams (Regina George)

    The queen of the mean girls, Regina George, was played by Rachel McAdams. Regina strives to make everyone else’s life miserable, even if hers is perfect

    Since Mean Girls, McAdams has starred in films like The Notebook, Wedding Crashers, The Vow, About Time, Midnight in Paris, The Time Traveler's Wife, Southpaw, Doctor Strange and Spotlight, which earned her a best supporting actress Oscar nomination. She also appeared in the second season of HBO's True Detective.

    Up next, McAdams stars opposite Rachel Weisz and Alessandro Nivola in Disobedience, the English-language debut from Chilean director Sebastian Lelio, whose A Fantastic Woman won this year's Oscar for best foreign-language film.

  • Tina Fey (Ms. Norbury)

    Tina Fey didn’t just write the Mean Girls screenplay, she also appeared in front of the camera as tough-but-caring teacher Ms. Norbury, who tries to steer Cady in the right direction.

    Although Fey was already known for co-anchoring Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update" and being the late-night sketch show's first female head writer, she's become even more of a fixture on the comedy scene in the years since Mean Girls was released.

    After leaving SNL in 2006, she created and starred in NBC's Emmy-winning 30 Rock, which ran from 2006 to 2013, and she more recently co-created and serves as co-showrunner on Netflix's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, occasionally making guest appearances on that series as well as NBC's Great News, which she also executive produces.

    On the film side, Fey's had starring roles in movies like Baby Mama, Date Night, This Is Where I Leave You, Sisters and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

    And she recently adapted Mean Girls into a Broadway musical.

  • Amanda Seyfried (Karen Smith)

    Amanda Seyfried played the lovable but dim-witted Karen. She’s a devoted friend to Gretchen and Regina, even if she doesn’t always make sense. Seyfried’s performance has made some of Karen’s lines ("I'm a mouse. Duh!") live on. 

    After Mean Girls, Seyfried has been working consistently. She starred in the 2008 musical Mamma Mia! and will return for the 2018 sequel. In 2012, she played Cosette in the Oscar-nominated Les Miserables. Recently, she returned to TV, after spending five years on HBO's Big Love, for Showtime's Twin Peaks revival.

  • Lacey Chabert (Gretchen Wieners)

    Lacey Chabert played the third mean girl, Gretchen Wieners, whose father invented Toaster Strudel. Although seemingly a devoted friend, Gretchen harbors some resentment toward Regina and, with a little push from Cady, helps take her down.

    The Party of Five alum has continued to appear in live-action movies and TV shows like Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and Baby Daddy, but she's more often lent her voice to animated series and films.

  • Lizzy Caplan (Janis Ian)

    Janis Ian is the sarcastic, grungy friend of Cady and Damian. Janis is the mastermind behind the plan to destroy Regina George, holding a grudge against the queen bee due to bullying dating back to middle school.

    Lizzy Caplan has been in a diverse range of films and TV shows. She was in Party Down, Cloverfield, True Blood, Hot Tub Time Machine, 127 Hours, Bachelorette, The Interview, Now You See Me 2 and New Girl, as well as a lead role on Showtime's Masters of Sex. Most recently, she was in The Disaster Artist, as herself, and was in talks to join Channing Tatum in Gambit in 2019. 

  • Jonathan Bennett (Aaron Samuels)

    Aaron Samuels is Regina George’s on-again, off-again boyfriend, whom Cady gets a major crush on. Bennett has worked on various shows and movies since 2004, including a 2014 stint on Dancing With the Stars. In 2018, he's set to appear in The Haunting of Sharon Tate, The Dawn and Way to Abbottabad. 

  • Daniel Franzese (Damian)

    Damian is Janis Ian's best friend who, along with Janis, takes Cady under his wing. He gives Cady everything she needs to become a popular girl but is loyal to Janis. His noteworthy post-Mean Girls TV roles include parts on Looking, Recovery Road and Conviction. He's also appeared in numerous movies including War of the Worlds.

  • Tim Meadows (Principal Duvall)

    SNL alum Meadows played a no-nonsense principal in Mean Girls. He has little patience for the antics of the girls at his school and tries to team up with Ms. Norbury in the process. Meadows has worked on shows like The Office, The Goldbergs and Curb Your Enthusiasm. He returned to the role of Principal Duvall for the Mean Girls 2 TV movie (2011).



  • Rajiv Surendra (Kevin Gnapoor)

    Kevin Gnapoor is a confident mathlete by day and no-holds-barred rapper Kevin G by night. After Surendra’s hilarious performance in Mean Girls, the actor did a short but hasn’t acted since. Instead, he wrote a memoir called The Elephants in My Backyard, which chronicles his life in relation to Pi Patel, from the Yann Martel book The Life of Pi, and Surendra's quest to play Pi in the film adaptation directed by Ang Lee (a role that eventually went to Suraj Sharma).