Meet 6 of the Hollywood Lawyers at the Center of the Anti-Harassment Movement

6:30 AM 4/4/2018

by Ashley Cullins

From spearheading the Time's Up legal defense to Bill O'Reilly's defamation suit, THR breaks down the legal pros tackling the #MeToo culture.

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  • Ann Fromholz

    Fromholz, who’s currently investigating allegations against WME partner Philip Raskind, says, “Investigations are more heavily scrutinized after the Harvey Weinstein bombshell.” With the stakes increasing, Fromholz says, “companies see what fallout can come from a complaint and feel it’s worth the money to engage someone from the outside.”

  • Linda Goldstein

    New York-based Goldstein is Fox News’ go-to counsel for harassment, discrimination and retaliation allegations, including ones against ousted host Bill O’Reilly and late founder Roger Ailes. She recently handled a rash of high-profile lawsuits from Andrea Tantaros, Scottie Nell Hughes and Jessica Golloher and others.

  • Genie Harrison

    Lately, the phone has been ringing off the hook for Harrison, who reps clients alleging they were sexually harassed, battered or retaliated against — including Harvey Weinstein’s ex-assistant Sandeep Rehal. Says Harrison, “I have a number of rape cases involving actors, social media influencers, international brands and music producers.”

  • Ivy Kagan Bierman

    Since #MeTooBierman has seen a higher demand for in-depth training and more investigations triggered by anonymous claims at Hollywood companies. “We could see a high volume of complaints, potentially, for the next decade,” she says. “Whether they feel empowered or a social responsibility, the #MeToo movement has led to an increase in people coming forward.”

  • Roberta Kaplan

    Kaplan is spearheading the Time’s Up legal defense fund from New York, and among her clients is Melanie Kohler, who was sued for defamation by Brett Ratner over rape allegations. “This may be the tip of the iceberg,” says Kaplan. “I have been genuinely shocked by the strength, power and breadth of this movement.”

  • Nancy Erika Smith

    Smith represented Gretchen Carlson in her sexual harassment lawsuit against Fox News, which settled for $20 million in 2016. She’s now repping three women in a defamation suit against O’Reilly. “The most significant thing about #MeToo is women getting their voices back,” says Montclair, New Jersey-based Smith. “If we’re told that we have to shut up about [harassment], then we’ll never change it.”

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