Oscars: 8 Actors in Two or More of This Year's Best Picture Nominees

11:35 AM 3/4/2018

by Hilary Lewis

Timothee Chalamet, Michael Stuhlbarg and Bradley Whitford are just some of the actors appearing in and rooting for multiple films.

Call Me By Your Name, The Post and The Shape of Water Still Michael Stuhlbarg - Split - Photofest - H 2018
Photofest (Left); Courtesy of Fox Searchlight (Right)

When the best picture award is presented at this year's Oscars, only one of the nine nominated films will be crowned the winner, barring a tie or a repeat of last year's shocking La La Land and Moonlight mix-up.

But a number of actors have two or more chances to cheer for their costars. Timothee Chalamet, Lucas Hedges and Bradley Whitford are just some of the stars who appear in at least two of this year's best picture nominees, giving them multiple rooting opportunities.

The prolific Michael Stuhlbarg, meanwhile, has the rare John C. Reilly-like distinction of appearing in three best picture nominees: Call Me by Your Name, The Post and The Shape of Water.

While the seven men and one woman listed below appear in two or more films up for the Oscars' top prize, there are a number of other actors with parts in two films up for various Oscars.

For instance, Geraldine Singer is in both Get Out and Mudbound, which is up for best original song, best supporting actress, best adapted screenplay and best cinematography. Hugh Jackman is in best adapted screenplay contender Logan and best original song nominee The Greatest Showman. And his Greatest Showman co-star Michelle Williams also appears alongside supporting actor nominee Christopher Plummer in All the Money in the World. Alison Brie appears in The Post and best adapted screenplay nominee The Disaster Artist. And Three Billboards actors Woody Harrelson and Amanda Warren are, respectively, in War for the Planet of the Apes, nominated for best visual effects, and Roman J. Israel, Esq., nominated for best actor (Denzel Washington).

Read on to see who has stakes in multiple best picture nominees.

  • Timothee Chalamet

    Timothee Chalamet earned a best actor Oscar nomination for his role as Elio in the coming-of-age romance Call Me by Your Name. But that film isn't the only one where Chalamet played the romantic lead, also wooing Lady Bird's titular character (Saoirse Ronan) as her second senior-year love interest, Kyle.

  • Lucas Hedges

    After his breakout role in 2016's Manchester by the Sea, Lucas Hedges had a busy 2017, appearing in both Lady Bird and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. In the former, he plays Lady Bird's first senior year love interest, Danny, who has a passionate relationship with the title character that ends with an awkward discovery. In the latter, he plays Robbie, the son of Frances McDormand's Mildred. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter at last month's Writers Guild Awards, where he was a presenter, Hedges said being a part of both acclaimed films has been "interesting" and "really amazing." "I filmed both of them like a year or so ago and I knew both of them were going to be magical, magical movies, just from reading the script," he said. "It's nice getting to go through this awards season from a distance. I'm a supporting role in both of these movies; I'm not a poster boy, so I don't have to show up at all of these events, typically. So I just get to be a proud observer and that's nice."

  • Caleb Landry Jones

    Jones plays Jeremy, the mysterious, aggressive son of the Armitage clan, in Jordan Peele's racially themed horror film Get Out. In Three Billboards, he took on the more straight-laced role of Ebbing Advertising Company employee Red Welby, who helps Frances McDormand's Mildred rent out her billboards. Jones also appeared in acclaimed Oscar contender The Florida Project, but that film only landed one Academy Award nomination, for best supporting actor (Willem Dafoe).

  • Tracy Letts

    Pulitzer prize-winning playwright Tracy Letts had a big year in his other career as an actor. He plays Lady Bird's understanding father Larry, often serving as peacemaker between Lady Bird and her strong-willed mother Marion (Laurie Metcalf). In The Post, Letts plays Katharine Graham's trusted adviser Fritz Beebe.

  • Kathryn Newton

    Known to awards season audiences as Reese Witherspoon's teenage daughter in Big Little Lies, Kathryn Newton also appeared in two of this year's best picture nominees. As Angela Hayes, Newton only has one scene in Three Billboards — a flashback. But her character has a significant role in the film, as it's Angela's violent death that sparks her mother's pursuit of her killer. Newton also shows up in Lady Bird, playing nerdy Catholic schoolgirl, Darlene, whose glasses, headband and rolling backpack give her character a memorable look. Darlene admonishes Lady Bird and Julie (Beanie Feldstein) for eating communion wafers and later serves as a witness to a schoolyard fight between the two best friends. Both Newton and Hedges have the distinction of appearing in both Lady Bird and Three Billboards and the young actors are teaming up again, joking that they'll continue working together in every movie they do.

  • Nick Searcy

    Nick Searcy appears in The Shape of Water as Gen. Hoyt, the supervisor of Michael Shannon's Richard Strickland, who considers Doug Jones' fish-man, the object of mute janitor Elisa's (Sally Hawkins) affection, to be a powerful asset against the Soviets in the Cold War-era film. He also shows up in an uncredited role in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, as Father Montgomery, a priest who tries to persuade Frances McDormand's character to take down the movie's eponymous billboards, in which she demands action from the police over the murder of her daughter.

  • Michael Stuhlbarg

    While some actors had the good fortune to be in two best picture nominees this year, Stuhlbarg appears in an impressive three films up for the Oscars' top prize, following in the footsteps of John C. Reilly, who achieved the hat trick in 2003 with Chicago, Gangs of New York and The Hours, a feat no one had previously pulled off since the 1940s. The prolific Stuhlbarg has roles in Call Me by Your Name, The Post and The Shape of Water. In the first film, the actor plays the quiet, loving father of Timothee Chalamet's Elio, who delivers a powerful speech to his heartbroken son. In Pentagon Papers drama The Post, he takes on real-life New York Times editor Abe Rosenthal. And in The Shape of Water he plays Russian scientist Dr. Robert Hoffstetler.

  • Bradley Whitford

    The West Wing alum plays patriarch Dean Armitage in Get Out and adviser Arthur Parsons in The Post, in which, as shown in the trailer, he memorably expresses concerns about the Washington newspaper being run by a woman in Meryl Streep's Katharine Graham.