The Stars of 'The Mighty Ducks': Where Are They Now?

1:51 PM 10/2/2017

by Katherine Schaffstall

It’s been 25 years since the pee-wee hockey team flew to victory together.

On Oct. 2, 1992, The Mighty Ducks was released in theaters. The Disney film, directed by Stephen Herek from a screenplay by Steven Brill, grossed more than $50 million at the domestic box office on a $10 million budget, spawned two sequels and an animated TV series, and inspired the original name of the Anaheim NHL team.

The Mighty Ducks tells the story of high-strung lawyer Gordon Bombay (Emilio Estevez), who is ordered by a court to coach a pee-wee hockey team as community service after getting arrested for drunk driving. When the lawyer is assigned to coach the worst team in the league, it’s clear that neither Gordon nor the team members want anything to do with each other. As the film goes on, Coach Bombay rediscovers his love of hockey and learns to motivate the team as they make it to the pee-wee championships.

In honor of The Mighty Ducks' 25th anniversary, The Hollywood Reporter breaks down what the stars have been up to since the beloved film debuted.

  • Gordon Bombay, portrayed by Emilio Estevez

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    The Brat Pack member was an established actor prior to his role as Gordon Bombay in the film. Estevez reprised the role in both sequels, D2: The Mighty Ducks and D3: The Mighty Ducks. Since his turn as the lawyer-turned-coach, he's appeared as an actor in films like Sand and The L.A. Riot Spectacular. He has directed the films The War at Home, Bobby and The Way. In the world of television, he starred in the made-for-TV film Late Last Night and has made guest appearances on The West Wing and Two and a Half Men. His directing credits for television include the Showtime movie Rated X and episodes of The Guardian, Cold Case, CSI: NY, Close to Home, Criminal Minds and Numb3rs.

  • Charlie Conway, portrayed by Joshua Jackson

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    Jackson played Charlie, the unofficial leader of the Ducks. As the film progresses, Charlie becomes more confident as a person and as a player and scores the winning goal during the championship game. In addition to returning for both Mighty Ducks sequels, Jackson has appeared in the films I Love Your Work, Cursed, Shutter, One Week and Sky. The actor also reunited with Estevez in the 2006 drama Bobby. Aside from his role in The Mighty Ducks, Jackson is arguably best known for his role as Pacey Witter in the WB teen drama series Dawson’s Creek, which ran for six seasons and ended in 2003. He's currently starring on Showtime drama The Affair

  • Fulton Reed, portrayed by Eldon Henson

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    Reed is recruited onto the Ducks after his impressive slapshot breaks Gordon’s car window. The introverted character doesn’t have much to say, but he is a crucial part of the Ducks victory at the end of the film. Henson has kept busy since his work in the three Mighty Ducks films. He has appeared in the films She’s All That, Manic, Cheats and Déjà Vu. His recent film credits include his role in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay as Pollux. He can currently be seen in the Netflix original series Daredevil as Foggy Nelson.

  • George Goldberg, portrayed by Shaun Weiss

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    The team’s goalie is introduced in the beginning of the film as a player terrified of getting hit by the puck. Once Gordon takes over the team, Goldberg eventually overcomes his fears. Since his days of playing the goalie, Weiss has made several guest appearances on television shows like Mr. Rhodes, Boy Meets World, The King of Queens, Family Law, Freaks and Geeks and Crossing Jordan. His most recent acting credit was as a bus driver in the 2008 film Drillbit Taylor. Weiss was arrested in August 2017 after he was found in possession of methamphetamine, according to People. 

  • Lester Averman, portrayed by Matt Doherty

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    Averman is the jokester on the Ducks, so much so that the character seems to spend more time making wisecracks than actually playing hockey. In 1999, Doherty graduated from Northwestern University with a theater degree. Since the Ducks trilogy, he has made guest appearances on Boston Public, Bones, Grey’s Anatomy and Franklin & Bash. His most recent television appearance was as Alan Rast in a season two episode of Rosewood. 

  • Jesse Hall, portrayed by Brandon Adams

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    The confrontational but loyal Jesse is protective of his Ducks teammates. Following the first film in The Mighty Ducks trilogy, Adams portrayed Kenny DuNunez in The Sandlot. The actor later went on to reprise his role as Jesse in D2: The Mighty Ducks, though he did not return for D3. He has made guest appearances in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air; Boy Meets World; Sister, Sister; and Moesha. His most recent acting credit is as Mike in the 2014 short film Stuck in the Corners.

  • Connie Moreau, portrayed by Marguerite Moreau

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    Connie is the original female player on the Ducks before Gordon recruits figure skater Tammy onto the team. The actress went on to appear in all Mighty Ducks films, as well as Wet Hot American Summer, Queen of the Damned, Runaway Jury, The Uninvited, and Life Happens. Her television credits include Life as We Know It, The O.C., Parenthood and recurring roles in Shameless and Grey’s Anatomy. Moreau recently reprised her role as Katie Finnerty from Wet Hot American Summer in the Netflix reunion series Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp and Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later

  • Tommy Duncan, portrayed by Danny Tamberelli

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    Tommy is recruited onto the team with his figure-skating sister, Tammy. Tamberelli went on to star in Nickelodeon’s The Adventures of Pete & Pete as Little Pete Wrigley and in the variety show All That. In recent years, Tamberelli has kept busy with his weekly podcast The Adventures of Danny & Mike alongside The Adventures of Pete & Pete co-star Michael C. Maronna. He is also a member of the Brooklyn-based band Jounce. 

  • Terry Hall, portrayed by Jussie Smollett

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    As Jesse's younger brother, Terry may be remembered best for calling out Coach Bombay on his poor coaching in the beginning of the film. Terry only appears in the first film of The Mighty Ducks franchise. Smollett went on to make appearances in films like North, The Skinny and Ask Me Anything. His breakout role as an adult actor was in the Fox musical drama Empire as Jamal Lyon. The series is currently in its fourth season. The actor is also set to appear in the upcoming biographical drama Marshall as Langston Hughes. 

  • Dave Karp, portrayed by Aaron Schwartz

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    The slightly overweight character is known for his pranks. In the original Mighty Ducks film, Karp gets into a fight with another hockey team after an opposing team member makes comments about Charlie's mother. Following his appearance in the first film in the franchise, Schwartz starred in the 1995 comedy Heavyweights as Gerry Garner. He had a recurring role in the mid-'90s Nickelodeon comedy The Adventures of Pete & Pete and has made guest appearances on The Guiding Light, Law & Order, Suits and The Originals. He also appeared in 15 episodes of Gossip Girl as doorman Vanya, as well as the spinoff web series Chasing Dorota.

  • Tammy Duncan, portrayed by Jane Plank

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    Tammy is recruited to the team by Coach Bombay. The figure skater uses her skills to create a distraction for the opposing team when she scores. Plank’s only acting credits are from the 1992 sports film and 1996’s Jingle All the Way. According to Plank’s personal website, she has focused on her career as a singer in recent years. She writes her own music and some of her original songs include “Restless” and "Fly With Me.” Plank can be seen performing at local shows in the Minneapolis area.