'Once Upon a Time': 13 Disney Characters the ABC Fairy Tale Drama Should Add

9:45 AM 6/21/2016

by Alyse Whitney

THR picks 13 Disney characters that ‘Once Upon a Time’ should introduce.


Once Upon a Time has incorporated many Disney characters into its five seasons, but there are still many fairy tales — and princesses — left to explore. Below, The Hollywood Reporter dives into 13 characters the series should tackle.

  • Aladdin and Jasmine

    Courtesy of Disney

    Whether the Aladdin duo rides a magic carpet into the Enchanted Forest or appears in Storybrooke, they could lend a helping hand. Bonus points if the Genie comes along, too.

  • Pocahontas

    Pocahontas could discover what’s around the river bend in Storybrooke, and Once Upon a Time could find interesting ways to incorporate her furry animated sidekicks Meeko, Flit, and Percy.

  • Enchanted’s Princess Giselle

    Buena Vista/Courtesy of Everett Collection

    The Enchanted princess (played by Amy Adams in the 2007 film) could assimilate easily into Storybrooke, and it would add more star power to the show if Adams and Patrick Dempsey reprised their roles.

  • The Princess and the Frog’s Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen

    Walt Disney

    It would be easy to incorporate the The Princess and the Frog couple in Storybrooke with Tiana running a restaurant or catering company, or their backstory could be explored in the Enchanted Forest.

  • Mary Poppins


    A little light magic would be a nice change of pace for Once Upon a Time, although it’s hard to control villains with a spoonful of sugar. If timed right, it could go along with Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda's upcoming remake.

  • Big Hero 6’s Hiro Hamada


    If the show played with timelines a little bit, 14-year-old Big Hero 6 star Hiro could be useful in Storybrooke. He could be a friend of Henry’s — although difficult to figure out where they’d meet, considering Henry doesn’t ever go to school — who ends up using Baymax to help the heroes with their latest quest.

  • Tarzan and Jane

    Warner Bros./Photofest

    Upcoming Tarzan live-action movie stars Alexander Skarsgard and Margot Robbie likely won’t reprise their roles on OUAT, but it would still be interesting to see these two swing into the Enchanted Forest.

  • The Jungle Book’s Mowgli

    Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

    The Jungle Book hasn’t been explored yet, and an aged-up Mowgli could definitely work well with the Storybrooke crew — especially if they find themselves lost in the jungle.

  • Alice in Wonderland

    Once Upon a Time in Wonderland only lasted one season, but if the show wanted to bring Alice into the fold, Sophie Lowe could cross over.
  • Star Wars' Rey

    Courtesy of Lucasfilms 2015/Walt Disney Studios

    Creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis told The Hollywood Reporter that Star Wars isn’t in the cards for Once Upon a TimeHowever, if they changed their minds, Rey would easily assimilate into Operation Cobra.

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