Late Night Lately: Tarantino's Cast Crashes Kimmel, Fred Savage Ruins '80s Movies, Hosts Weigh in on Mueller Testimony

8:00 AM 7/27/2019

by THR Staff

The Hollywood Reporter's Late Night Lately rounds up the best sketches and guests with a look at what's to come next week.

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This week: Margot Robbie, Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio crashed Jimmy Kimmel's monologue ahead of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood's premiere event on Monday. Later, Fred Savage and Seth Meyers debated "problematic" movies of the 1980s, and the late-night hosts responded to Mueller's testimony.

— Compiled by Jennifer Konerman 

  • 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' Cast Crash Kimmel's Monologue

    ABC/Jimmy Kimmel Live!

    Before attending the premiere of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood at the iconic TCL Chinese Theater on Monday, director Quentin Tarantino stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday to discuss paying homage to retro Hollywood and his future. 

    The film's stars, Margot Robbie, Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio, also made surprise appearances. At the end of Kimmel's monologue, the crowd erupted into cheers after noticing Robbie walking by behind Kimmel. Robbie and Pitt explained they were "just cutting through."

    "Some of these stars think they own the place," Kimmel told the audience. 

    DiCaprio soon walked by and shook Kimmel's hand. "What is going on here? What are you doing?" the host asked. "I'm real sorry Jimmy," DiCaprio said. "I actually came here to invite your whole audience to our premiere across the street."  

    After the crowd erupted into loud applause, Kimmel said they would "work that out." As DiCaprio left, Kimmel yelled a Titanic reference: "Oh, and good luck with the ocean!" 

    When Tarantino joined Kimmel, the director also discussed how he is able to secure big stars for his projects. "I haven't had too many people say 'no, I don't like the script.' But I only ask people who I think are going to say yes." 

    As for whether Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is his second to last film before retiring, Tarantino confirmed, "that's the idea." He also explained that he liked the idea of his filmography being locked after directing 10 motion pictures. 

    "Yeah, 12 would be cool, or 13 or even 15 is a nice number," Kimmel said. 

  • Fred Savage Ruins '80s Movies for Seth Meyers

    Lloyd Bishop/NBC

    Fred Savage appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers this week to talk about his new how, What Just Happened Savage mentioned that his mom showed his kids The Wonder Years, but he's otherwise had problems introducing his children to movies ghat he grew up with that seem "very problematic" now. 

    He told Meyers that he likes to show his kids movies he loved as a kid, like Splash or Big, but 

    "We loved Splash. But in the first ten minutes, there's a lot of nudging and winking about this guy taking a girl who can't walk or talk up to his apartment," he said. "So we had to turn that off."

    He had the same problem with Big, "and then you try to defend it and say horrible things!' he added.

    "So now it's just a lot of Marvel movies and Rick and Morty," Savage concluded.

  • Hosts React to Mueller Testimony: "He Wasn't Thrilled"

    After Robert Mueller testified before Congress, late-night hosts were quick to add commentary to the former special counsel's appearance during their Wednesday shows.

    During the televised Capitol Hill hearings, Mueller dismissed President Trump's claims of total exoneration in the federal probe of Russia's 2016 election interference, telling Congress he explicitly did not clear the president of obstructing his investigation. The former special counsel also rejected Trump's assertions that the probe was a "witch hunt" and hoax.

    Seth Meyers took "A Closer Look" at the testimony and pointed out that Mueller "didn't seem thrilled" to be testifying. "He had the same look on his face that Billy Joel has when someone says, 'Play 'Piano Man!'"

    During the hearing, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Jerry Nadler asked Mueller about his attempts to interview Trump for more than a year, all of which the president refused. Meyers suggested Mueller did not go through the proper channels. "Fox News or send him a rambling tweet that praises him in syntax he's familiar with," he said.

    Samantha Bee said that "the hearings themselves were incredibly dull." "Mueller made it clear well before these hearings that he didn't want to be there and that he would not provide any new information," explained Bee. "Boy, did he deliver." 

    Bee also said that it looked like Mueller "aged 10 years" during the testimony. "He gave his testimony with all the enthusiasm and passion of a recently fired basset hound," she said. "The only way Mueller could've looked less interested in testifying this morning is if he spent the morning wearing glasses with open eyes painted on them."

    Many Democrats were disappointed by the lack of new information, though Bee assured her viewers that new information from Mueller isn't necessary to impeach Trump. "If you've been waiting for evidence that Donald Trump should be impeached, you already have it. It is called the Mueller Report," she said. 

    Jimmy Kimmel shared that Washington, D.C.-based bars opened early on Wednesday for people to watch the testimony. "I know this is interesting, but if you're watching a hearing at a bar at 8:30 [in the morning], you're probably an alcoholic," Kimmel said.

    Kimmel said that he watched the hearings with his kids. "I asked my 5-year-old if she was ready for school this morning. She said that was outside her purview and referred me to the report," he said.

    Another clip from the hearing showed Mueller confirming that the government can charge Trump with obstruction of justice after his presidency is over. "That's when you could hear Melania cheering loudly down the block," said Kimmel.

    Stephen Colbert commented that the "bombshell" of the hearing was not related to Trump but rather to Mueller's "gangster nickname," described as "Bobby Three Sticks." However, Colbert later noted one issue during the hearings was Mueller's choice of words. When asked by Nadler to explain to the American people whether the president was exonerated by his report, Mueller answered Trump "was not exculpated for the acts that he allegedly committed."

    Trevor Noah highlighted Republican attempts to portray Mueller as incompetent or biased. One such example was Rep. Louie Gohmert questioning the former special counsel about his relationship with former FBI Director James Comey, to which Mueller responded they were "business associates." "Poor James Comey. Imagine finding out your friend isn't your friend in front of a live national audience," Noah said. "In interviews, Comey was like, 'This guy's my ride or die,' and now Mueller is like, 'We only hung out because he had a Nintendo, OK?'"

    Jimmy Fallon also poked fun at Mueller's mispronunciation of Trump as "Trimp" during the hearing. "Then Trump was like, 'See, it was Trimp who obstructed. Not Trump, Trimp. Lock him up,'" he said doing his Trump impression.

    "After all the hype and questioning, I don't think anybody's changed their mind about anything. Democrats are still thinking about impeachment. Republicans are still saying case closed," said Fallon. "America hasn't been this divided since the trailer for the Cats movie came out."

  • Fred Armisen and Fallon Reminisce About Unaired 'It's a Wonderful Life' 'SNL' Sketch

    Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

    Fred Armisen reminisced with Jimmy Fallon about their days on SNL during Tuesday's Tonight Show.

    They spoke about an SNL sketch that they worked on that never made it to air. "It was a remake of It's A Wonderful Life where Jimmy Stewart jumps off the bridge and then Clarence brings him to that moment and he meets himself," said Fallon. "He's like, 'Don't do it. Don't jump off the bridge' and then a third Clarence and a third Jimmy Stewart comes in. He's like, 'What's going on?'"

    The two also played a game called "Build a Band," in which they made up a band name and improvised a song.

    The band, which they dubbed Lavender Roller Coaster, had a psychedelic vibe from the '60s or '70s, they decided. When the two each said one random word to come up with the song's title, it ended up being "Daffodil Grass."

    The Roots played background music while Armisen sang, "Daffodil grass/ Daffodil grass/ Growing around the garden." Fallon continued, "Daffodil grass/ Daffodil grass/ Growing inside the corner." Armisen and Fallon stood up to dance as they continued to improvise the song, which concluded with the lyrics, "Inside your mind."

  • Samantha Bee Reveals "Audition Tape" for 'Cats'

    Courtesy of Turner

    Less than a week after the latest Cats trailer inspired countless online jokes and memes, Samantha Bee crafted her own extended parody of the upcoming adaptation of the musical. 

    On Wednesday's Full Frontal, the host revealed her "audition tape" for the Tom Hooper-directed film in a video with a glossy DVD featurette aesthetic. "Yeah, I was surprised to see the Cats trailer this weekend. I sent in my audition tape. I felt very confident about it," she says at the top of the spot.

    Outfitted in a black leotard with face-paint whiskers, Bee hisses and stretches around a dance studio over the course of the "audition." Bee, who often tackles politics and justice issues on her TBS late-night show, threaded 2019's social climate into her spoof. "There are just so many horrors in today's world; it just makes you ask the question, 'What is important?' And the answer is: a movie about a bunch of trash cats competing for who gets to die." 

    The video also contains a joke about James Corden's involvement in the musical. "Maybe they were just too cowardly to let a late-night host be a cat on the silver screen," she speculates in the video, after which an off-camera producer reminds her that the Late Late Show's host is starring.

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