Feinberg Forecast: One Last Check-In Before the Start of Oscar Nomination Voting

10:36 AM 1/3/2017

by Scott Feinberg

The break is definitely over — the Palm Springs Film Fest gala has happened, ACE Eddie noms are out, the New York Film Critics Circle, National Board of Review and Golden Globes are about to party and Oscar nom voting begins Jan. 5 — so THR's awards analyst offers his latest read of the race.

Courtesy of Kerry Brown/Paramount Pictures

These projections are a reflection of Scott Feinberg's personal impressions (from advance screenings), publicly available information (release dates, genres, talent rosters and teasers/trailers often offer valuable clues), historical considerations (how other films with similar pedigrees have resonated), precursor awards (some awards groups have historically correlated with the Academy more than others) and consultations with industry insiders (including fellow members of the press, awards strategists, filmmakers and awards voters).

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