Oscars: Decoding the Best Picture Contenders With Fun Facts and Stats

10:00 AM 12/8/2017

by Rebecca Ford

With the race for the biggest prize heating up, THR collects a ridiculous amount of data (where? how much? how long?) surrounding 25 top challengers and compared them with ghosts of winners past.

Call Me by Your Name and Battle of the Sexes - Split-H 2017
Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics; Fox Searchlight Pictures

The Oscar best picture race continues to ramp up as early critics lists and awards show begin revealing their top picks. The Hollywood Reporter collected a massive amount of data about many of the top contenders, including their run times (Lady Bird being the shortest and Blade Runner 2049 clocking in with the longest), shooting locations and budgets. The data for this year's contenders was also compared to historical data about past best picture winners.

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  • Where the Movies Shot

  • Fact vs. Fiction | Indie vs. Studio

  • Timeline of the Contenders

  • Binge-Watch 51 Hours of Film

  • Production Budgets

  • Gender (Im)balance