Golden Globes Rambling Reporter: Phoebe Waller-Bridge's Lost Trophy, Rita Wilson's Missing Stylist and Tim Cook's Debut

7:00 AM 1/7/2020

by Chris Gardner

How did Joaquin Phoenix prep for his private jet jab? A peek behind the scenes (and inside the parties) of Sunday night's big show.

Lulu Wang, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Jenny Robins and Ramy Youssef
Courtesy of UTA

Lulu Wang, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Jenny Robins and Ramy Youssef attend the UTA Golden Globe party. 

  • Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Golden Globe Goes Missing

    For about five minutes at the Amazon party, one of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Globes trophies went missing.

    The 34-year-old Fleabag writer/creator/star/producer — who’d picked up a best actress in a comedy statuette as well as one for best comedy series — was hanging out with Fleabag nominated co-star Andrew Scott and Killing Eve nominated star Jodie Comer when a fan walked up and asked Waller-Bridge if he could hold her statue for a photo.

    She obliged, then was approached by another partygoer so she turned to have a conversation as the fan continued to take photos with the 7.8-pound statue. That fan, relays a source to Rambling Reporter, then walked across the room and around a corner. Just moments later, Waller-Bridge noticed her award had gone missing so someone in her entourage asked the fan if he had it.

    He claimed that he did not and didn’t know where it had gone. Another member of Waller-Bridge’s entourage signaled to call security but during the commotion, the statue was discovered by a good Samaritan sitting on a nearby table. The source who witnessed the entire situation play out tells Rambling Reporter that it still remains unclear who had it and how it miraculously appeared, but everyone surrounding the Fleabag star was relieved.

    The winning crew made an exit from the Amazon party after nearly 30 minutes, heading over to La Dolce Vita for Waller-Bridge's agency UTA’s more intimate party, where she caught up with The Farewell director Lulu Wang in a private booth for a while before having her photo taken alongside Greta Gerwig by the latter’s partner, Noah Baumbach.

    Also inside the chic UTA fete (dishing over chicken parmesan and pasta) were big winners Ramy Youssef, Awkwafina, Succession’s Jesse Armstrong, Missing Link director Chris Butler and 1917 star George MacKay, along with Nicholas Braun, Sarah Snook, Paul Rudd, Joey King, Ewan McGregor, Sebastian Maniscalco, Thomasin Mckenzie, Bel Powley, Kirsten Dunst, Kelsey Grammer, Jesse Plemons and Billy Eichner, along with execs like SNL’s Lorne Michaels, Netflix’s Channing Dungey and Universal’s Ron Meyer and Donna Langley.

  • Rita Wilson on MIA Makeup Artist and Tom Hanks' Emotional Acceptance Speech: "We're a Very Tight Family"

    Rita Wilson’s Twitter feed Sunday afternoon couldn’t have been more of a real-time thriller if Sam Mendes had directed it. 

    At 1:47 p.m., she posted a makeup-free selfie with an anxious look. “My hair and make-up person is one hour and twenty minutes late,” she wrote. Nine minutes later, at 1:55 p.m., she posted, “Still not here. Trying to be Zen.” One minute later, at 1:56, she posted again, “I booked this person in September.”

    Of course, Wilson, 63, made it to the ceremony — where husband Tom Hanks was honored with the Cecil B. DeMille award (one of the top honors of the night that translated to much screen time for the entire family) — looking fabulous, as usual, but what happened?

    Rambling Reporter caught up with Wilson at the NBC Universal party around 10:30 p.m. and she explained the situation. Turned out her glam artist (whom Wilson didn’t name) was double-booked (with a client she didn’t name either) but showed up just in the nick of time. “Earlier in the week, I said, 'make sure you’re on time because it’s a very important night for my husband and we don’t want to be late,'” she said, before adding that she found out that he was double- booked, and thus was late finishing up with another client. Security issues didn't help, either.

    He finally showed up two hours late but Wilson found the silver lining by name-checking another makeup artist — Spencer — who volunteered to step in last minute through a publicist. “Props to Spencer for being the guy who was going to save the day.”

    Her husband helped save the night by delivering one of the show's most touching moments when he got choked up as he looked out at his family — wife Wilson, son Colin Hanks with wife Samantha Bryant, Elizabeth Ann Hanks, Chet Hanks and Truman Hanks. “I didn’t know what he was going to say because he didn’t run the speech by me or anything,” Wilson explained. “I was really moved by his emotion. I think the older we get, the more we appreciate the blessings that we have in our lives and the fact that we get to do what we do and work with the people that we get to work with. We're a very tight family and a very connected family, so for all of us to be sitting at that table, when he was up on the stage and looking back, I think that's what got him.”

  • Inside Martha Stewart's Globes Night

    "I had to work all day with Snoop Dogg," explained Martha Stewart of how she spent her day ahead of Sunday night's Golden Globes as she leaned against the bar inside NBCUniversal's post-show bash at Jean-Georges Restaurant inside the Waldorf Astoria. "We were doing a commercial and, when we finished, we came over here to do the InStyle/Warner Bros. party. We did a shoot in the elevator — it was very cute. Watch that one." 

    A viewing of the shoot shows Stewart seated to unwrap a cupcake while smoke from Snoop's mouth fills the elevator. She offers the cupcake his way and he gives it a kiss before the door closes. Very cute.

    After their cinematic showing, Stewart told Rambling Reporter that she hit up the Amazon Studios afterparty, where Snoop Dogg handled the turntables. Then, she headed back to the Waldorf Astoria where she was staying overnight before a 7 a.m. flight back to New York City. 

    "We're staying here by mistake," she said, with a smile. "I knew it was a Golden Globes weekend, but I had no idea that it was right here and all around us."

    As for the night's winners, Stewart said she loved Olivia Colman's big win for Netflix's The Crown, and she was happy to see "the tall skinny one from Marriage Story" take home the gold. That would be Laura Dern for best supporting actress for her work in Noah Baumbach's drama, also for Netflix. "I was so happy to see her win — she's such a good actress but that movie was so sad." The exact opposite of a night with Martha Stewart. 

  • Joaquin Phoenix’s Elevator Pitch: "Did You Take a Private Jet?"

    Joaquin Phoenix’s acceptance speech wasn’t just a spur-of-the-moment diatribe against Hollywood’s private jet use — the 45-year-old best actor winner had been building up to it all weekend.

    On Friday, Jan. 3, at a pre-Globes W magazine party at Chateau Marmont, he was already warming up on the subject. “How did you get here?” he demanded to know when Rambling Reporter got stuck with him in the lobby elevator. “Did you take a private jet?” When he learned that THR had traveled by Uber, he pushed on. “Was it a big car? By yourself or with other people?” 

    The questions came just 48 hours before his passionate speech from the Golden Globes stage, where he called for less talk and more action. “It’s really nice that so many people have come up and sent their well wishes to Australia, but we have to do more than that,” he said, referencing the devastating fires in that country. "It’s great to vote, but sometimes we have to take that responsibility on ourselves and make changes and sacrifices in our own lives, and I hope that we can do that. We don’t have to take private jets to Palm Springs for the awards sometimes or back, please. And I’ll try to do better and I hope you do.”

    Phoenix was recently honored in the desert city as part of the Palm Springs International Film Festival's kickoff event, the Film Awards Gala, where a dozen of his peers were honored Jan. 2. It's always a starry and high-profile stop on the awards season calendar and one that sees A-listers cruise in and out using private jets. During his speech that night, Phoenix took aim at awards season in general.

    “I’m of two minds about these things — these shenanigans we do,” said Phoenix. “Part of me thinks this is absurd and ridiculous and embarrassing. Another part of me realizes the power of the creative spirit of art and what we do at our best. I try to focus on that part of it as much as I can.” — Kirsten Chuba

  • Inside Apple CEO Tim Cook’s Golden Globes Debut: Selfies and Tech Requests

    This year's Golden Globes marked Apple TV's first foray into awards season thanks to nominations for The Morning Show. Therefore, there's a new face on the party circuit: CEO Tim Cook.

    At the BAFTA tea party Saturday, The Morning Show's Janina Gavankar and Karen Pittman fanned out around the Apple head, with Gavankar saying that Cook sitting at their Golden Globes table "is a real show of support — this man doesn’t need to show up, he could lock himself in a glass tower and we’d all say, 'Thank you so much Mr. Cook.'"

    The two revealed that they had previously met Cook when he stopped by the afterparty of the show's New York premiere, where Pittman had hit him up for a selfie while Gavankar said a Tim Cook photo was "the first thing I'm doing" on Golden Globes night. Pittman, on the other hand, was just looking for some tech support: "I don't know how to turn my phone on or off." — Kirsten Chuba