'SNL' in the White House: 10 Most Memorable Trump Sketches of 2017

6:15 AM 12/16/2017

by Jennifer Konerman and Patrick Shanley

From "Complicit" perfume to a bumbling Eric Trump character, the First Family and Co. continued to make its mark on the NBC late-night staple this year.

SNL_Trump_Split - Publicity - H 2017
Courtesy of NBC

Saturday Night Live has had a hectic year, tackling a growing list of Hollywood harassment stories as well as neverending Trump coverage and weekly news. 

But President Trump and Co. remained a hot topic on the NBC show, with Alec Baldwin reprising his role as POTUS, with his family members and White House team finding their own spotlight along the way. Scarlett Johansson's "Complicit" perfume ad for Ivanka Trump inspired Dictionary.com's word of the year, Alex Moffat's Eric Trump became a recurring child-like guest on "Weekend Update" and Kate McKinnon's Jeff Sessions appeared (often from underneath Trump's desk) as a sneaky-Southern member of the administration. 

Even some White House figures that have long been ousted from their posts were vital to the show this year, including Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer and Kate McKinnon's Kellyanne Conway, who continued to grace the show's sketches long after their departures. 

See some of the most memorable sketches featuring Trump and Co. from 2017 below. 

  • Ivanka Trump's "Complicit" Perfume Ad

    Host Scarlett Johansson's faux ad for Ivanka Trump's perfume "Complicit" made such a mark on viewers that it inspired Dictionary.com's word of the year for 2017.

    In the SNL bit, Johansson walked through a lavish black-tie affair as a voiceover introduced her: "She's beautiful, she's powerful, she's complicit."

    The White House employee and first daughter looked in a mirror, with Alec Baldwin's Trump looking back at her. 

    "A feminist, an advocate, a champion for women, but, like, how?" the voiceover asked, concluding with the tagline: "The fragrance for the woman who could stop all this, but won't."

  • Season 42 Finale: Trump Team Sings "Hallelujah"

    Saturday Night Live brought together the castmembers that make up President Donald Trump's cabinet for the season 42 finale cold open this spring.

    Alec Baldwin's Trump, seated at a piano, kicked things off by singing the opening lines to Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah." Scarlett Johansson's Ivanka Trump, Kate McKinnon's Kellyanne Conway, Beck Bennett's Mike Pence, Cecily Strong's Melania Trump, Aidy Bryant's Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Alex Moffatt's Eric Trump, Mikey Day's Donald Trump Jr. and Grim Reaper/Steve Bannon joined in and sang along around the piano.

    "I'm not giving up because I didn't do anything wrong, but I can't speak for these people," Baldwin's Trump said at the close of the song.

  • Alec Baldwin Pulls Double Duty as Trump and Bill O'Reilly

    Alec Baldwin pulled double duty on SNL's April 8 episode, starring as Bill O'Reilly in his very own no-spin zone, interviewing himself in a split-screen appearance as President Donald Trump.

    In a nod to the TV host's resurfaced sexual harassment allegations, Baldwin's version of O'Reilly kicked off his Fox News show by addressing "the scandal everyone's been talking about all week, the shocking allegations of abuse of power that have been leveled against … the Obama administration." After trying to avoid the subject, he finally got to the allegations against him, and Baldwin's O'Reilly admitted he had also been in the news as "women have come forward … and accused me of offering them exciting opportunities here at Fox News."

    One brave man, President Trump, appeared on the show to defend him once again. Also played by Baldwin, Trump, a man "unimpeachable on all female issues," told the host, "I actually see a lot of myself in you, Bill." 

    Baldwin's O'Reilly signed off by promoting his book, called Old School. "It's about having great morals and values, and it couldn't have come at a better time." 

  • "Weekend Update" Introduces the World to Eric Trump

    "Weekend Update" host Colin Jost sat down with the Trump sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, in March to talk about the leadership at the Trump businesses after the elder Trump took office. 

    Since then, Eric Trump (Alex Moffat) has become a regular staple on the show with Donald Jr. (Mikey Day), bringing along his Cheerios, fidget spinners and kids-size backpack. 

    In this episode, Eric Trump sat next to his brother, telling Jost about his "golf car" and his sun hat, whole mimicking his brother's hand movements and facial expressions. When he got hungry, Donald Jr. brought out some Cheerios for his brother, but Eric had some trouble with the Capri Sun. The brothers returned later this year to discuss Paul Manafort and WikiLeaks.

  • Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer as the Easter Bunny

    Melissa McCarthy returned as White House press secretary Sean Spicer in April ... dressed in a full Easter Bunny suit. 

    Loudly addressing a group of children at the White House looking for eggs, and first spoke about his flub earlier that week, claiming Adolf Hitler never used chemical weapons on his own people and later called concentration camps "Holocaust centers," McCarthy said, "Spicey finally screwed up. You got me ... I clearly meant to say ‘concentration clubs.' "

    McCarthy went on to further apologize to “all the goys out there” for the timing of the incident so close to Passover, or “what I call 'Jewish Easter,'” she added.

  • Kellyanne Conway Transforms Into 'It' Clown

    During Oct. 14's Kumail Nanjiani-hosted episode, Pennywise the Clown from It took the form of Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway and appeared to terrorize Anderson Cooper (Alex Moffat). Conway (played once again by Kate McKinnon) appeared in a gutter: "You can call me Kellywise, Kellywise the Dancing Clown." 

    Conway also taunted him when he tried to get away. "Don't go! I'll give you a quote, a crazy quote," she said, going back into her on-air/interview voice. "How about this? Okay, so Puerto Rico was actually worse before Hurricane Maria and the hurricane actually did blow some things back together." (President Donald Trump had lashed out at hurricane-devastated Puerto Rico days before, insisting in tweets that the federal government can't keep sending help "forever" and suggesting the U.S. territory was to blame for its financial struggles.)

    McKinnon even reprised her role as Hillary Clinton to further terrorize Cooper, encouraging him to join her in the sewer so she can give him a copy of her book. 

  • Kate McKinnon's Jeff Sessions Is Forrest Gump

    SNL's March 4 episode opened with a parody of Forrest Gump, with Kate McKinnon's Attorney General Jeff Sessions standing in for Tom Hanks' titular character. 

    "My name's Jeff, Jeff Sessions," McKinnon told Leslie Jones while sitting on a bus bench. "I'm the attorney general of the whole United States."

    "I always say life is like a box of chocolates," said the Sessions character. But when he added, "Sure are a lot of brown ones in there..." Jones immediately left. 

    Later, Beck Bennett's shirtless Vladimir Putin made an appearance. "This meeting never happened," he told McKinnon's Sessions. Sessions assured him: "I wasn't going to remember it anyway." 

    Octavia Spencer, who hosted that night, also made an appearance as her character from The Help, and offered Sessions a pie that may have looked like chocolate, but was something far worse.

  • Trump Picks Top Adviser in Reality TV-Style Elimination Ceremony

    Celebrating Trump's first 100 days in office, Alec Baldwin appeared as Trump in April with Beck Bennett's Vice President Mike Pence, while he called for his advisers: Steve Bannon (in the form of the Grim Reaper) and his "little kush ball,” Jared Kushner, played by cool guy Jimmy Fallon entering to "You're Unbelievable." 

    In a spoof of reality show elimination ceremonies like America's Next Top Model or Trump's former NBC show The Apprentice, Baldwin first acknowledged "the drama in the house" before kicking one of his advisers out of the oval office to “join Kellyanne Conway in the basement.”

    He then announced Kushner as the big winner by presenting a glamour shot of Fallon, while Bannon’s skeletal form was taken "back to hell."

  • Trump's Thoughts on Harvey Weinstein

    Alec Baldwin (as President Trump) started off the Nov. 4 episode at Paul Manafort's (Alex Moffat) apartment for a memorable cold open that referenced timely investigations as well as new claims against film mogul Harvey Weinstein.

    "You're so so screwed, it's a shame you're going to prison, because I was about to give you a huuuuge tax break," Baldwin's Trump told the fake Manafort, referring to news that Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election resulted in indictments for Trump's former campaign chairman. Baldwin, as Trump, joked that Manafort would need a shiv in prison "because after the stuff I've said about certain ethnic groups, they're really gonna go to town on you in prison."

    Trump insisted on showering with him "to make sure you weren’t wearing a wire."

    "Mr. President, I would never do that with you," Manafort said, to which Trump replied, "That's what she said. ... Speaking of which, what an idiot that Harvey Weinstein is. He could have gotten away with all of it if only he'd gotten himself elected president."

  • "Melania Moments"

    In a several short bits that ran throughout the year, Cecily Strong starred as First Lady Melania Trump in "Melania Moments," an ongoing series that echoed Jack Handy's "Deep Thoughts" of yesteryear. 

    In the Beck Bennett-narrated sketches, Melania (Strong) looks out her Trump Tower and wondered: "What happens to them? To the people? Once they leave Fifth Avenue? Where do they go? Do they disappear? Is there a Sixth Avenue?" 

    In a later segment, she noticed that the housemaid looked like her, wondering if they could switch places for a day. "That way, she thought, I could go out into the world."