'Shameless' Season 7 Primer: Where the Gallaghers and Company Left Off

10:45 AM 9/29/2016

by Alyse Whitney

Your guide to the veteran Showtime dramedy's return on Sunday.

Shameless S05 - H 2015
Brian Bowen Smith

Shameless S05 - H 2015

The Gallaghers have weaved a twisted web over six seasons of Showtime's Shameless. When the John Wells-led dramedy closed out season six, Frank (William H. Macy) was being tossed into the river, Fiona (Emmy Rossum) was running away in a wedding dress and Lip (Jeremy Allen White) was considering walking into rehab.
Ahead of Sunday's season seven premiere (which you can watch early, below), here's where everyone left off. Season seven returns Oct. 2 at 9 p.m. on Showtime.
  • Frank (William H. Macy)

    After Frank’s plan to get Sean (Dermot Mulroney) killed fails, he shows up to Fiona’s wedding and reveals that Sean is still a junkie. This causes a confrontation and breakup for Fiona and her fiancé, and in the post-credits scene, he’s thrown into the ice-cold river and left for dead.

  • Fiona (Emmy Rossum)

    Fiona’s entire family — even freshly-out-of-jail Lip — attends her wedding and watches it fall apart when Sean admits he’s still using. Ultimately, Sean has to choose between saving his relationship with his son, Will, or fixing things with Fiona. Sean walks away and Fiona moves on.

  • Lip (Jeremy Allen White)

    Professor Youens (Alan Rosenberg) bails Lip out of jail and offers to help him find a job if he goes to rehab first. Youens later brings Lip to rehab after the wedding, but it remains to be seen if he actually walks into rehab and shapes up. As of now, he has no plans to return to college.
  • Ian (Cameron Monaghan)

    Newly back to the EMT force — after standing up for himself with an impassioned speech to get his job back — Ian is happy. He’s living with his boyfriend, Caleb (Jeff Pierre), and is on the right medication to stabilize his bipolar disorder. One thing he has to watch out for is the fact that Caleb is HIV-positive.

  • Debbie (Emma Kenney)

    Debbie is struggling to sleep and take care of her daughter, Franny, whose latest checkup wasn’t promising. She ultimately forgives Fiona for long enough to go to her wedding, but their relationship does not seem fully mended.

  • Carl (Ethan Cutkosky)

    Carl had the tamest finale storyline after a rough season. He is on his best behavior with his girlfriend, Dominique (Jaylen Barron) and trying to get into the good graces of her father, Luther (Peter Macon).

  • Kevin (Steve Howey) and Veronica (Shanola Hampton)

    Kev and V are starting a full-fledged relationship with Svetlana (Isidora Goreshter) that goes beyond sex. They have a white board documenting chores, bar shifts, and who is watching their three kids, and overall seem to be happy.