'Smurfs: The Lost Village': Meet the Voices Behind the Animated Characters

9:00 AM 4/4/2017

by Arlene Washington

Julia Roberts, Ariel Winter, Joe Manganiello, Ellie Kemper and Demi Lovato are among the cast of the new movie.

The Smurfs are back.

After Sony Pictures Animation saw success with the Smurfs franchise in the first two live-action/animated hybrid films in 2011 and 2013, the blue characters have returned fully animated in their mushroom huts for Smurfs: The Lost Village with an all-star cast including Julia Roberts, Joe Manganiello, Demi Lovato, Ariel Winter and more.

In search of answers as to why she is the only female Smurf in her Smurf village, Smurfette (Lovato) along with the boys Clumsy, Brainy and Hefty (their personalities are as their names suggest) escape from villain Gargamel (Rainn Wilson) and adventure to find the Lost Village, which turns out to be an all-girl tribe of Smurfs who are practically the female counterparts of the men of Smurf Village. The family feature, directed by Kelly Asbury, delivers a feminist angle along with entertainment that THR's film critic Frank Scheck wrote should "please its target audience" of young children.

Below, see who voices the characters in the movie, which hits theaters Friday.

  • Demi Lovato

    Lovato voices Smurfette who is struggling to find her place as the only female Smurf in her village until she encounters a whole tribe of female counterparts in the Lost Village led by SmurfWillow (voiced by Julia Roberts)

    Lovato will next voice the female lead Lenore in the animated film Charming which reinvents the tales of Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty in a plot twist of being engaged to Prince Charming. Lovato will also produce the music score for the film which is being produced by Shrek’s John H. Williams.

    The pop star is being joined by Avril Lavigne, Ashley Tisdale and Chinese singing star G.E.M. who will voice Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty respectively.

  • Joe Manganiello

    Don’t expect Joe Manganiello to take his shirt off in the film, but he is taking on his first voice acting role as the strong, muscular Hefty who also wears his heart on his sleeve.

    Manganiello can next be seen channeling DC Comics’ Deathstroke in Matt Reeve’s Batman which is written by Ben Affleck who was originally set to helm the film.

  • Julia Roberts

    Julia Roberts plays SmurfWillow, a veteran and multitalented leader of a group of all-girl, independent Smurfs in the mysterious village Smurfy Grove. When Smurfette (Lovato) and her crew - who are used to a mostly male village of Smurfs - discover the village and meet SmurfWillow, they realize have much in common with the tribe than they knew.

    Roberts previously voiced Charlotte the spider in Charlotte's Web (2006) and Hova in Ant Bully (2006).

  • Ariel Winter

    Modern Family star Ariel Winter voices the smart and practical SmurfLily who isn’t afraid to solve a problem.

    Winter has voiced several characters from memorable films including Thumper’s sister in Bambi II, Penny in Mr. Peabody & Sherman and Gretchen on Phineas and Ferb. She also regularly voices Sophia in Disney Junior’s animated show Sofia the First.


  • Michelle Rodriguez

    Fate of the Furious’ Michelle Rodriguez plays another strong character in SmurfStorm, who will do anything to protect her friends and family.

  • Mandy Patinkin

    Homeland star Mandy Patinkin voices Papa Smurf who is the wise, paternal leader of the 99 boys and one girl (Smurfette) living in Smurf Village.

    The actor, known for playing Inigo Montoya on The Princess Bride, is starring alongside his Smurfs co-star Julia Roberts in the upcoming Lionsgate film Wonder which also stars Room breakout Jacob Tremblay. The film, based on Stephen Chbosky's adaptation of the R.J. Palacio novel, follows a young boy born with a facial deformity who encounters bullies during the fifth grade at a private school.


  • Ellie Kemper

    Kemper voices the bubbly, joyful Smurfblossom who is always happy and full of energy.

    Kemper also voiced Katie in The Secret Life of Pets, Phyllis in The LEGO Batman Movie and Crackle in Sofia the First.

    She will return as the upbeat titular character in the third season of Netflix's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on May 19.

  • Jack McBrayer

    Jack McBrayer steps in for the late Anton Yelchin as Clumsy, who is klutzy as his name describes but well meaning. The comedian is known for playing the cheerful NBC Page Kenneth Parcell on 30 Rock but has dipped into animation, voicing Fix-It Felix in Wreck-It Ralph and soon to be Ralph Breaks the Internet.

    "This is a different Smurfs, because this is fully animated as opposed to live-action or anything," McBrayer told THR at the film's premiere. "So, this really does harken back to the old Saturday morning cartoons, back in the '80s. I think you catch a lot of that spirit with this particular movie."

  • Danny Pudi

    Danny Pudi’s character Brainy has a name that speaks for itself. Brainy has the smarts and is always working on a new invention.

    Pudi told THR at the film's premiere that the Smurfs have continued to remain a relevant part of pop culture. "I grew up watching Smurfs with my family, and I have kids now. It's also got a whole new message, which is wonderful, about embracing who you are.”

  • Meghan Trainor

    Much like herself, Meghan Trainor's SmurfMelody can bust out in song at any moment. Her character celebrates girl power with the song "I'm a Lady" at the end of the film.

  • Rainn Wilson

    Rainn Wilson voices the evil but silly wizard Gargamel who is the arch-nemisis of the Smurfs. Hank Azaria previously voiced the villain on Sony Pictures Animation's previous Smurfs animation installments.

    Wilson is known for his playing the quirky Dwight on The Office and will soon be playing intergalactic criminal Harvey Mudd on the CBS All Access Drama Star Trek: Discovery.