Taylor Swift's 7 Most Memorable 'SNL' Moments

10:45 AM 10/3/2019

by Lexy Perez

The singer made her debut on the show 10 years ago.

Taylor Swift made her debut on NBC's Saturday Night Live more than 10 years ago, when the then-country singer was a rising star in pop music. Though known for her hit songs and heartfelt lyrics, Swift made her acting debut in 2010's Valentine's Day and released her second album, Fearless, a year prior to hosting the variety sketch series for the first time. It was there the singer-songwriter showcased her acting and comedic timing. 

For SNL's 45th season, Swift will make her return as a musical guest with Phoebe Waller-Bridge set to host. Ahead of her Oct. 5 appearance, The Hollywood Reporter breaks down seven of the singer's most memorable sketches on the show.

  • Monologue Song

    When delivering her debut monologue on the SNL stage, Swift resorted to doing what she does best: writing and performing a song.

    Performing "Monologue Song (La La La)," Swift poked fun at rumors, jokes and tabloid buzz surrounding her life at the time, from acknowledging that she likes "glitter and sparkly dresses" to being known for "writing songs about douchebags that cheat on me."

    "I like writing their names in songs so they're ashamed to go in public," she sang of her reputation as a serial dater. During the song she also addressed her breakup with Joe Jonas, who, she claimed during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, ended things via phone: "You might think I'd bring up Joe, that guy that broke up with me on the phone, but I'm not going to mention that," she sang, before adding "Hey Joe, I'm doing well." She also teased her former romance with Twilight actor Taylor Lautner.

    Swift's hosting debut also arrived amid her drama with Kanye West after he interrupted her speech to protest her VMA win. "You might be expecting me to say something bad about Kanye and how he ran up on the stage and ruined my VMA monologue," she sang then sighed. "But there's nothing more to say cause everything's OK, I got security lining the stage." 

  • 'Twilight' Parody "Firelight"

    The massively popular Twilight franchise of books and films centered on the vampire clan known as the Cullens, but Swift and SNL made their own version of the film known as "Firelight" revolving around the Franks, a family of Frankensteins. Taking on the role of Kirsten Stewart's Bella, Swift dons a brunette wig and expresses her fascination for the Frank known as Phillip (played by Bill Hader.)

    "Your skin is green. You have bolts in your neck. You freak out around fire," she tells him, before admitting she knows what he is. Mirroring clips from the Twilight trailer, the two embark on a whirlwind romance before danger strikes as Swift's character is threatened by evil Franks. When Swift asks Hader's Phillip why he won't kiss her he admits: "Because when I kiss people I tend to accidentally choke them to death." 

  • "Scared Straight" Sketch

    Viewers got a taste of Swift's bad side when she portrayed an ex-con named Skeet Devlin in a "Scared Straight" sketch alongside Kenan Thompson. Recruited to warn delinquents about the criminal lifestyle, the pair, who dubbed themselves "Swirl," try to help some teens who get caught joyriding. Donning cornrows, a red headband and fake facial hair, Swift's Skeet helps Thompson's Lorenzo get in the face of each of the troubled teens, yelling confusing words of wisdom. "Get up! How fast you goin' Kurt Russell?" Swift's Skeet yells at Andy Samberg's character. "You better keep your damn mouth shut," Thompson's Lorenzo tells Bill Hader as he and Swift proceed to also scream in his face. "You don't break the law. They will break you," Swift's Skeet later advises. 

  • "Roomies" Sketch

    For the "Roomies" sketch, Swift joined Nasim Pedrad and Andy Samberg as a loyal best friend who interrupts a romantic evening alone for Pedrad and Samberg's characters. After coming home from working at Bath and Body Works, Swift and Pedrad embrace after being unable to see each other for two hours. "I miss you. I love you so much," Pedrad continuously tells Swift. "You're the only person I want to hang out with," Pedrad later tells Swift as Samberg's Bennet is left confused on their relationship. Swift and Pedrad make things worse for Samberg's Bennet as the two showcase their unique handshake, which the two women chant along to in unison. 

  • "The Californians" Sketch

    For SNL's 40th anniversary special, Swift made a special appearance during "The Californians" sketch centered on a soap drama that tells the story of a family (Fred Armisen, Bill Hader, Kristen Wiig, Laraine Newman, Kenan Thompson, Betty White and Swift) who reunite and get some surprising news about their pool boy Craig (Bradley Cooper).

    Swift played Cousin Alison who just "got a small role in a Hollywood space movie." "Why don't you do a line from your movie?" Armisen tells Swift's Alison, who then instructs the family to imagine she is in space. "Captain, the zargons are in pursuit and there's aliens everywhere," Swift says. She then tells her family she wishes their family member Greta Lana would be able to see her on the big screen but "she's dead." White then appears to yell "No I'm not! I'm alive!" It is later revealed that Swift's Alison tried to "sabotage" White's hot-air balloon ride and placed herself as the sole person on her will. "I'm just a messed-up actress," Swift's Alison cries as she confesses. 

  • Driving PSA Sketch

    Swift portrayed a teen named Samantha Samuels for a mock driving PSA. "You know teens have gotten a lot of flak recently for 'DWT' or 'driving while texting' and it's true: It can be very dangerous. But teens aren't the only bad drivers," she says. "Many of the worst drivers are parents. That's why I founded 'Teens Raising Awareness About Awful Parent Drivers' or 'T.R.A.A.P.D." Swift's Samantha proceeds to explain the issues her organization will tackle including the dangers of driving while lecturing, trying to not spill hot coffee, racing to Nordstrom for a sweater sale, and giving the "birds and the bees" talk, among others. After Kristen Wiig appears as Swift's mom to question why there's a hidden camera in their car, Samantha throws a temper tantrum. "Mom! You're ruining my commercial." 

  • 'Reputation'-Era Performances

    A day before releasing her sixth studio album, Reputation, Swift appeared as the musical guest on SNL alongside host Tiffany Haddish to perform her new singles "... Ready for It?" and "Call It What You Want." It marked her first appearance on SNL in eight years. During her first-ever live performance of "... Ready for It?" the singer danced alongside four backup dancers. For her second performance of the night, Swift picked up her acoustic guitar. Though absent from the night's sketches, Swift formed a relationship with Haddish, who recorded a short video intro for Swift's performance of "Look What You Made Me Do" during her Reputation world tour.