Snowga? Flexologist? 6 New Hollywood Wellness Terms to Know

8:00 AM 1/17/2017

by Kathryn Romeyn

From snowshoeing-meets-yoga to professional muscle stretching, THR defines the words and phrases you'll be hearing more of in the new year.

Snowga - Publicity - H 2017
Courtesy of Ranch at Rock Creek

    A running practice that draws from tai chi and yoga at 1440 Multiversity, a new "learning destination" in the redwoods of Santa Cruz, where Eat Pray Love author Elizabeth Gilbert and Wild's Cheryl Strayed are faculty ($395 tuition, suites from $1,650;



    A professional whose job it is to stretch clients' muscles and joints at StretchLab's Venice, Santa Monica or brand-new Hollywood studios ($25 to $69).



    A trip to an uninhabited private island for meditation at Antigua's Carlisle Bay, which often hosts studio execs, agents and stars (from $575/night;



    The conscious manipulation of dreams to unlock creativity, boost memory and cope with phobias. Beverly Hills' Dream Reality Cinema opened in July and teaches the technique that James Cameron and Christopher Nolan used while making Avatar and Inception, respectively (monthly fee $145).



    Mountaintop snowshoeing-meets-yoga at Montana's five-star The Ranch at Rock Creek, a go-to for Scarlett Johansson and Carey Mulligan (from $900/night;



    A Japanese tub filled with smooth pebbles that warm an immersed body, available at Zurich's The Dolder Grand spa, which Leonardo DiCaprio has visited (from $740/night;