Late-Night Lately: Colbert on Moonves, Corden's Kanye Spoof, Trump's Latest Tweets

8:00 AM 9/15/2018

by THR staff

THR's Late-Night Lately rounds up the best sketches and guests with a look at what's to come next week.

Late-Night Lately Sept 15 - Split-H 2018
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So fill up your coffee, set your DVR for the week and sit back. Below are a few of the week's best, funniest and strangest late-night moments you can't afford to miss.

This week: Stephen Colbert addressed the ouster of CBS' Leslie Moonves on air, following a new report of sexual misconduct by his former boss: "Moonves is gone ... for at least nine months until he shows up for a set at the Comedy Cellar." Meanwhile, James Corden took a break from a tough week at CBS with a parody of Kanye West and Lil Pump's "I Love It" music video (complete with giant suits). And the hosts once again tackled Trump's latest tweets, which disputed Puerto Rico's official Hurricane Maria death toll.

— Compiled by Jennifer Konerman  

  • Stephen Colbert Addresses Leslie Moonves Ouster On Air

    Following the ouster of CBS CEO Leslie Moonves on Sunday, Late Show host Stephen Colbert addressed his former boss' departure. 

    "Never a good sign when you're the subject of a Ronan Farrow double-dip," the host mentioned of the exposés about his former boss. "The article is extremely disturbing, and I'm not surprised that's it. Moonves is gone ... for at least nine months until he shows up for a set at the Comedy Cellar," Colbert quipped, referencing Louis C.K.'s recent return to stand-up at the New York City club.

    Moonves was ousted after a second report of sexual misconduct by another six women in The New Yorker. Colbert had addressed the claims against Moonves when they first surfaced in July, saying, "I believe in accountability. Everybody believes in accountability until it's their guy, and make no mistake: Les Moonves is my guy."

    Following Colbert, host James Corden opened The Late Late Show on a serious note by addressing Moonves. "A late-night host's job is to come out and make jokes about the news, but sometimes that news isn't very funny," Corden said from his desk after the opening monologue. "It's been a very difficult day here at CBS, but that pales in comparison to how difficult it must be for the many women who are coming forward."

    He added, "They are being listened to, and they are being heard. And it's only by listening to these stories that we as a society can make sure the corporate culture that has been exposed in this last year or so may never be allowed to return."

  • James Corden, Reggie Watts Spoof Kanye West Video

    On Wednesday night, James Corden teased that a rap career might be in his future thanks to Kanye West. 

    Corden enlisted help from show bandleader Reggie Watts to create a parody of West and Lil Pump's "I Love It" music video to kick off their late-night show. 

    The original video, which has amassed more than 68 million views on YouTube, has garnered attention for its quips and comical costumes. Throughout the video, West and Lil Pump wear oversize box outfits while dancing along to their new collaboration. 

    "This is The Late Late Show. You'll love it," Corden sings in their spin of the song, while also donning the same attire as the rappers. "Desk in a chair, we follow Colbert," he joked about his fellow host.

    "So fix yourself a drink. Recline your arm chair. Will you change the channel? I know you won't dare," Corden raps. 

  • Hosts Slam Trump for Puerto Rico Death Toll Tweet

    Late-night hosts had a field day addressing President Donald Trump's false tweet disputing Puerto Rico's official Hurricane Maria death toll. Earlier in the day, Trump claimed "3000 people did not die in the two hurricanes that hit Puerto Rico" and suggested that the death count had been inflated by Democrats "in order to make me look bad."

    On The Daily Show, Trevor Noah made light of the hurricane tweets, joking, "After all the beef that Trump has had, I feel like it was only a matter of time before he started a fight with dead people."

    "So now, America doesn't have to just deal with Hurricane Florence, it has to deal with Shitstorm Donald," Noah added. Roy Wood, Jr. then played a "tweeteorolgist" standing in front of a green-screen map of the U.S. and projecting future storms.

    The Late Show's Stephen Colbert opened his monologue, "I just want to state, not only is this a sickening tweet, it is in no way true." After mentioning GWU's study about the death toll, Colbert said, "It had been pushed out of the front pages because of all the other bad news about Donald Trump. Then he brought it up again. It's kind of like he was on trial for littering and saying on the stand, 'I only threw that cup out of the window because I was distracted by that homeless man I ran over. Pretty sure he died of old age.'"

    Over on Late Night, Seth Meyers called the president “deranged” for his tweets. “That’s the official death toll, you lunatic,” he said. “Now we know why he’s so orange — his brain is just melted pumpkin guts.”

    Meyers then took things one step further, saying, “We don’t need an anonymous op-ed to tell us that the president is a narcissist who peddles one conspiracy theory after another.” The late-night host cited several examples, including the conspiracy that former President Barack Obama was not born in America, that 3 million people voted illegally in the last election and that Muslims “celebrated on 9/11.” And, referring to viral images of Trump looking directly into the sun during last year’s solar eclipse, Meyers joked, “And he thinks that you get superpowers by looking directly into the sun.” 

    And on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, host Kimmel said of the tweets, "Just when you think [Trump] can't go any lower, he enters a limbo contest and wins."

    After referencing GWU's study and its estimate of the death toll, Kimmel had some fun with the university's name. "But you know how George Washington is, always trying to make himself look like a better president than Donald Trump. He's jealous, that's what he is."

  • Fallon Introduces Daniel Radcliffe to All Those Harry Potter Memes

    On Wednesday's Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon offered Daniel Radcliffe a primer on the world of memes he has inspired since starring in the Harry Potter films.

    "I don't seek them out," Radcliffe responded when Fallon asked him whether he had ever thought a meme of himself was pretty funny. "I feel like I should be educated."

    In response, Fallon presented him with a few placards of notable Harry Potter memes, starting with "Harry Pugger." The next showed Radcliffe's Potter holding a "Golden Snitch" from the fictional game of Quidditch with the caption "If you're havin' Quidditch problems I feel bad for you son / I got 99 problems but a snitch ain't one."

    The meme prompted Radcliffe to reflect on how he feels differently about his role in the Harry Potter movies today: "As a kid, I never felt cool at any point playing that character, and these things go like, 'No, people thought that was pretty cool.'"

  • Bob Woodward, Colbert Talk Trump White House

    Journalist Bob Woodward sat down with Stephen Colbert on Monday's Late Show to discuss his new book about President Donald Trump's administration, Fear: Trump in the White House.

    Given the book's title, Colbert asked Woodward what fills him with fear. “Not knowing," the veteran journalist responded. "And that’s what we’ve got to do, we need to know what’s going on.”

    "No one works in the White House who doesn’t bring things home," Woodward told Colbert. "On the third visit they say, ‘Maybe I’ve got something upstairs.’ Then they come down with three boxes."

    Citing a section from the end of the book in which Trump's attorney John Dowd is performing a mock trial with the president about the Mueller investigation, Woodward explained what the lawyer allegedly said in the situation. "You can’t testify, you are disabled. Imagine your lawyer telling you you’re disabled," said Woodward. "You can’t testify because you can’t tell the truth. You make things up."

    “How do you feel when the president tweets about you?” Colbert asked.

    “What is the contest in America other than the political contest? It’s a contest for the truth,” Woodward said. “I’m willing to put myself out here. I’ve done the work. This is the best reporting that you can do, or I can do.”

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