'Succession' and the Theme Song That Launched 100 Memes

9:30 AM 11/20/2019

by Tara Bitran

Nicholas Britell's opening-credits score for the HBO drama inspired remixes galore on Twitter, from a Kermit dance to a Mario mashup.

Graeme Hunter/HBO

  • Mario Paint

    Twitter user @adamcatino remade the show's theme song in Mario Paint's music sequencer, prompting HBO to respond on Twitter, "This got me wondering about Mario's relationship with his father."

  • Pusha T's "Puppets"

    "Puppets," Nicholas Britell's remix of his song with Pusha T, was the composer's own creation, said Succession showrunner Jesse Armstrong. "He's got much more [sophisticated] musical tastes. We chatted about it when he had the idea, but that was really his call."

  • Britell's Emmy

    After Britell's song won the Emmy for original main title theme music, he thanked the TV Academy with a video of himself playing a piano rendition, Emmy statuette in frame.

  • Bobbing in Sync

    A clear beneficiary of meme culture, @PeterKelly25 released a synced-up version of thousands of concert­goers bobbing along in perfect time to the theme song.

  • Kermit

    Even Kermit the Frog got his groove on to the theme song, at least in @nickusen's video, which spawned numerous Halloween costumes this year.

  • A Kiss for Daddy

    Demi Adejuyigbe posted his "Rejected Lyrics to HBO's Succession Theme," joking that his "all-the-rich-white-folks-are-going-to-argue" version was passed over for Pusha T's. But Armstrong himself is a fan, telling THR: "The 'Daddy's Kiss' song was a remarkable piece of production and writing. I did clock that one." 

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