Super Bowl 2017: Hollywood Chooses Sides in Patriots-Falcons Matchup

6:00 AM 2/2/2017

by Brian Porreca

New England and Atlanta face off in Houston on Sunday; see which famous faces will be rooting for the teams.

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Super Bowl LI will see the New England Patriots vying for their fifth championship title and the Atlanta Falcons fighting to win their first at Houston's NRG Stadium on Feb. 5.

Hollywood seems to love a winner: Viacom's Shari Redstone, a Patriots season-ticket holder since 1986, will head to Houston to cheer on her team, which is favored to win by three. "Great leaders, great passion and great energy — it's all about the team!" she tells THR of the Pats' winning formula. Fellow partisan and former Paramount vice chair Rob Moore adds: "They are willing to not follow the book. They are willing to take risks."

The Talk co-host Julie Chen's husband, CBS chairman Leslie Moonves, is trying to persuade her to attend, but she'd rather watch from her couch. "Tom Brady has reached this point in his career where if you love him or hate him, you have to tip your hat to him," says Chen. "Now, we are kind of rooting for the 'old guy.' "

Michael Chiklis, who named his pug after Brady, admires the QB's "dignity in the face of all that hate," he says. "Have you ever heard Tom Brady disparage another player, coach, reporter, person, no matter what they may have said about him? No, you haven't, and you never will."

The Pats also have Ben Affleck, Mark Wahlberg, Matt Damon, Chris Evans, Elizabeth Banks and, yes, Brady friend President Trump in their corner.

They're up against Falcons die-hards Usher, Glen Powell ("I'll be wearing a Julio Jones jersey and doing dirty bird from the grill all day"), Anna Camp, Samuel L. Jackson and Atlanta native Ludacris, who lauds QB Matt Ryan's focus. "I've built a career off of being the underdog, and I love that everyone is discounting us and underestimating our power," he says. "Adversity defines character."

  • Patriots: Mark Wahlberg

    The Boston native is a big time Patriots fan and friend to Tom Brady. The Patriots quarterback had a cameo in Wahlberg's Ted 2

  • Falcons: Robert Patrick

    The Scorpion star has been a Falcons fan since 1966. He also set a friendly wager against The Talk co-host Sheryl Underwood. If the Patriots lose Underwood will have to eat a fried scorpion. 

  • Patriots: Ben Affleck

    The Boston native, is one of the biggest Patriots fans out there. Like many people from Boston, Affleck is just as crazed about all Boston sports. He even took a break at The Accountant premiere to watch a Red Sox game

  • Falcons: Usher

    When the Falcons beat the Green Bay Packers at the NFC Championship, the singer was on hand to celebrate the big win. 

  • Patriots: Matt Damon

    Like pal Ben Affleck, Damon will be rooting on the Patriots on Sunday. 

  • Falcons: Ludacris

    The Atlanta native tells THR, "I look forward to beating the Patriots' ass!"

  • Patriots: Elizabeth Banks

    The Massachusetts native and Power Rangers star is a part of Patriots Nation and will cheer on Tom Brady on Sunday. 

  • Falcons: Glen Powell

    The Hidden Figures star won't be making it to Houston, but he'll throw a Super Bowl party at his crib in Los Angeles. Cheering on the Falcons, the actor tells THR, "After shooting a few movies in Atlanta it's become sort of a second home. I'm fully behind the Falcons on this one." 

  • Patriots: Julie Chen

    The Talk co-host won't be making it to Houston, telling THR, "My husband is trying to convince me to go, while I always feel the best seat in the house is the one at home. You can grab your nachos, you get a bird’s eye view of everything, and you get to control the temperature." She'll be rooting for Brady and Patriots owner Robert Kraft on Sunday. "I'm a big Tom Brady fan. Robert Kraft is a friend if ours — so there's also that, you know. I have to be honest." 

  • Falcons: Michael Kelly

    The actor is hoping the Falcons win their first Super Bowl on Sunday.

  • Patriots: Shari Redstone

    Redstone tells THR, "Go Patriots!" 

  • Falcons: Drew Van Acker

    The star of Training Day on CBS knows how Tom Brady can be stopped on Sunday. The actor tells THR, "You just have to rough him up a bit and get pressure in his face." His prediction for the score? Falcons 34, Patriots 31. 

  • Patriots: Michael Chiklis

    There's no doubt who Chiklis is rooting for. The actor named his pug after Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. He tells THR that the real Brady "loves TB pug."

  • Falcons: Anna Camp

    The Pitch Perfect 3 star went to a Falcons game recently decked out in red and black along with her co-stars Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson. 

  • Patriots: Sheryl Underwood

    The Talk co-host and Patriots fanatic is really hoping she doesn't lose that wager against Robert Patrick. 

  • Patriots: Chris Evans

    Batman isn't the only superhero rooting for the Patriots. The Captain America star, another Boston native, also will be in their corner. 

  • Falcons: Rebel Wilson

    Like Pitch Perfect 3 co-star Anna Camp, Wilson wore her best red and black ensemble recently to cheer on the Falcons while taking a break from filming the franchise's third installment. 

  • Falcons: Samuel L. Jackson

    The actor is a regular at Falcons games. 

  • Patriots: Maria Menounos

    From Medford, Ma., right outside of Boston, Menounos is active on social media when rooting for her Pats. 

  • Falcons: Joe Mantegna

    The Criminal Minds star tells THR, "I won't be going to Houston, will probably watch it at home or our restaurant Taste Chicago. And since I'm a Cubs fan I think this is the year of the underdog finally succeeding, so I think Brady is stoppable and that the Falcons could win it."