Super Tuesday 2 Results

5:05 PM 3/8/2016

by Ryan Parker and Jennifer Konerman

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton each gain one state, with Donald Trump still in the lead for the GOP.

Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump - H 2016
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images; Benjamin Krain/Getty Images

The presidential candidates continue to battle it out on Tuesday in primaries and caucuses held in Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan and Mississippi. 

Hillary Clinton heads into Tuesday ahead of Democratic rival Bernie Sanders in Michigan and Mississippi, while the Republican candidates face off in GOP-only contests in all four states.

The GOP race is getting tighter, with Ted Cruz getting closer to Donald Trump's lead after Super Saturday. The Republican race is down to Trump, Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich, who has fallen behind in each state so far, but promises big wins in his home state of Ohio. 

Here is a roundup of significant events, updated throughout the night.

  • Donald Trump Takes Hawaii

    11:40 p.m. PT:

    AP calls Hawaii for Trump, giving the GOP frontrunner 3 victories on the night. 

  • Ted Cruz Wins Idaho

    9 p.m. PT:

    Ted Cruz has declared victory in Idaho. After being defeated by Donald Trump in Michigan and Mississippi on Tuesday, this is his first win of the night. Cruz has been close on his heels for the past week, either coming in second or winning against the billionaire. 

  • Bernie Sanders Wins Michigan

    8:35 p.m. PT:

    Bernie Sanders takes home his first win of the night in Michigan, a very tight race between the Senator and his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton. According to MSNBC on Tuesday night, the Democratic race was as close as 30,000 votes (2 percent of the vote). Rachel Maddow called it an effective "split in terms of the delegates" in the state. 

  • Donald Trump Breaks Out His Namesake Products During Victory Speech

    7:15 p.m. PT:

    It was technically a victory speech after securing two more primary wins in Mississippi and Michigan, but some said it looked more like an infomercial.

    Donald Trump had some viewers scratching their heads Tuesday night when during a media conference on the heels of two more campaign wins, he was boasting about water, steaks, wine, a magazine and a university all bearing his name. At one point during the conference in Jupiter, Florida, Trump even held up the steaks and magazine for the crowd of supports and media to see while defending his companies.

    "We have Trump Steaks, and if you want to take one, we'll charge you about $50. No, I'm only kidding," Trump said.

    The incident was referred to as something of an infomercial by CNN political pundits.

    "People probably thought they were tuning into QVC," said one CNN pundit said after the media conference ended. 

    Trump showed off the products to combat statements made by Mitt Romney last week that many of his companies were defunct. 

  • Donald Trump Wins Michigan, Mississippi

    Updated 6:16 p.m. PT:

    Donald Trump has won his second state of the day in Michigan, leading the GOP pack in two of the four races on Tuesday. Hawaii and Idaho have yet to be called. 

    5:40 p.m. PT:

    Trump has declared victory in Mississippi, beating out Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich in the state's Republican primary. Cruz once again finished in second place. 

  • Hillary Clinton Wins Mississippi

    5:10 p.m. PT:

    Hillary Clinton wins her first state of the day in Mississippi. She enters the contests on Tuesday ahead of competitor Bernie Sanders. Results from the Democratic primary in Michigan are still to come, where almost 150 delegates are at stake. 

  • Donald Trump Reacts to Adolf Hitler Comparisons

    Donald Trump, who enters Tuesday's GOP primaries with Ted Cruz close at his heels, started off the day responding to comments from Louis C.K. and Mexican president Pena Nieto comparing him to Hitler. 

    Over the phone, the GOP frontrunner told ABC News' George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America that likening him to Hitler is "terrible" and that he is "not happy." Trump said he was not aware celebrities and world leaders were comparing him to Hitler. "I don't want that comparison," he added. 

    Over the weekend, C.K. made headlines after telling fans in an email: "Please stop it with voting for Trump. It was funny for a little while. But the guy is Hitler. And by that I mean that we are being Germany in the ’30s."

    Trump has also drawn comparisons to Hitler after asking supporters at multiple rallies to raise their right hand and swear to vote in their primaries. Pictures of the incidents posted to social media show a display some call reminiscent of the Nazi salute. Asked by Stephanopoulos if the comparison perhaps means he should "tone down" his rhetoric and tactics, Trump replied, "maybe so."

    He then quickly added that he has a large following, and "I have to be strong."

    Trump got some extra publicity on Tuesday when ABC announced that his ex-wife Marla Maples is joining the new cast of Dancing With the Stars. Trump left wife Ivanka for his mistress (Maples) in 1993, only to divorce in 1999. He has married to Slovenian model Melania Trump (nee Knauss) since 2005.