'Supergirl': 11 Burning Questions for Season 2

8:00 AM 7/18/2016

by Sydney Bucksbaum

When the CBS-turned-CW superhero drama returns for season two in the fall, these are the questions that need to be answered.

Courtesy of ABC

The superhero drama starring Melissa Benoist spent its first season on CBS, where it stood out from the network's older-skewing series. But it soon joined its DC Comics-based counterparts over at sister network The CW

A lot of changes are coming to Supergirl.

The news that the CBS superhero drama series was returning for a second season came with quite the shocking announcement: it was moving networks to The CW. Now all of executive producer Greg Berlanti's DC Comics shows will live under one roof on the younger-skewing network, opening the door to many more crossover opportunities.

But before Supergirl can worry about how it will connect with Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, there are some loose ends from season one that need to be tied up first. The Hollywood Reporter rounded up 11 burning questions that Supergirl needs to answer when it returns this fall on its new network.

  • 11. Who (Or What) Is in the Pod?

    The season one finale ended on quite the cliffhanger when a Kryptonian pod that looked a lot like the one that brought Kara (Melissa Benoist) to Earth crash-landed outside her apartment. The pod was already empty by the time that Kara got to it, so who – or what – was inside of it? Will he/she/it be a friend or foe to the girl of steel? Could it be ... Superboy?

  • 10. How Will Superman Be Introduced (For Real)?

    Now that Tyler Hoechlin (Teen Wolf) has landed the recurring role of Superman for season two, how will he be introduced to the show after so many winks and nudges to and instant messages from the caped superhero? How much of an effect will he have on his younger cousin? Why did it take so long for the show to introduce him in the first place?

  • 9. Can Kara and James Make Their Relationship Work?

    After their first kiss ended in disaster (literally), Kara and James (Mehcad Brooks) finally got the chance to hash out their feelings for each other in the finale, resulting in yet another passionate lip lock. It's obvious they both have strong feelings for the other, but can they actually make a real relationship work? What would that even look like, with Kara and James working together at CatCo and with the third wheel Winn (Jeremy Jordan) helping Supergirl save the world? Can an alien/human relationship even work, physically?

  • 8. What About Winn?

    After pining for his best friend Kara all season, Winn seemed to finally come to terms with Kara's feelings for James. But does that mean he's completely over Kara, or will his feelings flare up after seeing Kara and James so happy together? Will he get a new love interest?

  • 7. Where Will the Season 2 Villain(s) Come From?

    Kara successfully stopped Myriad, lobotomized Non (Chris Vance) and defeated Indigo (Laura Vandervoort), and sent Fort Rozz back into outer space all in one fell swoop. Not bad for a day's work. But since all of season one's villains came from the crash-landed Fort Rozz prison, what does that mean for season two? Where will the villain(s) come from?

  • 6. Where Is Jeremiah Danvers?

    Kara's adoptive father and Alex's (Chyler Leigh) biological father Jeremiah Danvers (Dean Cain) was revealed to be alive at the end of season one. But if he's been alive this entire time, where has he been? Has he been a prisoner in Cadmus Labs?

  • 5. What Brings the President Into the Story?

    Wonder Woman alum Lynda Carter has landed the recurring role of President of the United States for season two. But what brings her into Supergirl's orbit? Will a national crisis force these two powerful women together? And how will the POTUS feel about working with an alien like Kara?

  • 4. How Much Will Calista Flockhart Be Seen?

    Since Supergirl is moving its production from Los Angeles to Vancouver, that means that Cat Grant's role will be drastically reduced in season two, as the actress wants to remain local. Will Flockhart give up her series regular role in exchange for a recurring one? What does that mean for Cat's rollercoaster of a relationship with Maxwell Lord (Peter Facinelli)?

  • 3. What Is Maxwell Up To?

    Speaking of Maxwell, he was last seen in the finale receiving the Omegahedron from Gen. Sam Lane (Glenn Morshower) for mysterious reasons. What is he planning to do with that alien tech? Can he be trusted after helping Supergirl defeat Myriad, or does he still have nefarious intentions when it comes to aliens?

  • 2. What Else Will Happen as a Result of the Network Change?

    Not only is Supergirl moving its set from Los Angeles to Vancouver, but it is also moving networks from CBS to The CW. Ostensibly that means the budget for CGI work will be cut, but what else will change on the show as a result of the move? Will it still feel like the same superhero series we've been watching for a year, or will it feel entirely new?

  • 1. Will 'Supergirl' Be Integrated Into the Berlanti-verse Permanently?

    Supergirl already crossed over over with fellow Greg Berlanti-produced series The Flash, but it was billed as a one-time deal thanks to the two shows operating on different Earths in the multiverse. But now that both shows are on the same network, along with other Berlanti shows Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, additional crossovers are now potentially in the cards. Will the writers be able to figure out a way to integrate Supergirl into the Berlanti-verse in a more permanent way moving forward?

    Supergirl season two premieres Monday, October 10 at 8 p.m. on The CW.