'Teen Titans Go! To the Movies': Meet the Voices of the Animated Superheroes

3:45 PM 7/27/2018

by Jillian Forstadt

Nicolas Cage, Jimmy Kimmel, Kristen Bell, Halsey and Will Arnett voice characters alongside the original cast of the Cartoon Network series, 'Teen Titans Go!'

Midway through a year of blockbuster superhero movies, Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment have turned the spotlight toward some of the youngest members of the DC Comics universe: the Teen Titans.

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies follows the rag-tag group of sidekicks as they aspire for superhero stardom. The film brings the characters from Cartoon Network's Teen Titans Go! to the big screen for the first time since the show's start in 2013.

Writers Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic have packed the comical script with nods to live-action superhero films, poking fun at box-office bombs like 2011's The Green Lantern and the upcoming Aquaman, among others.

The show's original voice actors are joined in the movie by Will Arnett, Kristen Bell, Nicolas Cage and Jimmy Kimmel as the Teen Titans attempt to defeat longtime nemesis Slade (Arnett) on the big screen, following in the superhuman footsteps of their peers.

Find out which actors lend their voices to the film's characters, below.

  • Scott Menville as Robin

    Getty Images; Courtesy of Warner Bros.

    Scott Menville returns to voice Robin, Batman's teenage sidekick, who just wants his moment in the spotlight. As the de facto leader of the Teen Titans, Robin rounds up the squad to defeat Slade. 

  • Will Arnett as Slade

    Getty Images; Courtesy of Warner Bros.

    Will Arnett joins the DC Comics universe as supervillain Slade, the Teen Titans' arch-nemesis and Deadpool look-alike, which serves as one of the film's many superhero gags. Arnett also produced the movie.

  • Kristen Bell as Jade Wilson

    Getty Images; Courtesy of Warner Bros.

    Seeking a moment in the limelight, the Teen Titans approach Hollywood director Jade Wilson, voiced by Kristen Bell. The actress, who currently stars on NBC's The Good Place, previously voiced characters in Frozen (2013) and Zootopia (2016).

  • Nicolas Cage as Superman

    Getty Images; Courtesy of Warner Bros.

    Nicolas Cage was slated to play Superman in Superman Lives, but the project was canceled before he could don the red cape. Twenty years later, the actor gets the chance to voice the beloved superhero for this animated film. 

  • Jimmy Kimmel as Batman

    Getty Images; Courtesy of Warner Bros.

    Jimmy Kimmel tweeted about his role in May, but not without taking a shot at co-star Will Arnett, who voiced Batman in The Lego Batman Movie. "Dear @ArnettWill, there's a new #Batman in town (me)," the comedian and television host wrote, "and you are what the kids call OLD NEWS."

  • Halsey as Wonder Woman

    Getty Images; Courtesy of Warner Bros.

    Pop singer Halsey makes her big-screen debut as the voice of Wonder Woman. The "Closer" singer released her second studio album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, in 2017. 

  • Lil Yachty as Green Lantern

    Getty Images; Courtesy of Warner Bros.

    Rapper Lil Yachty voices Green Lantern in the pic. The phosphorescent superhero was previously played by Ryan Reynolds in the 2011 live-action film, but, as Yachty says in the trailer, "We don't talk about that." 

  • Khary Payton as Cyborg

    Getty Images; Courtesy of Warner Bros.

    Khary Payton reprises his role as the cannon-blasting humanoid, which he voices on the television series. When not voicing Cyborg, the actor plays Ezekiel on AMC's The Walking Dead.

  • Greg Cipes as Beast Boy

    Getty Images; Courtesy of Warner Bros.

    Greg Cipes, who voiced the feisty, shape-shifting superhero on the animated series, returns to the role for the big screen. Cipes also voiced Michaelangelo for Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

  • Tara Strong as Raven

    Getty Images; Courtesy of Warner Bros.

    The half-human, half-demon sorceress is once again voiced by Tara Strong. Raven, another member of the Teen Titans, is known for her dry manner and telekinetic abilities. 

  • Hynden Walch as Starfire

    Getty Images; Courtesy of Warner Bros.

    The alien princess helps her Teen Titan team throughout their film adventures with her laser-beam vision and superhuman strength. Hynden Walch voices the role of Starfire on the TV series as well.