THR's Millennial Hollywood Survey: 66% Still on Parents' Cellphone Bill, 82% Share Netflix Passwords

7:00 AM 11/15/2016

by Bryn Sandberg

The Hollywood Reporter polled more than 1,500 in the entertainment industry between age 20 and 30, who revealed their preferences on TV viewing (64 percent binge-watch), news sources (news sites trump social media) and drug use (marijuana for the win!).

MillennialSurvey_Crop - H 2016

No one understands the forces that are disrupting entertainment — from cord-cutting to Peak TV to time-shifting — better than the generation that's driving both the supply and demand. So in an effort to get inside the heads of Hollywood's millennials, THR polled more than 1,500 in the industry between age 20 and 30, who participated anonymously in an online survey. Questions ranged from where they get their news to whether they have cable (um, not really) to the last time they went on a Tinder date (last weekend, said 13 percent of them). Other inquiries were made about who's still on the parents' cellphone bill (two-thirds!) and drug use (more pot than cocaine, but a lot of both). And duh, no big surprise: Nearly half primarily watch shows and movies on devices other than a TV. ­­

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  • Televising the Revolution

  • Cribs

  • About All That Content

  • Hooking Up

  • Health

  • Let's Correct a Few Misconceptions

  • Face-Off: Pick a Star

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  • When I Was in My 20s, I Was ...

    "… working for the New York Daily News as a cartoonist, illustrating Billy Rose's column, 'Pitching Horseshoes.' I went to Pratt Institute and majored in fine arts. But I quit that job to become an actor." — Martin Landau

    "… moving to America. My agent in England fired me, so I had no representation, no work permit and no money. I gave myself six weeks to make it. People here told me that if I lost my English accent, I might have a chance." — Jane Seymour

    "… entered by someone into the Miss America contest. It seemed rather stupid, but I wound up winning a $1,000 scholarship." — Cloris Leachman

    "… reading everything I could get my hands on and learning how to shortcut L.A. traffic. The Thomas Guide — the Waze before Waze — saved me during my twice-a-day mailroom runs." — Stacey Snider

    "… serving in the United States Air Force, followed by business school." — Alan Horn

    "… a concert promoter in Buffalo, New York. Harvey Weinstein was my boss, and I was not going to college, which I was supposed to be doing. That was my first foray into show business." — Brad Grey

    "… a mess, just a mess. I feel like millennials are confident and entitled and know what's up … but my 20s were about being humbled." — Rashida Jones

  • The Thing I Know Now That I Wish I Knew Then

    "Success doesn't make you happy — it just increases your anxiety." — Sarah Treem

    "How to not spend energy on things beyond my control." — John Landgraf

    "I was a spaced-out kid. Now I know I could use more knowledge — it's never enough!" — Ang Lee

    "So many times, it was easier for me to stay home rather than go out and put myself in a position where I wasn't sure I would be comfortable. Now I'd say, 'Just go!' " — Cindy Crawford

    "Don't be afraid of being rude if people deserve it." — Helen Mirren

    "All the crazy jobs you have in your teens and 20s matter. Somehow, someday, they'll add up to a coherent career." — David Nevins

    "Possibly it's not such a bad idea not to work on Sunday even if you don't come in on Saturday." — Jeffrey Katzenberg