Top 10 Most Talked-About Shows on TV Right Now

6:04 PM 4/28/2016

by THR Staff

Social analytics company MVPindex ranks the series by their social activity during the final week of April.

HBO's 'Game of Thrones'
HBO's 'Game of Thrones'
Courtesy of HBO

What are the top TV shows on social media? 

The Hollywood Reporter turned to the social media valuation platform MVPindex to find out, and while some of these staple shows are no-brainers (fans are still reeling from the season six finale of The Walking Dead), there are also a handful of surprises (Steve Harvey has apparently struck gold with his new kid series Little Big Shots). 

Rankings are determined by an algorithm that weighs reach and conversation — a combination of mentions, likes, comments and shares of a show’s content — on Facebook over the past week.

Check out the top 10 biggest talkers, almost all currently on-air, below.

  1. 10



    The all-star cast, big-name music and bursting-at-the-seams dramatic storylines of Empire keep fans coming back during season two. The hip-hop soap opera, which was a ratings smash in its first season, earned the 10th spot on the list with more than 190,000 fans engaging with their Facebook content in the past week.

  2. 9

    'Little Big Shots'


    Steve Harvey appears to have struck gold with his new unscripted kid series on NBC. Little Big Shots, which was renewed for a second season after only two episodes, has earned the ninth slot with more than 223,000 viewers engaging with the family friendly show's Facebook posts. The above clip racked up over 1.2 million shares alone.

  3. 8

    'The Walking Dead'


    The Walking Dead may have just wrapped its sixth season, but AMC's zombie hit is still the third most-liked show on the list, with help from the more than 34 million fans following the show’s every step on Facebook. Viewers still reeling from the finale cliffhanger have continued to engage to the tune of 233,000 likes, shares and comments this week.

  4. 7

    'Sesame Street'

    HBO, PBS Kids


    It’s hard to imagine a show running longer than The Simpsons and Saturday Night Live (both are also on the list, see below), but Sesame Street has outpaced them both in its 46th season. Fans worried that the PBS Kids staple's move to a premium network — it shifted to a first-run on HBO last year — would impact the iconic children’s classic's audience, but more than 261,000 fans have engaged with Sesame Street content in the past week alone, earning its place at No. 7.

  5. 6

    'Saturday Night Live'


    Courtesy of NBC

    Saturday Night Live has been setting the sketch-comedy bar for the past 41 seasons. The show earns sixth place on the list with more than 265,000 fans engaging on the platform in the past week. The clip of Jimmy Fallon's monologue (below), which aired during the touching April 23 tribute episode to the late singer Prince, has been seen more than 1.9 million times, with more than 12,000 shares.

  6. 5

    'The Simpsons'



    Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and the rest of the gang from Springfield have continued to entertain and stay relevant for 27 seasons, as evidenced by their fifth-place ranking. More than 322,000 fans have engaged with Simpsons content in the past week, and it holds the honor of being the most “liked” show on Facebook with almost 68 million fans.

  7. 4

    'Pretty Little Liars'


    Courtesy of Freeform/ABC Family

    The ladies of Rosewood, Pa., have no trouble keeping fans engaged on social media. Fresh off the end of their sixth season and gearing up for the launch of season seven in June, the posse of Pretty Little Liars is keeping fans “like happy” on Facebook — in the past week, more than 350,000 have engaged with the murder-mystery series' Facebook content.

  8. 3

    'New Girl'


    Ray Mickshaw/FOX

    Fox’s quirky ensemble comedy following the antics of Zooey Deschanel's Jess and her pals earned the third spot in top social shows with more than 410,000 fans and followers talking on Facebook this past week. Fox's longest-running live-action comedy, which has been renewed for a sixth season, honored Prince by re-airing the episode in which he guest-starred (the 2014 episode "Prince") on April 26.


  9. 2

    'Grey’s Anatomy'


    Richard Cartwright/ABC

    Now in its 12th season, the twisty-turny drama that unfolds in the halls of Seattle Grace Hospital continues to keep fans hooked into the long-running medical drama. Grey's Anatomy, which is poised to end the TV season as ABC's top drama, proves its demo staying power with more than 432,000 fans liking, commenting or sharing posts. A fan essay posted from the show's page this week earned more than 125,000 likes.

  10. 1

    'Game of Thrones'


    It’s little surprise that HBO’s landmark show — which premiered on Sunday — has earned the highest social rating of this season’s current crop of shows. Game of Thrones' rabid fans passionately discuss and debate the latest conspiracy theories of the realm while vigorously engaging with the show’s Facebook content at a rate of more than 1.58 million. A post announcing the show’s return, the most popular in the past 30 days, was shared by more than 351,000 people.


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