Top 10 TV Shows on Social Media: New Fall Shows

2:31 PM 12/21/2015

by THR Staff

Social analytics company MVPindex ranks the top 10 new television shows of the fall season, analyzing each show’s social activity from Sept-Dec 2015.

Patti Perret/FOX

Methodology: Rankings are determined by MPVindex’s proprietary algorithm weighing reach (fans, followers, etc.), engagement (likes, comments, shares, retweets, favorites, etc.) and conversation (positive/negative sentiment across the Web).

  1. 1

    Scream Queens

    Facebook Likes - 1,016,912 Instagram Followers - 670,544 Twitter Followers - 332,337

    Steve Dietl/FOX

    Scream Queens is the only show to premiere this Fall to enter the top 10 overall list. The show has 2 million followers across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but their content is among the most liked and retweeted from TV shows.

  2. 2


    Facebook Likes - 1,746,882 Instagram Followers - 100,362 Twitter Followers - 49,496


    Narcos is the second most-liked new show on Facebook with 1.7M likes. Since Netflix shows released all episodes at once, social media engagement generally wanes within a few weeks; however, Narcos is back on top thanks to buzz generated by its Golden Globe nominations.

  3. 3


    Facebook Likes - 550,613 Instagram Followers - 46,805 Twitter Followers - 62,666

    Courtesy of ABC

    Quantico’s twists and turns have fans taking to social media. #Quantico was used more than 9,000 times on Twitter during the winter finale.

  4. 4

    The Muppets

    Facebook Likes - 1,189,072 Instagram Followers - 51,320 Twitter Followers - 38,351

    Andrea McCallin/ABC

    The Muppets has fans talking, with the highest Facebook talking about rate of any new Fall show at more than 519K. The top post this season was before the series premiered, a Buzzfeed-style “Top 5 People You’ll Meet at Work” video which received 8.8M views, 138K likes and 101K shares.

  5. 5

    Legends of Tomorrow

    Facebook Likes - 561,706 Instagram Followers - 184,514 Twitter Followers - 71,154


    Legends of Tomorrow doesn’t even premiere until January, but the show has the highest average likes and shares per Facebook post of any new Fall show. The show has already amassed 817K followers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  6. 6

    Heroes Reborn

    Facebook Likes - 4,041,216 Instagram Followers - 31,101 Twitter Followers - 106,924


    Heroes Reborn has the most likes on Facebook of any new show with more than 4 million, but the new show can’t take all the credit for the following, since the accounts were converted from the original Heroes page. The show currently has the highest mention rate on Twitter among new Fall shows, so the fans are talking, with mentions peaking during the airing of episode 10 on November 19.

  7. 7

    Chicago Med

    Facebook Likes - 229,411 Instagram Followers - 79,937 Twitter Followers - 32,446

    Courtesy of NBC

    Chicago Med has generated a lot of buzz among fans of the other “Chicago” shows, and engagement is high in the past 28 days thanks to a mid-November premiere.

  8. 8

    Ash vs Evil Dead

    Facebook Likes - 910,200 Twitter Followers - 46,780

    Courtesy of Starz

    Ash vs Evil Dead had Bruce Campbell fans anticipating the show on social before its October premiere. The same irreverent style is used on its social media accounts that the movies and show are known for. The show sits in the middle of the pack of Fall premieres on almost every metric, but has one of the highest share rates on Facebook.

  9. 9


    Facebook Likes - 523,809 Instagram Followers - 79,003 Twitter Followers - 75,715

    Darren Michaels/CBS

    Supergirl has the second-highest retweet rate of new Fall shows. GIF scenes from the show are popular with fans on Twitter, averaging hundreds of retweets per tweet.

  10. 10

    Jessica Jones

    Facebook Likes - 529,735 Instagram Followers - 26,436 Twitter Followers - 123,768

    Courtesy of Netflix

    Jessica Jones may have only been released at the end of November, but the Netflix original already has the second most followers of any new Fall show next to Scream Queens. The show’s trailer had 7.6M views and 45K shares on Facebook.