'Toy Story 4': Meet the Voices Behind Each Animated Performer

3:46 PM 6/23/2019

by Lily Rosenberg

Tom Hanks, Tim Allen and other returning stars are joined by A-list newcomers in Pixar's newest adventure.

When Toy Story came out in 1995, it introduced moviegoers to a toy cowboy sheriff and his friends, who adored their owner, Andy, with the introduction of a space trooper toy marking a big shake-up in their lives.

Two decades later, a few elements have changed for the films, new toys have come into the story and some have left, while Andy went to college and gifted young family friend Bonnie his toys. When the third movie came out in 2010, it seemed like it would be the last — grossing $480.5 million at the domestic box office. The Toy Story films have seven Oscar nominations across the board, receiving a special achievement Academy Award in 1995 and the best animated feature statuette in 2011 for Toy Story 3.

Now in Toy Story 4, Bonnie's new favorite toy is spork named Forky, who is coming to terms with being re-classified as a toy by the kindergartener. After Forky leaps out of an RV rented by Bonnie's family, Woody jumps out to save him, knowing how much he means to the young girl. Trying to find their way back to Bonnie, Woody and Forky cross paths with an old friend and are shown a different way of being a toy.

The Hollywood Reporter critic Todd McCarthy praised of the movie in his review: "It's been nearly a decade since Toy Story 3 put a satisfying capper on what seemed likely to remain a trilogy, but the same level of wit, imagination and, yes, magic has been summoned to create yet another fully worthy sibling. If it wasn't clear before, it's now certain what one of the summer's blockbusters will be. More than that, how many other film series can legitimately claim to have hit four home runs in a row?"

The movie opened at the top of the North American box office chart over the weekend with $118 million, which marked one of the biggest openings of all time for an animated movie.

Read on for more about the voice cast of Toy Story 4.

  • Tom Hanks


    Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images; Walt Disney Studios

    Woody, the toy cowboy sheriff, is voiced once again by Academy Award winner Tom Hanks. Hanks will next star in A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, about the real-life friendship of Fred Rogers and journalist Tom Junod, set for release later this year. Hanks has won two Academy Awards for his roles in Philadelphia and Forrest Gump and has been in other films like Cast Away, Saving Private Ryan and Big.

  • Tim Allen

    Buzz Lightyear

    Jesse Grant/Getty Images; Walt Disney Studios

    Allen continues his role as Buzz Lightyear, who tries to help Woody get back to Bonnie after they are separated during a family road trip. After accidentally flying into a carnival, the toy is taken to be given way as a prize and runs into newcomers Bunny and Ducky. Besides Toy Story 4, Allen is currently on a stand-up comedy tour and can be seen in Last Man Standing. Allen has been nominated for five Golden Globes, winning one, for Home Improvement, and is also known for his holiday film franchise The Santa Clause.

  • Tony Hale


    Jim Spellman/WireImage; Walt Disney Studios

    Tony Hale plays the spork turned toy in the newest adventure. With two different-sized googly eyes and a lopsided unibrow, Hale’s character questions his existence as a toy throughout the movie, leading to Woody and him stumbling into old friend Bo Peep at an antique store. Hale also is a voice in Disney Channel's animated series Amphibia, which premiered June 17. In addition, he's won two Emmys for his role on Veep, which just ended its seven-season run on HBO, and also is known for playing Buster Bluth on Arrested Development.

  • Jordan Peele


    Frazer Harrison/Getty Images; Walt Disney Studios

    A fluffy stuffed blue bunny is voiced by Jordan Peele, a toy kids can win at the carnival Bonnie visits, alongside his friend Ducky, voiced by Peele's former Key & Peele collaborator Keegan-Michael Key. Peele has been working on the reboot of The Twilight Zone, as one of the executive producers and the narrator, and earlier this year released the horror film Us. Last year, he won an Oscar for best original screenplay for his debut feature, Get Out.

  • Keegan-Michael Key


    Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images; Walt Disney Studios

    Like in Key & Peele's eponymous sketch comedy series, the duo's Toy Story 4 characters, Bunny and Ducky, played by Key, are a package deal. Both meet Buzz Lightyear after he accidentally flies into the amusement park and gets zip-tied as a prize for a game. Key next appears in the remake of The Lion King, voicing Kamari, which will be released July 19. This past year, Friends From College, which Key stars in, released its second season on Netflix.

  • Keanu Reeves

    Duke Caboom

    Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images; Walt Disney Studios

    Reeves voices Duke Caboom, a plastic 1970s Canadian stuntman with a matching 1970s handlebar mustache and motorcycle. Duke Caboom fits with the actor’s history in action movies like The Matrix, Speed and John Wick. Reeves can also be seen in John Wick 3 or as an overly eccentric version of himself in the Netflix rom-com Always Be My Maybe.

  • Christina Hendricks

    Gabby Gabby

    Amanda Edwards/WireImage; Walt Disney Studios

    This pull-string doll sounds anything but sweet due to her defective voice box, but is really just misunderstood. She's voiced by Christina Hendricks, who also is currently starring in the NBC dramedy Good Girls, which has been renewed for season three. Additionally, Hendricks starred in the Golden Globe- and Emmy-winning Mad Men series, which aired on AMC for seven seasons.

  • Annie Potts

    Bo Peep

    Paul Archuleta/Getty Images; Walt Disney Studios

    Annie Potts is back as Bo Peep, just with a few more scratches and lacking the traditional dress. After the absence of Bo Peep in Toy Story 3, with little explanation to where she went, it's revealed that she ended up in an antique store after being discarded years ago. Potts is currently starring on The Big Bang Theory spinoff Young Sheldon. The Golden Globe- and Emmy-nominated actress is known for her roles in Designing Women, Ghostbusters and Pretty in Pink.

  • Joan Cusack


    Jason Kempin/Getty Images; Walt Disney Studios

    Cusack once again voices the cowgirl Jessie, the collectible turned toy. Cusack can be seen in A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix and has been working on her holiday film Klaus, coming out in December. The actress is also known for her role on Shameless, which earned her an Emmy in 2015. 

  • Bonnie Hunt


    Michael Tran/FilmMagic; Walt Disney Pictures

    Dolly, a dress-up rag doll with purple felt hair, comes back for the fourth movie as all the toys go on a road trip with Bonnie’s family. Hunt has prior experience in animation, having voiced roles in various Pixar movies, with characters in all of the Cars films, Monsters Inc. and the sequel, Monsters University, and with her appearance in Toy Story 3 and now the fourth film. Hunt has also starred in Jumanji and Cheaper by the Dozen and can be seen as the best friend in Only You and Return to Me.

  • Don Rickles

    Mr. Potato Head

    Mark Mainz/Getty Images; Walt Disney Studios

    Although Don Rickles died two years ago, Mr. Potato Head is still in the newest Toy Story movie, via voice recordings the studio made with him prior to his death. The comedian got his break when Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin saw him perform in 1957. Championed by them and the rest of the Rat Pack, Rickles later went on to have his own show, appeared on The Dean Martin Show and had a successful stand-up career.